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Erich X 3: The Blood Sisters on ABS-CBN Starting Monday

If two-in-one is not enough, why not three-in-one.

This is exactly what ABS-CBN will look to do starting this Monday when Erich Gonzales portrays three different characters in ‘The Blood Sisters’. But for older viewers, an actor playing a trio of characters is nothing new.

During the late 1990s, another Kapamilya drama pulled the same stunt when ‘Saan Ka Man Naroroon’ saw Claudine Barretto play three characters of differing personas. Considering the difficulty of this maneuver, the three-in-one storyline was rarely replicated, until now.

In ‘The Blood Sisters’, Erich is the one in three-in-one. First, she is Erika, a bar dancer and a doting mother whose profession keeps her son alive amid his battle with a chronic illness.

A gruesome murder at the bar leads to a chase that nearly costs Erika’s life. Along the way, however, she finds out that she has two twin sisters: Carrie and Agatha, both of whom will be crucial in realizing the truth about their upbringing.

The triplets were raised by a surrogate mother and were separated after an agreement their parents made fell through. Once they reunite, they will look to find the truth amid the dangers in their lives.

Also part of ‘The Blood Sisters’ are Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon, AJ Muhlach, Cherry Pie Picache, Dina Bonnievie, Jestoni Alarcon, Ruby Ruiz, and Pamu Pamorada. It will be directed by Jojo Saguin and is under the production of Dreamscape Entertainment.

For Erich Gonzales, the 5:45 slot is nothing new to her, having previously starred in ‘Katorse’ and ‘Tanging Yaman’. But ‘The Blood Sisters’ is drastically different from all the previous dramas she participated in, as it will mark the entry of a more sexier and sultrier Erich.

Considering how ‘Wildflower’ raised expectations for the said timeslot, the bar is definitely much higher for ‘The Blood Sisters’ to scale. Still, it remains to be seen if a new-look Erich Gonzales will deliver the same if not better-than-impressive ratings for her new drama as she did a few years ago.

The floor is now hers to take. Good luck.

‘The Blood Sisters’ airs weeknights before ‘TV Patrol’ on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.


7 thoughts on “Erich X 3: The Blood Sisters on ABS-CBN Starting Monday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually here are the actual numbers (from Kantar; still waiting for the AGB numbers):
    Total: TBS 25.2% vs Wowowin 16.9%
    Urban: TBS 22.5% vs Wowowin 17%
    Rural: TBS 28.1% vs Wowowin 16.8%
    Interesting to note that TBS had a somewhat smaller lead in Urban but was a runaway winner in Rural. I think this was the case with Wildflower as well: had a very large lead in Rural ratings but a more modest one in Urban ones (and even losing to Wowowin on occasion on AGB). Really weird that Wowowin only seems to do better in Urban but not so much in Rural; considering Willie’s popularity with the masses, you’d expect it to be the other way around.

    • I don’t trust AGB since they focus only on urban areas. Kantar has the whole package when it comes to ratings. It’s no secret why the gap between GMA and ABS continues to grow because despite their claims to be No. 1, ABS’ seems appears to be the better network with their other business interests, something that GMA needs if they want to keep in step.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oddly enough, some people claim that Wowowin is still more popular, despite the ratings saying otherwise. Must be network fantards or something.

      • Probably the show seems to be popular if they’re matched up with a Koreanovela from Channel 2. But once it goes against an actual teleserye, they’re in trouble.

      • Anonymous says:

        Update on AGB (I know you don’t trust them, but I’m mentioning them for transparency’s sake): even there, Wowowin lost to TBS by a sizable margin. I guess you know the show is in trouble when even in AGB it’s losing.

      • To his credit Wowowin still won, but only against a Koreanovela preceding TBS due to regional adaptations of TV Patrol airing on ABS regional networks. Not all is really lost for Willie though, albeit for just 45 minutes.

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