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In 100 Words: The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on ESPN5

After further deliberation, the home of the Olympics will remain in Mandaluyong.

TV5 (or more appropriately ESPN5) announced that they will cover the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9-25. This despite the fact that the network was criticized for their poor handling of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Redemption may be on the mind of ESPN5, but it will not be an easy one since the PBA and the FIBA Asia qualifying games will also take place during this time. Nevertheless, with Chot Reyes now on board, an increased emphasis towards live sporting events should help ESPN5’s cause.

The Philippine delegation will only have two athletes in figure skater Michael Christian Martinez and skier Asa Miller. Still, expect a much better (hopefully) showing by ESPN5 for this year’s Winter Olympics.


36 thoughts on “In 100 Words: The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on ESPN5

  1. I have a more comprehensive insight on that tomorrow.

    ABS-CBN had the hype with the quadrennial event last January via ads but TV5’s hype began last week, ratifying the announcement from SportsCenter Philippines.

    Yes, the opening and closing ceremonies will be in trouble indeed with the hoops but the competition of our contingent will be fine as it will be held in the morning — provided, they will delay the NCAA or else, ayan na naman tayo!

    • I don’t understand why ESPN5 had to make the announcement within days of the games. Are they really that reluctant in covering the Olympics after the Rio controversy?

      If I were Chot Reyes they should’ve not pursued the Winter Olympics at all. I feel that ESPN5 will only screw this thing up again with their other commitments such as PBA and FIBA qualifiers plus their fragile financial state. ABS-CBN Sports would’ve been a better choice now that they have launched Liga as a backup to S+A, not to mention that they’ve been teasing the Olympics right from the start.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        Let’s face it, ABS-CBN may not have a sports minded person to run their sports division but they can air good sports events every time. I guess its high time for Chot to reevaluate the status of TV5 as a whole and not pursue big sports contracts or else they will be like ESPN where they air almost every sports event but need to layoff employees.

      • That’s where Chot’s lack of experience in running a media company shows. He essentially disregarded the long term and went with the short-term fix. TV5 should’ve chosen a better media executive than him.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      Also, Im waiting for their said simulcast of ESPN’s opinion based shows, which still the best though FS1 has a strong line-up including those who once work in Bristol. But I guess nakalimutan ni Chot na may non-sports shows siyang ieere.

      • I don’t think it will work here. Only way it can work is if they create local versions of said shows. Problema lang is their finances which has been on the red for years now.

  2. TV5’s spending spree continues. It might be good news for Olympics fans, since we now have a chance to see two of our athletes compete in Pyeongchang, but bad news on TV5’s finances and their over-reliance on sports. TV5 is now downgraded to a sports channel, competing against S+A, and nothing else.

  3. Better if AksyonTV would air it whenever TV5 themselves are airing a PBA game on their main network, Neither ESPN 5 or AksyonTV aired the NFL Honors as well, for their own programming.

    • NFL Honors is not even part of their contract. They are only given the games and highlight programs.

      Anyway, they did announce that AksyonTV will also carry the Winter Olympics, which is great except na malabo pa rin ang reception nito.

    • What is going to happen to Aksyon Prime, will it be 30 minutes or 40 minutes, I hope they can replace Aksyon Prime with Sportscenter Right Now to prevent the distractions, maraming PBA/PSL fans are distracted dahil sa Aksyon.

      • Unfortunately, Chot’s discombobulated mind has kept said newscast in despite the obvious interference. Seriously, he has no clue on how to run a media company. He’s a basketball coach by profession.

        It’s best to stop tuning in to ESPN5 if you’re fed up with their complicated schedule. Meron namang PBA at PSL online saka they also air an intermission report. Yun na lang ang masasabi ko. Kung iniinsist nila na iere pa rin ang Aksyon Prime, so be it.

  4. madokakaname03 says:

    Wonder what went wrong with TV5. They seemed so promising early on, and even during the first few years of MVP’s tenure, things were looking good and they were putting up a fight. But now, it looks like they’re in the doldrums. I know they were losing money and that the billion dollar contracts backfired, but that couldn’t have been the only reason right? As late as 2015 or 2016 they were still fighting along, and getting the PSL was a good boost considering the popularity of volleyball here (side question: you mentioned elsewhere that the SVL/PVL is more popular than the PSL. Is this really true? Because the arena attendance at PSL games seems to be higher than in PVL games),

    Unlike most people here, I don’t really mind TV5 going sports minded (heck I’m probably one of the few Filipino NFL fans out there), but it’s just a shame to see that promising start blown. I’m not sure if this sports focus will save them, but it makes me wish they would go back to the days when they cared about anime; apparently their anime programming was well-received, and probably would have given them a sustainable niche had that focus not gone away when MVP entered the picture.

    • Can’t you stick to just one username? We have a rule here that discourages the use of two different usernames. You might get mistaken for a poser or spammer.

      Better stick to Anonymous if I were you.

      Anyway, the reason why TV5 basically fell is because they spent money on unnecessary things. They could’ve used MVP’s financial muscle to improve their reception and reach, their main weaknesses for so many years now. That could’ve given them a chance to compete with the big boys.

      It was a big mistake for them to abandon the ‘Shake Mo ang TV Mo’ programming approach that served them well prior to MVP’s arrival. Had MVP not go all out from the start, TV5 would’ve been recognized as a new big player with plenty of room for improvement.

      Regarding the PSL, the reason why they seem to attract more fans is because they play some games outside of San Juan. However, as TV5 and AksyonTV have weaker reception and the fact that they have had a reputation to not air some games at all, the PSL is seen as less glamorous than the PVL which has been around longer, has Alyssa Valdez as its main attraction and now has ABS-CBN Sports to back them up.

    • Remember the time when they offered multi-million contracts to lure artists away from ABS and GMA? Remember the time when TV5 offered huge amounts of money to get Sharon Cuneta? What about Aga Muhlach? Janno Gibbs? Gelli de Belen? And Ogie Alcasid? Even Derek Ramsay?

      TV5 nowadays is basically a repeat of ABC 5 during 2007-08. It’s going nowhere at this point.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Also, I remember when MVP bought them, news media were claiming that he had a golden touch and that he had a reputation for making companies profitable. Was that ever true?

    • Could be. PLDT and Smart made a lot of strides since he took over. But TV5 is a vastly different story. He couldn’t do the same ‘improve its technology’ approach that he did with Smart and PLDT and it cost them. Rather than upgrade its reach he focused on programming and competition first, which really spelled doom for them in the long term.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering: How was TV5 doing ratings and finances-wise during the “Shake Mo TV Mo” era? Because if they were burning cash back then despite the positive reception of their programs at the time (to this day people still like them for airing anime at prime-time, and many wish them to go back to those days), then I guess you really can’t blame them for all those reformats, the focus on sports, and taking big gambles.

    • They weren’t burning cash during the ‘Shake Mo TV Mo’ era unlike later on with MVP at the helm. They were doing things more responsibly and away from the competition that takes place in South Triangle. Of course, it helped them gain an audience thanks to these counterprogramming strategies.

      In short, it’s always MVP’s fault. Tonyboy Cojuangco was more careful with operating TV5 than MVP.

      • Except the time during 2007-08 where ABC-5 suffered a lot. Overall, the 2008-10 TV5 Ka-Shake era was much better than TV5’s current state. From instant competition to sports, TV5 is a mess throughout the MVP era (except for its earlier years in 2010).

  7. phtvradiosked says:

    Hi! It’s my first time to comment here. At first, instead na delayed telecast ang opening ng Pyeongchang Winter Olympics sa TV5 ng 11:15 pm, LIVE ang opening dun sa Aksyon TV, yun pala, idedelay din pala ng isang oras, para lang dun sa walang katapusang EZ Shop. Parang lokohan ang ginagawa ngayon ng once a “Kapatid” Network.

    • Parang last measure na lang ang EZ Shop with all the excess spending that TV5 went through. Still, it was a huge mistake on their part dahil unnecessary ang mga ganitong filler programs. Olympic network ba sila kamo? Nagloloko lang sila Chot Reyes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All of this talk about TV5’s sports focus makes me wonder why Chot was hired to be TV5 president in the first place. Sure he’s a great coach, but maybe at best he should have just stuck to being the head of Sports5 and not the whole channel; they could have poached or at least groomed someone with more management experience on the TV side of things. As much as I kind of like their sports approach these days, since most don’t, I guess it’s going to harm them more than help.

    Sad to say that the days of a “Big Three”, which didn’t seem illogical as late as 2015, is looking more and more like a distant memory now.

    • TV5 is even worse than Net 25 and UNTV, which do provide quality programming albeit on a more religious side of things. I won’t be surprised if Chot’s venture failed and TV5 ends up getting purchased by a religious group because let’s be realistic, a private company like the MVP Group can no longer control what’s going on inside.

      • For me, I would prefer an asset split. 92.3 in Manila, as well as some of its sister stations like Baguio and Bacolod, would end up being purchased by Brigada (with FM stations in CDO, Davao, Cebu and Gensan being sold to another owner), and the TV stations would be sold to another owner.

        TV5 really is a mess. Sila na talaga ang rich man’s version ng IBC 13.

      • That means TV5 would no longer have a radio station to take care of. Kawawa naman sila if that’s the case. Regardless, I prefer religious ownership for TV5 instead of corporate ownership since the ‘abuloy’ would help produce more quality programs. Dun nag-prosper ang Net 25 at UNTV dahil dito.

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