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Getting Serious: ABS-CBN Goes No More Mr. Nice Guy with The Good Son

It will be a new-look and more serious Primetime Bida starting next week.

Gone were the ‘kilig-seryes’ that permeated the fifth slot of ABS-CBN’s ever-popular evening block. With all due respect to JaDine (‘On the Wings of Love’, ‘Till I Met You’) and TonDeng (Ian Veneracion and Bea Alonzo of ‘A Love to Last’), this formula is starting to wear thin.

Instead, ABS-CBN goes back to a more serious approach that made ‘The Legal Wife’ and ‘Two Wives’ runaway successes. The newest drama, ‘The Good Son’, despite its designation as a family drama, leans more on the mature and dark side.

While rival GMA continues to lean too much on aging and at times overexposed veterans for their primetime dramas, ABS-CBN cashes in on their deep roster of young talent for ‘The Good Son’. The series will be led by Jerome Ponce, Nash Aguas, Joshua Garcia and McCoy de Leon, and joining them are fellow rising stars Loisa Andallo, Elisse Joson and Alexa Ilacad.

In ‘The Good Son’, Jerome (as Enzo), Nash (as Calvin), Joshua (as Joseph) and McCoy (as Obet) are four siblings who live a simple and happy life without their father Victor (Albert Martinez), a man whose identity remains a secret. But Victor’s mysterious death led to a series of events that saw the four siblings accused of murder, and the ensuing battle to prove who is innocent from the crime is on.

‘The Good Son’ will also include Mylene Dizon, Eula Valdez, John Estrada, Ronnie Lazaro, Jeric Raval, Alex Medina, and Kathleen Hermoso. The series will be directed by Manny Palo and Andoy Ranay.

Considering ABS-CBN’s reputation for turning rising stars into superstars, the pressure is now on ‘The Good Son”s up-and-coming actors to continue this budding trend. However, it remains to be seen if the series’ untested group of young talent will thrive in the high-stakes block that is primetime.

It will also be interesting to see how the viewers react to a change of formula from a light drama to a more serious one. That said, ‘The Good Son’ should be a series that may either make or break Primetime Bida’s unpredictable fifth slot.

‘The Good Son’ airs weeknights after ‘La Luna Sangre’ on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.


4 thoughts on “Getting Serious: ABS-CBN Goes No More Mr. Nice Guy with The Good Son

  1. Gab says:

    At may global simulcast pa sa mismomg premiere episode sa Lunes. Mukhang nasasanay na tayo na kapag galing Dreamscape may simulcast pa sa TFC

    • No wonder Kapamilya shows are so popular even outside the Philippines. A global simulcast truly benefits both Filipinos and OFWs alike, and it helps spike the success of a particular show thanks to this setup.

  2. KHIT says:

    It would be the first teleserye to premiere on the third slot (9:15/9:30 pm) since the ElNella starrwrBorn For You premiered on the third slot last 2015. After BFY ended, the Jadine starrer Till I Met You which was premiered at the second slot (8:30/8:45pm) was move to the third slot to give way for Magpahanggang Wakas because GMA also premiered the 1st season of Alyas Robinhood. And also, after Till I Met You ended, A Love To Last (Tondeng) was move to the third slot to give way for My Dear Heart because third slot is too late for MDH to be watched by kids or other members of the family. Now that ALTL ended, instead moving LLS to the third slot, TGS premiered in the third slot instead of the second slot because LLS have 30-35% ratings which is too high for a show in second slot. (After the LizQuen starrer Dolce Amore ended, Till I Met You replaced it which has only 25-29% ratings). I hope TGS will have high ratings too (20-30% range). (After OTWOL ended, BFY replaced it which has only 15-19% ratings sometimes 20% compared to OTWOL which had ratings from 19-28% range). It’s time for TGS to make the third slot alive.

    • Technically the 9:30 timeslot is already fifth in the order since Primetime Bida begins at 5:50 p.m. (excluding TV Patrol, the 9:30 slot is fourth in the order). Still, it will be interesting to see how the return to a more mature tone via The Good Son will change the fifth slot’s fortunes. Last time a fifth slot teleserye on ABS-CBN scored 30% or better was The Legal Wife, and that was over three years ago. Since then, later teleseryes on the said slot were unable to equal if not top The Legal Wife’s feat. Not even OTWOL made it past 30%.

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