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Billboard Hot 100: December 30, 2017

Here are the Top 10 songs from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of December 30, 2017.

1. Ed Sheeran – Perfect. No. 1 last week.

2. Post Malone feat. 21 Savage – Rockstar. No. 2 last week.

3. Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug – Havana. No. 3 last week.

4. Lil Pump – Gucci Gang. No. 4 last week.

5. Imagine Dragons – Thunder. No. 5 last week.

6. Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B – MotorSport. No. 15 last week.

7. Sam Smith – Too Good at Goodbyes. No. 6 last week.

8. Halsey – Bad at Love. No. 8 last week.

9. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You. No. 11 last week.

10. G-Eazy feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B – No Limit. No. 7 last week.

All videos of the Top 10 songs can be viewed above. Our thanks to Billboard for this week’s Hot 100 Top 10.


11 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100: December 30, 2017

    • What are you talking about? The top 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 have been a side project of this blog for years now and Billboard is a legitimate source for the most popular songs in the world. Even the Philippines created its own Billboard Hot 100 so that we can have a more comprehensive way of tabulating the most popular songs in the country. If you’re not interested in this side project, kindly stop visiting this blog.

    • Haven’t you explained why you don’t want the Billboard Hot 100 on this blog? If you don’t want to give an explanation, I won’t hesitate to ban you here. Like I said, if you’re not interested in the blog just stay away and stop reading it.

    • Music (and in particular film) technically is still media, and modern media not only refers to TV and radio, but also online conveniences in the form of audio and video streaming sites such as YouTube and Spotify. Billboard Philippines takes into account song downloads and streaming as part of their tabulation; same with U.S. Billboard in addition to physical sales which I think is optional now due to these online conveniences.

      Like I said, the Billboard is and will always be a side project of this blog since it is a more legitimate way to determine which song is the most popular both here and abroad every week. MYX, MTV and FM radio stations may have their own ways of doing a weekly song chart, but none of them have the legitimacy that Billboard has since they only use the power of audience votes and requests to tabulate their countdown. With Billboard they tabulate physical sales of singles and albums, radio airplay, downloads and streams (the latter two only apply to Billboard PH) to tabulate which song is the most popular for the week.

      Sorry to bother you but the Billboard Hot 100 charts are here to stay whether you like it or not. If you still insist towards removing this side project, pasensyahan na lang tayo. Kung ako sa ‘yo huwag ka na lang bumisita rito sa blog kung ayaw mo nito.

    • Sorry but I won’t grant your wish, demand, or anything you ask. Just live with it. If you don’t like these charts I post, I suggest you stop visiting the blog. This is my last comment to you. If you wish to bother again with your nonsense comments I won’t hesitate to put these to spam and delete them.

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