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In Memory of News5

The death of News5 is all but finalized.

On Friday, November 3, TV5 management announced the cancellation of ‘Aksyon sa Umaga’, ‘Aksyon News Alert’ and ‘Aksyon Tonite’ to make way for the newly-rebranded ESPN5 block that will go full swing in December. The only newscasts retained by the network are ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ and ‘Aksyon Prime’.

The cancellation of these three programs marked the latest in a saga of changes that deepened News5’s problems. Whether it is the loss of several talents, questionable programming decisions, lack of resources or signal concerns, News5’s issues only served to undermine its abilities as a news-gathering force.

There is no need to discuss what went wrong as this blog already discussed in detail the many problems that News5 faced (and the potential solutions that would have helped). Instead, this article will look back at News5’s contributions during its storied but tenuous run.

News5 started the ‘news on FM radio’ revolution when they launched Radyo5 92.3 News FM back in 2010. A few months after, AksyonTV was born, and at the time, it was the only 24/7 all-Filipino language news channel on free TV.

They also went into a partnership with Bloomberg LP in 2015 and launched Bloomberg TV Philippines, the first Filipino business news channel. Other contributions by the network include News5 Digital, then the only online news channel in the country, and News5 newscasts produced in high definition.

Some of the Philippines’ most talented journalists also made News5 their home. These include current PCOO secretary Martin Andanar, the late Amelyn Veloso, the Tulfo brothers (Ben, Raffy and Erwin), Cheryl Cosim, Ed Lingao, Jove Francisco and former DOT spokesperson Cherie Mercado among others.

Finally, News5 did produce some quality programs of their own. Aside from the ‘Aksyon’ newscasts, some of News5’s award-winning shows include ‘T3’, ‘History with Lourd de Veyra’, ‘Kaya’ and ‘Alagang Kapatid’.

Overall, despite all the problems they have faced, News5 still tried its best to keep up with its more superior counterparts in ABS-CBN and GMA. Still, its inevitable demise has viewers thinking what might have been had they smartly made moves to benefit both the technical and the economical aspect of the organization.

Now that Chot Reyes is about to turn TV5 into an S+A clone (for lack of a better term), the promising organization that is News5 is all but a distant memory. The newscasts may keep it alive, but for all intents and purposes, this organization’s days are numbered.

Thanks for all the memories, News5. You’ll be sorely missed.


80 thoughts on “In Memory of News5

  1. It’s time to rebrand AksyonTV into ESPN Philippines and rebrand Radyo5 into a WRocK type station. BTW TV5, please get rid of those Martin Andanar voiceovers because he ain’t there anymore.

    • Hey that’s what I thought. Just like CNN did to Channel 9.

      However, given the futility and concession of MVP to sports over other aspects, I won’t pen anymore insights on TV5. Heck, I’ll disclaim their outlook from now on.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      well who needs another ESPN branded channel anyway. Channel 5 will be the main outlet for ESPN5. Channel 41’s only function in this deal is to be the overflow channel of it’s main outlet.

      • And considering the useless hours AksyonTV put into of late, they should just play a role of overflow channel for ESPN5’s other live events just so they can be useful. But what about HYPER and PBA Rush? Chot Reyes should consider doing a makeover of those two channels too now that ESPN’s partnering with them.

  2. Patrick Roque says:

    Pansin ko rin, pati yung logo ng TV5 sa top-right corner ng screen ay pinapalitan na ng ESPN-5 pag sports-related content ang umeeri. Kaya parang tingin ng kapatid viewers pinapalitan na ang pangalan channel. At dahil babahain na ng sports content ang sked ng 5, mas matatawag nang ‘ESPN-5’ ang pangalan ng channel, hindi na ‘TV5’. o kaya naman babansagan itong ‘AKTV 2.0’.

    • A straight rebrand should’ve done the trick. Kaso Chot insists on keeping the movies and newscasts para hindi maging halata ang pagiging sports-minded niya. Big mistake to be honest. If he insists on adding sports content even further, he should’ve done the same thing that Armie Jarin-Bennett did for CNN Philippines, and that’s through a straight rebrand.

  3. Jake J. says:

    Back in this news organization’s infancy years, I used to salute TV5 for having the capability to establish their own news division and create trend-setting news and public affairs shows, including the Aksyon regionals. Sayang. Masaklap talaga ang nangyari. I think our predictions came right all along, and we all knew what was coming.

  4. Jose Tiamson says:

    If I were in the position of TV5. Just go to the full re-brand already. I mean this network’s only good trait is sports. And they should focus on that anyway.

    • Chot Reyes would be better off pulling an Armie Jarin-Bennett for this. Also, they should turn ESPN5 into a 24/7 channel for cable and Cignal subscribers, much like CNNPH, while maintaining 20/7 operating hours on free TV. That should be easy enough.

  5. RFE101994 says:

    Suggestion for “Aksyon”: Merge “Prime” and “Tonite”. Ibalik ang Cosim+Lingao tandem. Ibalik din kung saan nagsimula ang oras ng Aksyon! Noong year 2010 (noong wala pa si Willie sa TV5) 9:30 PM yang Aksyon with Cosim and Bediones right after Wow Meganon. Don’t worry sa ratings, para ito sa mga taong ayaw ng mahabang newscast before sleeping like SONA with Jessica Soho na 75 minutes. Tapos pwede namang i-retain ang segments nina Marfori and De Veyra. Then if may pag-asa pang buhayin ang ReAksyon with LCV, 10PM after Aksyon. Pero kung hopeless na talaga, goodbye News 5. Higit sa balita, Awtsu!

    • That’s what I wanted since Aksyon Prime gets in the way of PBA and PSL doubleheaders. TV5 has had a history of poor programming lineups and the latest one is no exception. But now that Chot Reyes is determined to turn TV5 into an S+A clone, wala na tayong magagawa.

      • TV5 should rebrand into ESPN5 and get rid of News5. Raffy Tulfo should just join his brothers Ben, Erwin and Mon at PTV 4. BTW AksyonTV is a snoozefest because of those repetitive commercials.

  6. RFE101994 says:

    Nice idea ang franchise para maging taga-salba ng mga network. Kung may CNN Philippines for news, may ESPN 5 (Philippines) for sports. At ang magiging magkatapat sa ratings on free tv ay ESPN 5 vs S+A. CNNph vs GNTV. Then

    • That could have happened… if you were in Chot’s shoes or decided in a tycoon PC game.

      But then, such things are impossible to materialize IRL. Though We all expect 92.3 FM to be given up to Brigada.

      P.S. Please merge all of your ideas into one comment. TYVM.

      • AksyonTV could still be useful as ESPN5’s overflow channel. Chot Reyes can utilize a 24/7 approach for his channels on cable and satellite and a 20/7 approach on free TV (similar to CNNPH, ETC & 2nd Avenue). But as far as News5 is concerned the network would be better off dissolving said division because their problems now are irreversible and out of control. All of their anchors and reporters could become free agents and sign with other news outlets. Dissolving News5 could also mean a new format for the embattled Radyo5, and turning into a traditional music station is the best path for them.

        Then again, we’ve all given up hope on TV5 because they can do no right at this point.

  7. It’s a shame that TV5 is now non-committed to both news and entertainment. With 90% of sports and a bit of the usual aspects of television, it’s like a clone of S+A. Hope that the likes of Derek Ramsay, MJ Marfori, Cheryl Cosim, Luchi Cruz-Valdez and Laila Chikadora will stick with the Kapatid network.

    • I’ve actually given up hope already. That said, I won’t be surprised to see News5 dissolve and its talent become free agents. This division is a wreck the past year and it only deserves to see it go down in history. Any one of them could either go to the big boys such as ABS and GMA, a government network like PTV-4, or minor players such as CNNPH, Eagle News and UNTV News. Simple as that.

      • No wonder. Everybody gave up on News5. They’re basically going nowhere with their sports focus right now. Ewan ko kung ano ang susunod na kabanata sa Kapatid-serye na inaabangan natin since 2010. What’s next? Selling off 92.3 to Brigada and other NBC stations to other broadcasters?

      • I can’t wait to see News5 dissolved before their very eyes. Yun na lang ang last resort nila. The damage they incurred the past year are impossible to heal at this point.

  8. I also found out that Aksyon Sa Tanghali’s schedule was changed. Aksyon Sa Tanghali now airs at 12:30pm during NFL game days. The timeslot remains unchanged during non-NFL game days (Wednesday, Thursday)

    • A lot has to do with the end of US Daylight Time. Our time difference with New York is just 12 hours when taken into account Daylight Time. However the Manila to New York time difference during Standard Time is 13 hours. For reference’s sake, US Dayight Time lasts from 2:00 am of the second Sunday of March to 2:00 am of the first Sunday of November. In short, clocks go from 1:59 am to 3:00 am at the start of Daylight Time, then after 1:59 a.m. clocks go back to 1:00 a.m. at the end of Daylight Time.

      NFL game times are not the only ones affected. NBA games have to adjust with the time as well.

  9. Pingback: ASEAN Summit Nothing – News5 No Longer Involved (Mostly) in ASEAN Summit | From the Tube

    • Considering that it is more of a short recap show now than an actual newscast, it is safe to say that Aksyon Tonite is de facto cancelled. They might disagree with this, but the said newscast is all but dead at this point.

  10. Aksyon Tonite would likely be cancelled once SportsCenter PH starts airing. Hindi kakayanin ng primetime sched nila.
    More likely ganito yung mangyayari diyan:
    7-9pm sports
    9-9:45 US series
    9:45-10:15 SportsCenterPH
    10:15-onwards NFL replay
    Kung ako sila, I would concede and give that 6:15-6:45 timeslot to SportsCenter PH and have their primetime newscast at 9:30-10:15. I think mas magugustuhan ng tao yung tandem nila Luchi at Ed kung sakali.

    Well looking forward I wouldn’t be surprised kung magiging jampacked yung programming line-up once matapos yung ESPN5 expansion. More likely mawawala na yung shopping blocks niyan and makukuha ng entertainment and news division yung mga timeslots na yun.

    • TV5 doesn’t even have an entertainment division anymore, tapos nasa life support na lang ang News5. I won’t be surprised kung magiging full-time sports channel na itong TV este ESPN5, tapos i-dissolve ni Chot Reyes ang News5. I have no hope na magiging balanse pa rin itong Channel 5 in the near future.

      • Exactly. The only ‘entertainment’ they have left are those Tagalized American cartoons and action series. And even those programs are on borrowed time as well.

      • TV5 is now a sports channel in the mold of S+A. AFAIK, yung TV5 Kids ngayon, this can remind me of Action Kids on S+A back in early to late 2014. TV5 Kids emphasizes on Disney, habang Nickelodeon naman yung Action Kids.

      • In essence, TV5 now is like the early version of S+A when they were still transitioning from Studio 23. Still, it remains to be seen if they’ll make it a full-blown transition.

  11. I think, this is how TV5 should transition
    Merge Aksyon Prime and Tonite to one newscast after Sportscenter PH premieres, then use vacant slots and remove shopping blocks to air NFL games that occurred early mornings, then what about Aksyon sa Tanghali?

    • Tanggalin na nila ito. Useless lang kasi kung puro sumbungan imbes na balita ang mapapanood mo sa Aksyon sa Tanghali. An afternoon edition of SportsCenter PH (similar to CNNPH’s Sports Desk) will do. Then ESPN5 (from now on that’s the name of the channel, not TV5) might as well get rid of their newscasts dahil wala namang sense na mag-maintain ng news division kung puro problema ang nangyayari na walang masolusyonan.

      • Indeed, yes, Aksyon Sa Tanghali should either become SportsCenter PH Afternoon Edition, due to Aksyon Tanghali’s public service focus. Then Aksyon Prime and Tonite could either be removed or fused into a single nightly newscast.

      • Kung hindi, pwede naman na tanggalin na ang News5. Yun na lang talaga ang paraan kung sakaling hindi na nila kayang gawin ang pagbabalita.

        By the way, marunong ka bang mag-Tagalog? I’m just asking you to confirm if you are indeed Filipino. Baka kasi mapagkamalan kang expat na foreigner na nakakaintindi ng kulturang Filpino. If you are indeed a Filipino, welcome ka rin dito na mag-comment ng Tagalog language sa From the Tube.

  12. I think here is what I predict: Ibuwag ang News5 at palitan ang name of TV5 to ESPN5, and as well, broadcast the early morning (1:00/4:25) NFL games instead of Shopping blocks and tagalized films.

    • Marunong ka naman pala mag-Tagalog. If that’s the case, mukhang laking Pinoy ka rin pala.

      Anyway, mukhang imposible yung suggestion mo sa NFL games considering na hindi 24/7 sa ngayon ang ESPN5. Marami pa naman silang maidadagdag na sporting events in the near future so hintay-hintay na lang muna tayo kung anong susunod nilang hakbang.

  13. SportsCenter PH will premiere in time for PBA’s opening, so, it is doubtful ang News5 to survive, I think,mawala na ang Aksyon Prime, and most likely Tonite. Also, if Aksyon Sa Tanghali ends, the timeslot of Aksyon Tanghali along with the shopping blocks’ timeslot could become useless.

    • Kaso, PBA’s opening will only depend on the board members reaching a truce regarding Commissioner Narvasa’s situation. Hintayin muna natin bago maging official ito.

  14. Here is how I would predict ESPN 5’s primetime slot if TV5 were to become ESPN 5 and get rid of News/Foreign entertainment.
    7-9pm PBA/PSL/sporting events
    9-9:45 Sporting highlights
    9:45-10:15 SportsCenterPH
    10:15-onwards Airing of early morning (1:00/4:00) NFL game(s)

    • Why insist on early morning NFL? Unless Chot Reyes decides to turn ESPN5 into a 24/7 station for cable and satellite subscribers, that may never happen. Mas ok pa kung ilagay ang X Games, WWE or UFC sa timeslot na yun.

  15. Cause, so that yung fans ng mga teams na mas kaunting evening games can watch their games that had games at 1:00/4:00 and have those major plays shown on PH TV. However, it will remain that only evening games (8:00) will be live.

    • Yung mga evening games kasi ang marquee national matchups sa U.S., kaya ito ang kinukuha ng ESPN5. Iba yung case sa afternoon games. Noong nasa SI Asia pa ang NFL, only the marquee national afternoon games ng CBS at FOX ang kinukuha, hindi yung mga regional-based games. Most national marquee afternoon games feature yung mga malalakas o sikat na koponan. So unless manalo ang, for instance, Cleveland Browns, hindi sila papalarin na maglaro sa mga national games na yan. Yung NFL broadcast setup iba sa NBA since once a week lang sila naglalaro.

  16. RFE101994 says:

    Medyo off-topic. Abangan natin sa 2018 kung tatawagin pa bang “Kapatid Network” ang Channel 5. At kung babanggitin pa ang salitang “kapatid” lalo na ng mga sportscaster dahil sila ang matitira (kung tuluyan nang mawawala ang News 5). Also, I wonder kung ano na ang mga pinapalabas ngayon sa Kapatid TV5 International at AksyonTV International?

    • I won’t be surprised if they deemphasize the word ‘Kapatid’ by next year. But regarding doon sa international channels nila, we’ll have to ask the OFW audience kung kumusta na ang mga ito. Wala tayong control tungkol diyan since nasa Pilipinas tayo.

  17. RFE101994 says:

    Pahabol: Pansin ko tuwing nagpapakita ang GMA Network ng ratings sa mga Newscast at commercials, hindi na talaga sinasama ang TV5 unlike before. Siguro dahil sobrang layo na kaya kinalimutan na nila yung so-called “big 3 networks/major”.

    • Obvious naman kasi ang mga programming changes at financial issues ng 5 kaya hindi na sila considered na ‘big’ network sa mata ng masa. As far as we know, kahanay na ng 5 ang mga ‘minor’ networks tulad ng PTV-4, CNN Philippines, Eagle Broadcasting (Net 25) at Progressive Broadcasting (UNTV) rather than those na taga-South Triangle.

    • Let them decide which sports will be added and which complementary programs will be taken, that’s all. For sure marami pa silang mapagpipiliang sporting events in the near future.

  18. RFE101994 says:

    Baka few years from now, ‘Nine Media Corporation’ na ang pumalit sa TV5 sa big three/major television networks. May potential ang NMC, lalo na pag fully migrated na ang DTV. Pwedeng maglagay ng sub-channel for entertainment/lifestyle. Para bukod na yung lifestyle programs ng CNNPH. Pwede ring Kids Block na nagawa na nila before (RPN, Solar, 9TV era) Lalo’t wala na yata ang Cartoon Network programs sa TV5. Coincidentally, sister channel ng CNN ang CN (Cartoon Network). Pwedeng alternative sa mga sawa na sa drama ng ch2 at ch7 just like before na RPN 9 at IBC 13 format. Nagawa na rin dati yan ng TV5 (TV logo era, not MVP). Sinayang lang.

    • I doubt that they’ll put cartoons on CNNPH. Legit na news channel talaga ito. Kung gagawin itong copycat ng GMA News TV o AksyonTV, malaking kahihiyan yan sa CNN management. Plus Nine Media doesn’t even have a radio station to be considered among the major networks; although may DWIZ at Home Radio ang mga owners, distinct and separate entity pa rin ang Nine Media from Aliw.

      As it stands, we don’t have a third banana anymore to compete with ABS and GMA. Silang dalawa na lang talaga ang nagbabangayan.

    • GMA claims they’re No. 1 in the country according to Nielsen, pero hanggang urban areas lang ang sinasakop nila. Sa ABS No. 1 sila sa Kantar, but advantage goes to Kantar since urban and rural areas ang sakop nila. Plus ABS has a more diverse amount of business interests than GMA.

    • If you have a Facebook account, why don’t you join these groups so that you can share some of that valuable information to us. Here are the links:

      The PHTV Group: History and Trends (
      The PHRadio Group: History and Trends (

      Your knowledge on media could be useful to those two groups. If you don’t have FB better create one in order to join those groups above.

      Going back, it looks like TV5’s path now is eerily similar to ABC-5’s ten years ago. No local entertainment shows, mostly sports, virtually no news and more space to sell items that can only be ordered online or on the phone. They’re in even worse shape than minor networks Net 25 and UNTV at this point.

      • Please, don’t forget the Sari-Sari on Weekends. It’s another local entertainment show on TV5 wherein they air reruns of shows from Sari-Sari Channel. These four are:
        * Hapi House
        * Ten Signatures to Bargain w/ God
        * The Mysterious case of Ana Madrigal
        *Taddy Taddy Po

        Also, TV5 may be the official broadcast partner of the MMFF and the problem for now is, they don’t have a Christmas station ID compared to what their rivals have done lately.

      • They decided not to because it’s obvious, and you already know that. Anyway, Sari-Sari is a blocktimer like Coke Studio. Technically speaking TV5 no longer has entertainment shows to offer; they’re letting the blocktimers run the show.

        And may I remind you to go start that blog soon, probably after New Year? You lied to us when you posted a link claiming that you have already published your first article. I’ve warned you many times before when it comes to those violations you committed, and the next warning might lead to your expulsion. Better clean your act now or else.

  19. Three months from now,Bloomberg Philippines will reformat into an all news channel.
    Personally, I’m all for it. This could potentially revitalize News5. They badly needed a channel for their division since TV5 became a male-oriented channel focusing solely on sports.Now with this move they can potentially rival ANC and CNNPH. Hoping that this won’t go to the AksyonTV way after its launch.

    • Sad to see their partnership with Bloomberg go. Bloomberg Philippines would have been a terrific business news channel in the country but unfortunately, only a few people pay attention to the stock market, currency exchange, and other aspects of the corporate world. Plus they don’t have somebody who can be as experienced as ANC’s Cathy Yang.

      But before they can plan such a news channel, they really need all the people in the world to make this a reality. Sadly, LCV is no longer capable of doing her job. Someone had to step in and urgently make a lot of changes to TV5’s endangered news division in order to make this news channel a reality.

      • I think it’s beyond planning at this point.They are going to do this. The main reason would be the fact that shows from Bloomberg have a high licensing fee and they want to keep things at a minimum. Though it will rebrand itself there would still be some Bloomberg shows in there in what I assume in a blocktimer set-up.
        Though the one thing that I’ll like about this would be the merging of the on-air staff of the out-going Bloomberg PH and News5. Somehow that would appease News5’s lack of personnel.

      • Not to mention that the Philippines is only the focus of the channel which was too specific for a business-oriented channel. They better make the most out of what they have right now because it’s going to be a very risky proposition to say the least.

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