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In 100 Words: Haplos Continues Win Streak at Expense of Hanggang Saan

‘Haplos’ continues to win in the ratings despite the entry of ABS-CBN’s newest series ‘Hanggang Saan’. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

Not even a new ABS-CBN afternoon series can stop ‘Haplos’.

Through the first week of ‘Hanggang Saan”s run, the series only mustered an average of 12% in the national ratings. In contrast, GMA’s ‘Haplos’ corralled a score of around 14%.

The debut episode of ‘Hanggang Saan’ last November 27 saw the series earn a 12.9% rating, .3% less than ‘Haplos’. But the gap between the two shows has somewhat widened to around 2% in subsequent episodes.

Given that this is only the first week of ‘Hanggang Saan’, growing pains are expected to happen. However, Kapamilya Gold as a whole continues to struggle against Afternoon Prime, and unless ABS-CBN decides to make a wholesale change or two, the block’s performance will only get worse.


6 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Haplos Continues Win Streak at Expense of Hanggang Saan

  1. Anonymous says:

    So apparently Hanggang Saan is ending soon and will be replaced by a Precious Hearts Romance Presents series. Were the ratings ever able to recover, or did Haplos consistently dispatch Hanggang Saan? I don’t see HS being mentioned frequently in Kapamilya fan pages so that seems like a bad sign.

    P.S. please delete my identical comment above, I accidentally used my usual username instead. Mukhang automatically finifill in ni WordPress eh di ko napalitan.

    • It’s sad to see Hanggang Saan go down like this. The momentum that Sylvia Sanchez generated from The Greatest Love disappeared quickly. There were definitely high hopes for the series, but it’s clear the lack of uniqueness is letting it down.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyway, it seems that Hanggang Saan is ending soon and a Precious Heart Romance Presents series is replacing it. Seems pretty short for a ABS-CBN show: did the ratings ever recover? The fact that it seemed like the ABS-CBN fanboy pages aren’t mentioning the series at all doesn’t seem like a good sign.

    (sorry for the repost, seems both of my previous comments got deleted because the revised one was accidentally submitted as a reply)

      • Anonymous says:

        As for HS’s apparent replacement (although this has yet to be confirmed), it will be a PHR show subtitled Araw at Gabi, and it will star JM De Guzman and Barbie Imperial. The interesting about Imperial is that she was actually the very first evictee of PBB 737, so it’s odd that someone who had such a short stint in PBB would go on to enter showbiz after all. But then again, I guess the best time to talk about this is when your post about Hanggang Saan’s end or your post about Precious Hearts comes out.

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