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AIDS-Themed Series Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka to Premiere Monday

A new GMA series that focuses on AIDS will enter the fray this Monday.

‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’, which GMA dubbed as an ‘advoca-serye’, will take a look at one of mankind’s deadliest diseases. The series will be led by Yasmien Kurdi, Martin del Rosario, Jackie Rice and Mike Tan.

Yasmien, as Thea, is a simple probinsyana with a promising career as a public accountant. She falls in love and marries a handsome and charming lad named Marco (Mike) (against the latter’s mother’s wishes), and is later blessed with fraternal twins.

However, Thea’s life soon changed upon testing positive for the HIV virus. After Marco filed for legal separation and takes the two kids with him, Thea loses her will to live as the HIV worsens, until an unexpected meeting with her daughter convinces Thea to fight not only the disease but also herself.

While Thea and Marco endures this struggle to live together, two other characters will also play big roles. Lawrence (Martin) is Jackie’s college friend and an AIDS victim, while Ava (Jackie) is Marco’s ex-girlfriend who, despite going in and out of the U.S., is still determined to settle with him.

‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’ also stars Gina Alajar, Shamaine Buencamino, Charee Pineda, Ina Feleo, Mike “Pekto” Nacua, Catherine Rem, Caprice Cayetano and Seth dela Cruz. The series will be directed by Roy Iglesias.

This is not the first time that a particular Filipino drama series featured a storyline involving AIDS. Back in 2013, TV5 (now T5N) aired the weekly drama series ‘Positive’ starring Martin Escudero and it also focuses on AIDS.

However, in the case of ‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’, it will be a five-times-a-week drama that will delve deeper into one person’s struggles to deal with AIDS. Viewers who know all too well about this deadly disease and the consequences of an afflicted person’s actions should relate to this series as well.

Despite the unique premise of this series, it remains to be seen if it will be able to pick up from where ‘Haplos’ left off. That said, the pressure is now on ‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’ to deliver and inspire viewers with a one-of-a-kind story that would make them cry.

‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’ airs weekdays after ‘The Stepdaughters’ on GMA Afternoon Prime.


23 thoughts on “AIDS-Themed Series Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka to Premiere Monday

  1. Matt Daniels says:

    For sure bibigyan na naman ng headache niyan ang Kapamilya Gold. Especially this week, hindi maganda ang ratings ng Asintado, na nadadamay sa Hanggang Saan dahil sa overtime ng It’s Showtime. Even other programs nag-aadjust din sa overtime ng IS. Yung TV Patrol nga nagsisimula na ng 6:45 from usual na time na 6:30. I hope talaga na madagdagan ng isa pang teleserye said hapon tong KG para fair naman ang laban. And good luck sa HKKIW.

    • I’ll tackle this timeslot issue on Showtime next week. It’s obvious that ABS is trying to start a new trend where their noontime show goes for 3 1/2 hours while their flagship newscast is pushed to air 15 minutes late. But this move of theirs could backfire if they are too reckless.

  2. Fafnir says:

    Advocacy serye daw pero sa trailer pa lang alam ng kabit serye siya.
    Yung Hanggang Saan dapat tsugihin na ng ABS. Weak link siya.

    • Parang alam ko yung email add mo. Diba ika yung si Vince? FYI, may rule tayo rito na iisang username lang ang gagamitin mo tuwing magpopost ka ng comment. Hindi ka ba aware doon? Kung gagamit ka kasi ng ibang pangalan baka mapagkamalan kang manloloko at impostor. Unang warning mo ito Vince. Sa susunod na gumamit ka pa ng ibang username, hindi ako mag-aatubiling i-ban ka sa blog na ito.

      Anyway, HKKIK may be a kabitserye pero may matututunan ang mga viewers since AIDS ang tema ng dramang ito. If this series rates well chances are mas magiging desperado ang ABS. Yung Showtime nga ineextend na hanggang 3:50 para lang hindi direktang tatapat sa Afternoon Prime ang mga KGold dramas, which is honestly a bad move dahil apektado na ang TV Patrol sa ginagawa nila Vice.

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as I know, as I’ve mentioned in another post, Hanggang Saan is already ending soon and will apparently be replaced by Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi.

      As for this series, I wish them luck. Haplos is doing pretty well, and although Asintado is doing well right now (according to Kantar), the leads it has over its opponent are not dominating (only 1% or 2% at most). Seems Showtime really needs to stop going overtime: even Eat Bulaga knows how to manage its time better. But in any case, the problems with KG at the moment could mean that HKKIK could find an opening and be off to a flying start.

      • ABS is obviously not happy with Hanggang Saan. This series is not even a canned one unlike The Promise of Forever yet it’s doing so poorly that a cancellation is inevitable.

        KGold should thank Ika-6 na Utos and Vice Ganda for putting them in this dire situation. Desperate times mean desperate measures for ABS, but with the network allowing Showtime to go overtime, the mismatch between KGold and Afternoon Prime grows even wider.

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess your upcoming piece on Showtime should shut up Kapuso fanboys who claim that you’re pro-ABS. Since it would show that even ABS-CBN has its faults and has made questionable decisions of their own too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Interestingly enough, the ABS-CBN fanboy pages I checked on FB are either not really discussing the Showtime overtime issue or are even defending it. It seems they don’t really care that KG is struggling again after Asintado’s promising start.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The *February* AGB ratings are out *in April* and HKKIK managed to win in its premiere. Unfortunately it is still regularly losing in Kantar, especially now that IANU is gone. Who knows how long this show will last at this rate, if the ratings are mediocre so far.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If it’s any worth, it seems that the series is hit-and-miss in the ratings, but it is getting a lot of praise and awards for its portrayal of HIV/AIDS. Your mileage may vary though if ratings or reception is more important to the show.

    • Frankly, HKKIK deserved to win more than Araw Gabi based on its critical reception. Unfortunately, there are those who remain oblivious to this series and instead focus on an inexperienced Barbie Imperial.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And so after six months, it appears that the show is reaching its conclusion soon. It had its ups-and-downs ratings wise, and was able to beat the competition on both ratings providers on occasion. Seems to be a good effort for GMA this time around, but I guess not the huge success they were hoping for.

      • Sorry if we failed to spot that. Anyway, the review for that series will be included in the preview of the next series which is My Special Tatay. That said, with commitments to other topics during this short week hindi kaagad na-accomodate itong HKKIK. You might as well remind me about impending finales and premieres of teleseryes in advance next time using Timow’s Turf Tambayan weekly program planner para maalam ko kaagad.

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