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Streaking Haplos Faces New Challenger This Monday

‘Haplos’ is on a roll.

The GMA afternoon drama series has been picking up steam these past few months. Along the way, it claimed a pair of victims in ‘The Better Half’ and ‘The Promise of Forever’, both from ABS-CBN.

This series starring Sanya Lopez, Rocco Nacino, Thea Tolentino and Pancho Magno offer a different wrinkle than the Kapamilya network’s repetitive fare of ‘kabitseryes’. Some elements of fantasy and mystery are involved in ‘Haplos’, with Angela (Sanya) and Lucille (Thea) starring as half-sisters with contrasting mystical elements.

That unique storyline enabled ‘Haplos’ to earn constant victories in the ratings, in the process causing plenty of concern within the ABS-CBN camp. However, a new challenger awaits ‘Haplos’, and this time a familiar veteran actress comes into the fold.

Remember when Sylvia Sanchez ruled afternoons with her emotional portrayal of Gloria in ‘The Greatest Love’? That was seven months ago, and since then, Kapamilya Gold went on a steady decline while Afternoon Prime, thanks in large part to ‘Ika-6 na Utos’, soared to the occasion.

Starting this Monday, ABS-CBN will try to change that anew as they premiere their latest afternoon series ‘Hanggang Saan’. Sylvia will once again portray a mother in this series, except that her character Sonya is an unexpected criminal who was accused of killing an innocent man at the risk of prolonging her son’s life.

Joining Sylvia in ‘Hanggang Saan’ will be her real-life son Arjo Atayde, who will play the role of Sonya’s son Paco. Teresa Loyzaga and Sue Ramirez will play Jean and Anna, the closest friends of Sonya and Paco.

Also part of the cast are Ariel Rivera, Yves Flores, Maris Racal, Marlo Mortel, Nikko Natividad, Rommel Padilla, Nanding Josef, Anna Luna, Mercedes Cabral, Rubi Rubi, Viveika Ravanes, Sharmaine Suarez, Ces Quesada, Arnold Reyes, Maila Gumila, and Junjun Quintana. The series will be directed by Mervyn Brondial and Jeffrey Jeturian.

‘Hanggang Saan’ airs weekdays after ‘Pusong Ligaw’. It will replace ‘The Promise of Forever’.

Even with all the victories tucked in their pocket, the stars of ‘Haplos’ should not rest on their laurels. As ‘Hanggang Saan’ is about to make its debut, how long can ‘Haplos’ maintain its momentum?


11 thoughts on “Streaking Haplos Faces New Challenger This Monday

    • Usually when networks such as ABS-CBN preview some upcoming shows in their trade launches, hindi pa final ang titulo na naturang programa, among other details. Ika nga, nothing is final until it’s officially launched.

  1. Kinty says:

    The Fall of Kapamilya Gold started when Doble Kara ended. Its finale rating (22.2%) was too high. Ika-6 Na Utos is starting to climb the above 16% mark that time. ABS CBN was starting to fall on the early afternoon block but they also starting to regain the top spot in the late afternoon sloy when Wildflower premiered 3 days after DK ended but pitted against the second half of Wowowin. Instead, The Better Half replaced DK As a result, KG is starting to fall but WF knocked down Wowowin until now when it reached the 35% mark last October which is a record breaking all time high. Rumors say that it will run until early 2018, celebrating its anniversary. But what if, WF was put in DK’s timeslot? Will it prevent the KG fall?

    • Actually, Kapamilya Gold was still doing well in the months after Doble Kara ended. Ika-6 na Utos only started to gain momentum back in March yet its impact was not noticeable until August when Impostora and Haplos premiered. After The Greatest Love ended, ABS-CBN replaced it with Pusong Ligaw which is another kabitserye like The Better Half, and that was when the wheels started to fall off. Viewers were starting to tune to GMA because ABS’ afternoon formula became too repetitive.

      Yes Wildflower would’ve made a difference for Kapamilya Gold. However, Maja Salvador is too popular to be kept out of primetime, hence it was placed on Primetime Bida. Those plying their wares on Kapamilya Gold are mostly second-tier and overlooked stars, veterans or recently-transferred talent. Same with GMA’s Afternoon Prime.

      • Well, hindi magiging madali para sa kanila ang bumawi. Ang dapat talaga nilang gawin ay ibahin ang istilo nila sa mga pang-hapon na dramas. Tingnan mo ngayon ang GMA, umiba ang approach nila with Impostora at Haplos, kaya nananalo na sila.

      • Vince says:

        GMA’s show were kabit seryes though albeit more on the campy side with Haplos being odd ball with the supernatural aspect. IMO ABS need campy shows for KGold with bigger stars. Pusong Ligaw should’ve been axed already. It’s not doing great. They already attempted many things on the show but it did not perk up. Hanggang Saan imo is far too dark for an afternoon show. Unlike The Better Half it isn’t a kabit serye. The Greatest Love wasn’t a hit despite the loud acclaim from critics. It’s ratings were very unstable. Sister serye/Brother serye and Kabit serye are the ones suited for KGold. Family dramas should be relegated to Primetime.

      • Contrary to your own opinion, The Greatest Love was actually a hit in the ratings. Maganda pa noon ang ratings ng KGold even though lumalapit na nang husto ang Afternoon Prime. Kung naniniwala ka sa Nielsen malamang naloko ka dahil hanggang urban areas lang ang sakop nito.

        As far as the need for bigger stars and campy shows though, I doubt about the former since the afternoon blocks are considered training ground for budding young stars or veterans looking to revive their careers. Yung sa campy ok ako diyan as long as hindi masyadong exaggerated. Kung pwede nga dapat ilagay na lang din ang mga kiligserye sa hapon if you want to.

        Regarding Hanggang Saan, yes masyadong dark ito para sa pang-hapon. Pero wala na tayong magagawa dahil puno na ang mga slots ng ABS. So tiis-tiis ka na lang muna. We’ll have to see how it performs and then we can talk.

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