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It’s Showtime Going Overtime Not a Good Sign for ABS-CBN

Overtime has become a trend for ‘It’s Showtime’ of late.

The ABS-CBN noontime show normally runs for three hours at best. But in recent episodes, ‘It’s Showtime’ went beyond that allotted time duration and ended up lasting for another 20-30 minutes (see most recent episode video below).

As a result, the rest of ABS-CBN’s lineup wound up airing at a later timeslot than they usually do. Not a good sign for a network that prides itself for excellence and consistency from morning till night.

Take for instance, ‘TV Patrol’. ABS-CBN’s flagship newscast usually begins at 6:28 p.m., but because of ‘It’s Showtime”s extended run, it was now pushed to 6:45 p.m.

While its ratings were not affected at the moment, many feared that the late start of ‘TV Patrol’ could push more viewers to switch to GMA’s ’24 Oras’. And worse, the longer-than-expected run of ‘It’s Showtime’ could give GMA Afternoon Prime (or at a lesser extent ‘Eat Bulaga’) a much-improved spike in its ratings.

‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ may be ‘It’s Showtime”s most popular segment right now (and the one that essentially ended AlDub as a formidable tandem), but the unnecessary banter could drag the noontime show’s viewership down. And the fact that ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ runs opposite ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ is perhaps the biggest concern coming out of ABS-CBN management.

No offense to Vice Ganda and company, but the trio of Sunshine Dizon, Ryza Cenon and Gabby Concepcion is having ‘It’s Showtime”s number, particularly once ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ takes place. One thing ABS-CBN would like to do is to eliminate most of the talking and focus solely on the singing itself in order to save a lot of time and viewers.

In doing so, ‘It’s Showtime’ will return to its normal three-hour duration and perhaps add motivation to a struggling Kapamilya Gold. Not only that, ‘TV Patrol’ will be able to start on time and save whatever grace it has left.

But the decision to reduce some of the talk on ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ will only depend on management convincing Vice Ganda and company to lessen all the banter. Which is not an easy thing to do considering Vice’s mass appeal.

Still, preventing the inevitable loss of viewership is a must for ABS-CBN, particularly when it comes to ‘It’s Showtime’. They may be the No. 1 network in the country ratings-wise, but even ABS-CBN has its own weaknesses that needs to be addressed.


34 thoughts on “It’s Showtime Going Overtime Not a Good Sign for ABS-CBN

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should just spin-off TNT into its own show. It’s become popular enough that it could probably stand on its own now.

    • Problem now are the hosts and the timeslot. They can’t use the hosts of Showtime for fear of overexposure. As for the timeslot, they could use the 4:20 slot and bump their two teleseryes to an earlier time (I would like to see how Asintado fares against IANU). I doubt about the 5:00 p.m. slot though since the regionals air their version of TV Patrol.

  2. B says:

    I personally enjoy their bantering more than the actual singing and it’s prolly one of the reasons why it’s the most popular segment of their show.

  3. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Para di mauwi ulit sa OT ang Showtime, here’s the ways:
    1. ABS CBN needs an emergency meeting between the program and the station’s programming department.
    2. Avoid making adlibs. Hosts need a discipline because the time is running, most especially to Vice Ganda.
    3. The hosts must think for the succeeding programs just to avoid programming problems.

    • They’ve done this emergency meeting before noong kasagsagan ng AlDub. But yes they need that since naapektuhan rin ang ibang programa ng Dos, particularly TV Patrol. Perhaps Vice, Anne and the others should talk to Kabayan, Ted and Bernadette about settling this concern once and for all, with the management present of course.

  4. Anonymous says:

    By the way: is it it accurate to say that the reason why GMA has better ratings in Metro Manila isn’t so much that people prefer GMA there, but more that the people who do want to watch ABS-CBN can’t do so because the latter has an inferior reception, meaning for many people without cable, GMA is the only channel whose reception is good enough to be received? Because that might explain why GMA’s ratings in primetime are close to ABS or even beating them in in AGB, when the same shows lose badly on Kantar and are barely discussed at all online.

    • Not much at this point. While GMA still has strong reception, ABS is beginning to make up for its reception issues thanks to the TVPlus box. Then again, neither AGB nor Kantar have yet to take account digital broadcasts in their tabulations.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was asking in a more historical sense, since in the modern era, it’s been like that: GMA has been matching or beating ABS-CBN in Mega Manila, but apart from isolated shows like Kalyeserye or MHL, or the original Mulawin and Encantadia, these shows were discussed less than ABS shows. And others have suggested that GMA’s performance has more to do with the Tower of Power’s strong reception (and the comparatively weak analog signal of ABS) than actual media tastes.

      • Yan nga. It was Tower of Power in Tandang Sora that made GMA dominate Metro Manila. Ganyan ang trend sa GMA since that transmitter was completed in late 80s. GMA has many hit shows in the 90s and 2000s and we can thank Tower of Power in Tandang Sora, as well as GMA’s then-alternative programming and costly fantaseryes which made them a hit nationwide. Nowadays, #1 ang GMA sa Metro Manila, but in terms of programming, they are always questionable at best. Blame it on costly fantaseryes back in 2000s, as well as Gozon’s obsession in beating ABS, GMA Public Affairs producing entertainment programs as an act of desperation, and over-dependence on older talents. Even the Nielsen ratings controversy is also blamed. Kaya nga may allegations na may bayad ang AGB Nielsen ratings back in 2000s that made ABS move to TNS (now Kantar). Since we’re now in digital age, ABS is now catching up in Metro Manila with TVplus and other digital TV boxes, and GMA was afraid to lose its ratings supremacy in Metro Manila. It was Gozon that delayed the whole DTT transition. He preferred the more expensive DVB-T2 than the cheaper and more practical ISDB-T, in which ABS, PTV, Net 25/INC TV and others already implemented.

        GMA can still win in Metro Manila, but with ABS-CBN catching up thanks to TVplus, they are getting more and more desperate with questionable primetime, morning and weekend programming, as well as GMA Public Affairs producing non-entertainment programming, labor woes, closure of provincial TV stations (most provincial radio stations are closed between 2004 and 2007), and the rampant pagmamayabang.

      • In essence, Metro Manila is only a small part of the equation, period. The rest of the country is like an alien to GMA since their regional operations are always poor. It’s no wonder their shows are being discussed less than ABS’.

  5. Minus says:

    This is the current situation of ABS-CBN’s weekday programming from noon onwards after Wildflower ended; Primetime Bida after TV Patrol is back to over a year ago timeslot-wise. If this overtime situation is still not yet resolved after chakuyprodbicol’s suggestions are done, shortening Asintado’s episode length to the format followed by all other ABS-CBN teleseryes may suffice.

    • It will be harsh for ABS teleseryes (afternoon in particular) to be cut short since GMA could take advantage of their weakened state. My biggest concern is Showtime since they already run an hour longer than Eat Bulaga on a weekday. They should have been airing for only 2 1/2 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on Saturdays. Honestly, it’s unfair for Showtime to exceed since EB is already in fixed duration territory owing to TAPE’s blocktimer status.

      • Basically, in all essence, It’s Showtime is now sometimes called Gandang Tanghali Vice, with Vice Ganda getting all of the attention and the banter that he wanted. May malaking epekto yan sa rest of the broadcast day ng ABS ratings-wise and schedule-wise. GMA might end up taking advantage of this. Perhaps ABS should convince Vice to lessen the chit-chat and jokes.

      • Exactly. Vice may be the reason why Showtime is popular now, but he could also be the reason why Showtime may end up losing to Eat Bulaga again and worse, threaten the ratings of other ABS shows. Parang deja vu uli ito during Wowowee with Willie.

  6. nathalie alcantara heart says:

    I think yung nagpahaba kasi sa IS (aside from ad loads) yung interview nila sa mga contestants ng Miss Q&A and contestants ng TnT. Yun yung talagang kumain ng time, Most of time kasi napapahaba ang interview nila sa contestants ng mga nabanggit na segments. Pero may time na maiksi lang ang interview nila sa mga contestants ng mga nasabing segments.

    • Yung ad loads ang pinaka-concern ko rin since member pa naman ng KBP ang ABS. I’m not sure kung may nilalabag na ang ABS when it comes to the number of ads aired per commercial break. As for the interviews, dapat siguro iklihin na lang nila or make it a short pre-taped segment. Plus kailangan na rin ng self-discipline.

  7. stanelooddeee says:

    Patapos na nga ang IANU eh kaya normal lang na mataas ang rating kesa sa It’s Showtime. After ‘Impostora’ and ‘Haplos’ ended, Kapamilya Gold improved a lot especially Hanggang Saan where it soared higher after the high rating Haplos ended. But let’s get back to the topic, may good and bad effects ang overtime ng IS. Sa bad effects, lumiit ang ratings ng The Good Son. Usually, it rates with a range of 18-21% pero lumiit ng 16% nung Thursday dahil sa delay. Sa LLS naman, bumaba ng 2% from 35% to 33%. I think it will rate higher this Friday in its Finale. Wala namang problema sa ibang shows. At dahil sa overtime ng IS, biglang lumaki ang ratings ng The Blood Sister. Usually, nag rarate din ito ng 19-24% range kagaya ng simula ng Wildflower pero biglang lumaki ng 28.1% not because of the story and it is because marami nang nakauwi na mga workers na manonood ng programang ito. It aired 6:15pm and it is 30 mins late than the actual time.

    • Notwithstanding the improved ratings, KGold is still struggling to recapture its old dominant form noong nandyan pa ang Doble Kara. And with that OT ng Showtime they can only barely beat their Afternoon Prime counterparts by minuscule margins. Yung TBS naman, its high ratings were only a coincidence since late na ito nag-start; unlike Wildflower which at one point naka-30 kahit hindi nag-OT noon ang Showtime. As for The Good Son and LLS, well, declining ratings are not indicative of Showtime going OT. Even last year bago dumating ang LLS yung My Dear Heart hindi makaabot ng 30 and JaDine’s Till I Met You naka-14 or 15 lang sila.

    • Vince says:

      Ang alam ko pangit ang ad loads diyan sa slot ng TBS at Wildflower. Nung panahon ng Wildflower kahit mataas ang ratings, kukunti ang commercial. Dapat sa 3rd slot nila nilagay yang The Blood Sisters.

      • Unless you want a third slot on Kapamilya Gold (which can only happen if Showtime cuts its weekday airtime). Puno na kasi yung ibang timeslot at reluctant pa ang ABS na ilipat ang iba nilang teleserye which are doing well. Besides, naka-28 ang TBS kahit late nag-start so that’s not a problem.

  8. Earlier, It’s Showtime, a.k.a Gandang Tanghali Vice, ended at 3:30pm, just 10 minutes later than its usual start at 3:20pm. I think that it’s a step in the right direction. Let’s hope that Vice and the others talk a little bit less and not disrupt the whole post-Showtime lineup of ABS-CBN.

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  11. John Wil says:

    Going OT isn’t the best way for their viewers. It would result to fan burnout and people would start to switch channels or turn off their TV in between. I remember nung time that I was eating lunch at home and Showtime is still on-air. By around 3:30 in the afternoon, omw to school while riding the bus, Showtime is still on the air and I say like “grabe anong oras na? Showtime pa rin?” I think Showtime needs to limit their airing time to save budget. Although the advantage of this is for sponsors to air longer commercial, pero what about the viewers? Sorry pero pwede ko rin sana icompare itong show with Monday Night Raw, where 3 hours of show isnt a good thing compared to their usual 2 hours back then. Wrestling Fans complaint that they are burnt out watching for 3 hours of Raw as to the traditional of 2 hours. The same goes na rin wtih It’s Showtime IMO.

    • At least WWE had a reason to extend Raw to 3 hours, kasi they have too many talents that need to be showcased. But for Showtime, Vice Ganda and company doing too much unecessary talking and joking especially during Tawag ng Tanghalan is too much to bear. Paano na yung mga singers? They’re being buried by Vice’s shenanigans.

    • John Wil says:

      Yeah, their unnecessary segments are causing their OT. But you’re right. Vice Ganda is overexposed din 7x a week. Imagine from Mondays to Saturdays nasa Its Showtime sya. Tas sya pa nag eextend ng show? Tas meron pa sya Linggo ng gabi? Although Vice is the reason why the show and the network is becoming relevant, still he needs to respect time. May sarili na nga syang show every Sunday night, why not just pour all the jokes on his own show?

      • Buti pa nga ang Eat Bulaga magaling sa time management considering that GMA only allows them 2 1/2 hours of airtime on weekdays and 3 hours on Saturdays. Not the same case with Showtime (being a blocktimer show and all). Which reminds me, kung pinayagan nilang mag-OT itong si Vice whether intentionally or not, eh ba’t noong Wowowee ni Willie sobrang strict sila sa airtime? I don’t understand their motives.

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