9 thoughts on “Thoughts on ABS-CBN and GMA’s Need for Simpler On-Screen Logos

  1. Anonymous says:

    While ABS-CBN could probably go for a simplified look that uses just the three circles and a bar, I think GMA’s logo is fine as it is, even for digital. The heart isn’t really overshadowed by the big GMA letters, and besides, letter logos have worked even in digital TV countries (like Japan’s NHK and TV Tokyo, or the UK’s BBC).

    • NHK and BBC have letters wrapped up in a particular shape or design. Same with ABC’s circle logo, and in the Philippines, Net 25’s ‘football’ logo and UNTV’s ‘square’ logo. GMA is a different case however. Their logo may be fine, but the ‘rainbow heart’ appears to be the more important feature here. It’s what makes the network so distinct. Even without the three letters, viewers can still identify GMA just by spotting the ‘rainbow heart’. Using it by itself would be much better than emphasizing the clunky three letters beside it.

      • yong says:

        IMO, I think GMA’s letters are too stylized para alisin pag on-screen, unlike sa ABS-CBN na black text lang na actually pwedeng i-eliminate, which they actually did before 2011 nga… What I mean to say is that yung letters sa logo ng GMA was designed to be cohesive with the rainbow heart talaga.

      • But even without those three letters, using just the ‘rainbow heart’ on screen will do just fine. Alam ng maraming viewers na kapag may ‘rainbow heart’, GMA ang pinapanood nila. There are also other ways with which the logo with the letters can be used. GMA can still use this on other things such as printed materials and social media posts.

  2. Jake says:

    Wait explain about logo of TV stations I think TV5 logo in 90s has hurricane logo but in late 2000s to 2010 the TV5 logo has tv with number5 on it The logo of ABSCBN has 3 circles refers the island of the Philippines and a bar is a tv tower

    • You don’t get the point of this article. What I focused on is the use of on-screen logos during TV programs and on how to improve and simplify such a presentation. Get it?

  3. John Wil says:

    I like the idea of a simplified logo for recognition like the different logos in the US TV networks. But IMO, I think applying here in the Philippines is quite difficult for Filipinos. For those on antenna, they don’t know what channel is that if there is no indication of the channel name. So I guess, they still need to use the full logo with the name on it for easy recognition. I think it is on the difference of the culture. Anyways, I also prefer for networks to use a transparent logo while the show is going on similar to the US.

    • You’re probably right. There are still plenty more Filipinos who only use an antenna to watch TV. Then again, many are more than willing to shell out some money to upgrade to digital devices such as the TVPlus box. Such a transformation takes a lot of time, so all we can say is that we need to be patient with this approach.

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