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Wildflower’s Wildest Finale

‘Wildflower’ is coming to an end.

Friday night will mark the finale of this top-rating ABS-CBN series. In a run that spanned 257 episodes, ‘Wildflower’ became a big hit in more ways than one.

Premiering on February 13, 2017, ‘Wildflower’ became the first ABS-CBN drama to air in the 5:50 p.m. slot since ‘We Will Survive’. From episode one, the series ran roughshod over the competition, constantly earning ratings in the 20s while occasionally hitting the 30s.

As ‘Wildflower’ continued to reign over its timeslot, the confrontations between Ivy Aguas/Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) and Emilia Ardiente (Aiko Melendez) also became viral on social media. Various news topics were lampooned using screenshots of Ivy/Lily and Emilia either strangling, shouting or slapping each other in the face.

Throughout its run ‘Wildflower’ saw its fair share of cast members arrive and depart. While the core cast features Maja Salvador, Aiko Melendez, Joseph Marco, Tirso Cruz III, Sunshine Cruz, Christian Vasquez and RK Bagatsing, the series also received a few contributions from the likes of Roxanne Barcelo, Dawn Chang and Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Despite its lengthy run and constant ratings success, it was too unfortunate that ‘Wildflower’ will not be able to join the ‘one-year club’ that featured fellow ABS-CBN dramas ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and ‘Doble Kara’. Friday’s ending will put them two episodes short of the anniversary mark.

Even viewers of the series found it hard to accept that ABS-CBN will pull the plug on ‘Wildflower’ after such a long run. In fact, ‘Wildflower”s ‘The End is Near’ teaser last January was trending on social media, with many clamoring for an extension which was never materialized.

Still, ‘Wildflower”s accomplishments were hard to deny. The series’ presence made the early evening slot of Primetime Bida relevant again, and Maja Salvador’s portrayal of Ivy/Lily only enhanced her craft as an actress.

Veterans such as Sunshine Cruz, Tirso Cruz III and Aiko Melendez were also given a second wind in their careers thanks to their portrayals of Camia, Julio and Emilia respectively. Even a cameo appearance by Zsa Zsa Padilla as Red Dragon was good enough to convince viewers that she is still a dependable actress.

Overall, ‘Wildflower’ is such a good series that reliving all 257 episodes on iWant TV would be more than enticing. Indeed, this series typified the ‘wild’ in every sense of the word, one that is unpredictable, moody and crazy to look at.

This Friday should be a wild finale for ‘Wildflower’. Enjoy the show.


12 thoughts on “Wildflower’s Wildest Finale

  1. black jack says:

    Hi, This is the first time I will right a comment here, But I usually visit this site to read some of your articles, as well as in Media Newser. Anyways, Since Wildflower will end this friday, is it possible for Maja to have at least a guest role in Ang Probinsyano? Why not.

    • From what I know her character was not killed off; it was explained that she had to leave for another assignment. But it has been a long time now and it’s presumed that the writers have moved on. I don’t think they’ll revisit Maja’s character anymore.

      Another project could be in the offing for Maja in the near future. But that won’t involve a return to AP.

    • Vince says:

      I thought her contract expired? I think it’s cheaper to hire Viva talents hence like Yassi or Bela. Both of those were nobodies before appearing in Probinsyano.

      • Maja is still under contract. Guest roles in a particular series usually go to either freelancers or artists under different management. That’s how Aljur Abrenica and Louise delos Reyes started during their ‘free agent’ period before inking a deal with ABS.

  2. Anonymous says:

    New reader here. So I heard that Kambal Karibal is ending soon (odd considering how less than a week ago GMA was bragging that it beat La Luna Sangre on AGB). Your thoughts on this?

    • Take note that this article focuses on Wildflower and not Kambal Karibal. If you want to comment on Kambal Karibal, use the search section of this blog and look for an article about it.

      This blog discourages comments that do not relate to the article. The topic of conversation will not make sense if something unrelated makes its way to a particular article.

      As for my thoughts on your comment, I won’t answer it unless you move the comment to a more appropriate article. I hope you understand.

  3. Vince says:

    Usually mataas ang ratings kapag final week. Mahina final week ng Wildflower dala na rin sobrang extension. Nagsawa na ang mga tao. Nasa-20s lang siya unlike nung nag-peak siya nakatapak ng 30s. Yung Probinsyano talaga ang kahit ilang extension na ay nakakatapak pa rin sa 40s kaya nag-dada;awang isip pa rin ang management na tapusin lalo na nang nagpakita ng kahinaan ang La Luna.

    • But Wildflower is still winning over Wowowin. Yun lang ang importante even if the viewership is on the downside of late. Same with AP and LLS against Sherlock Jr. and Kambal Karibal. Unless GMA does something about the declining ratings of some of ABS’ dramas, it’s safe to say na nasa momentum pa rin ng ABS ang primetime.

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