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A Tough Act to Follow for Contessa

From ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ to ‘Contessa’.

Following the successful year-long run of ‘Ika-6 na Utos’, GMA will now look to fill in the big shoes that the former left. They decided to replace ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ with a series that reminded viewers of another successful teleserye from a rival network.

From the moment ‘Contessa”s teaser was aired, netizens immediately compared the series to ABS-CBN’s ‘Wildflower’ due to their similar storylines of revenge. But ‘Contessa’ lead star Glaiza de Castro had a different take, saying that her upcoming show focuses more on a woman’s constant quest for justice.

In ‘Contessa’, Glaiza is initially known as Bea, a woman who is accused and imprisoned for a crime she never committed. Determined to seek revenge and reclaim those who were taken away from her, she assumes a new identity, that of Contessa.

Throughout the series, ‘Contessa’ will feature some important characters who will be crucial to the story of Bea/Contessa. Marco (Mark Herras) is a writer and Bea’s long-time boyfriend whose gruesome murder will be central to the evolution of Bea into Contessa.

Marco’s brother Gabriel (Geoff Eigenmann) is a successful OFW who returns to the country following his murder. Meanwhile, Bea’s best friend Jong (Jak Roberto) is a secret admirer of hers who hopes to love him back.

The Imperial family, led by the matriarch Charito (Chanda Romero) and her children Vito (Gabby Eigenmann) and Daniella (Lauren Young), will serve as a major obstacle to Bea/Contessa’s plans for justice. In typical villainous fashion, the Imperials are considered manipulative, influential, sophisticated and powerful individuals who will do whatever is necessary to destroy the protagonist.

Completing the rest of the cast are Tetchie Agbayani, Leandro Baldemor, Dominic Roco, Bernadette Allyson, Melissa Mendez, Tanya Gomez, Karel Marquez, Phytos Ramirez, Denise Barbacena and Will Ashley. ‘Contessa’ will be directed by Albert Langitan.

Replacing a top-rating series in ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ will be a daunting one for ‘Contessa’. In order for viewers to commit to this new series in the long term, some interesting bits and pieces are needed to make ‘Contessa’ worth watching, a task that is difficult to fill considering it will go head-to-head with ‘It’s Showtime”s ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ segment.

With all things considered, GMA should only hope for the best with ‘Contessa’. It may never be able to replicate the ratings of ‘Ika-6 na Utos’, but if it all goes well, who knows what will happen next.

‘Contessa’ airs weekdays after ‘Eat Bulaga’ on GMA Afternoon Prime.


35 thoughts on “A Tough Act to Follow for Contessa

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously though:
    1. People should refrain from judging Contessa as a Wildflower clone until it airs for a bit. If once it airs and similarities do exist, then maybe that would be the time, but for now, it’s too soon to tell. Just like how people claimed Bagani was an Encantadia clone even though their only similarities were being set in a fantasy world.
    2. ABS-CBN fantards should stop claiming that shows like Hanggang Saan or Asintado killed IANU, when IANU had a long and successful run and was planned to end regardless of whether or not it was being beaten.
    3. GMA fantards should stop making up excuses if their shows end prematurely (i.e. “hanggang dun nalang ang kwento eh” or “give chance to others”). ABS fantards sometimes do the same thing, but not to the extent of GMA fantards (I’ve seen them do that for shows like DTBY or MLFTS).

  2. The network wars here should end. I mean, in the U.S., celebs there don’t have exclusivity on either ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW. For example, NBC news anchor Brian Williams guested on David Letterman’s defunct CBS late night show. In other words, nakakapagikot sila ng networks in the United States.

    • Well, the best that GMA and ABS can do is if their respective bosses stop becoming so prideful in themselves. It’s a shame that pride is what made the ‘wars’ worse; their insistence to keep one talent from the other is what hurts them the most. Kung pwede sana lahat na lang ng mga artista nila ay maging freelancer at yung mga Star Magic at Artist Center ay maging independent talent groups.

    • For the record, GMA has not confirmed if Contessa will also air on Saturdays. They only said in the teasers that it will premiere this Monday and did not specify if they’ll run until Saturdays. If GMA decides not to have a Saturday episode for Contessa, then they need another show to fill in the gap.

  3. yong says:

    Kanina habang Magpakailanman GMA aired a teaser of their new Afternoon Prime lineup, and it’s said there that it will air Mondays to Saturdays.

    • Dapat sana nilista mo yung schedule para alam namin. Based on what you said, it’s implied na all of their Afternoon Prime dramas will now air on Saturdays as well. Eh paano yung Tadhana, Wish Ko Lang at Imbestigador? Saan nila ilalagay yun? Masyadong complicated pagka ganoon. Besides, nakakaumay rin ang maraming oras na dramahan sa TV.

      • Regardless, someone in the PHTV Group on Facebook already posted a screenshot of Afternoon Prime. Yes meron pa ring Contessa tuwing Sabado, pero tingnan pa rin natin kung magiging fluke ito o hindi. Because from what I know, IANU on Saturdays was supposed to be an experiment that somehow worked. Kaya mukhang masyadong confident ang GMA na gawin rin ito sa Contessa. Kaso if this show flops baka tanggalin nila ito sa Sabado Star Power lineup.

    • yong says:

      Oh I’m sorry haha tao lang. What I meant to say was that Contessa will air on Saturdays as well. The pronoun “it” was misrepresented; it’s supposed to be on Contessa.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Passed by GMA Network Center earlier and saw the billboards and yeah, at least initially, Contessa is confirmed for Mon-Sat.

  5. Matt Daniels says:

    Contessa premiered with a low rating with 11.1% based on Kantar, compared to the overtimed Showtime, 18.9%, as well as its Tuesday, with 11% vs 18.1%. Mababa din ang ratings ng ibang GMA Afternoon Prime – The Stepdaughters 11.5% & 10.5% for its Mon & Tue vs Asintado 14.9% & 16.9% respectively. HKKIK garnered only with single-digit ratings 9.9% & 9.6% while Hanggang Saan 14.2% & 13.8%, na kung saan mag-iisang buwan ng mataas sa ratings at natatalo na ang bagong kalaban simula noong umere ang HKKIK unlike noong Haplos, nagiistay lang sa 10-11% yung rating ng HS. Mukhang magpapaburger si Sir Carlo Katigbak kapag patuloy ang pagkapanalo ng Kapamilya Gold.

    • I knew this would happen. GMA made a huge risk by adding a Saturday episode for Contessa, and unfortunately, its ratings were poor to begin with. To be fair, IANU started slow too, but picked up steam as the months went on. However, Contessa is a different story, and if its ratings remain poor, I won’t be surprised if GMA cancels its Saturday episodes and move True Horror Stories to that timeslot to counter ABS’ new horror films block.

      • Anonymous says:

        Glaiza is still a relatively popular actress though, right? Compared to many of the other GMA artists (who tend to either be frozen delights, “laos” veterans, and unpopular newcomers), Glaiza is one of their more famous artists and probably one of the few GMA artists that the average person could recognize. She probably has enough starpower to save Contessa: that is, if she can channel her fanbase.

      • But it’s very alarming to see Contessa fail to sustain IANU’s viewership numbers, at least for the first week. GMA is not like ABS when it comes to constant viewership.

      • Anonymous says:

        The odd thing is that IANU’s last week won in both AGB and Kantar, but Contessa is now struggling in Kantar. To be fair, the leads are by single digits, but given that afternoon ratings are lower to begin with, those are still proportionally large leads. What can’t be understood easily is why the loyal IANU viewers outside Manila suddenly decided to tune out once it ended. At the rate things are going, Showtime’s overtime thingy, though controversial and the recipient of scathing comments, might be working out.

        And if to rub salt into the would, rumors are now flying that Ryza is thinking of transferring to ABS.

      • I doubt that Ryza to ABS thing though. GMA won’t cut Ryza that easily given IANU’s successful run. What they should worry about is Contessa starting slow. They gave the show some high expectations by airing it all the way to Saturday, but so far it underachieved. That’s typical of GMA dramas. They always don’t start impressively.

      • Any rumored show replacements will have to be withheld until the predecessor’s final week. This is a new policy that the blog will implement immediately. In short, let’s wait until it becomes official.

  6. stanelooddeee says:

    Update: Kapamilya Blockbusters on Saturdays was moved to 3:15pm, leaving Ipaglaban Mo moved to 4:30pm and SOCO to 5:30pm before TV Patrol.

    • Didn’t you look at my previous comment? ABS has a new horror films block coming up and that was their response to Contessa. Go look at previous comments first before you state the obvious.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Still, Afternoon Prime’s struggles as of late are very disturbing. As late as last month all the KG shows (other than Asintado) were losing even in Kantar, but with IANU gone it seems that even perennially struggling shows like Hanggang Saan are getting a new lease of life. It’s been known for some time that IANU was what was allowing Afternoon Prime to beat KG, but who would have thought that the loss of just one show was enough for KG to not only overtake, but win by sizable margins.

    • It all comes down to how very creative the two networks are in producing their afternoon dramas. Remember when viewers alienated ABS for being too overdependent on ‘kabit-seryes’ every afternoon? Now it’s the other way around because viewers were not impressed with Contessa for being a Wildflower copycat. Sometimes the better shows are those that are more unique to captivate audiences and so far, GMA is back to where they were a few years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think these are each respective channel’s motto:
        GMA: Gusto Maging ABS-CBN
        ABS-CBN: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

        And wait: Contessa already confirmed for being a Wildflower rip-off? But even if so, Contessa’s struggles can’t explain the struggle of the entire block; at most, it should have affected Contessa alone.

      • The initial teaser for Contessa led viewers to assume that it was a Wildflower ripoff. But the thing is, one popular series can influence another’s performance. Doble Kara and Ika-6 na Utos were examples of that. Unfortunately, Contessa is not popular enough to influence both The Stepdaughters and Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka, and worse, it opened the door for Asintado to influence the ratings of Hanggang Saan. Viewers staying put can be a good thing, perhaps.

      • Matt Daniels says:

        And another factor why ABS is now leading because all/most of its drama now has well written storyline and has different genre — from Sana Dalawa Ang Puso (romcom), Asintado (Action), Hanggang Saan (Suspense), The Blood Sisters (revenge), AP (action), Bagani (Fantasy), to The Good Son (Mystery Suspense).

      • They also have the backing of their affiliated drama units in Dreamscape, Star Creatives, RSB and GMO which are responsible for the creative input of each of the dramas. Too bad GMA doesn’t have that privilege and as a result they are having a hard time extracting those creative juices.

    • Sisihin na rin natin ang mga bandwagon viewers na tumutok lang sa IANU just for the scenes na may water gun, balut and all of that. Most of them apparently switched back to Showtime. Pero to be honest hindi naman mukhang kabitserye ang Contessa since revenge at justice ang theme nito. Kaya nga andami ang humusga kaagad dito dahil daw kinopya ang Wildflower ni Maja.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The AGB ratings are out too… and more bad news for Contessa: its premiere actually lost to both Showtime and Asintado. Granted, both were by about 1% or less, but you know things went really bad if Contessa lost even on AGB (meanwhile, all the Afternoon Prime shows lost by significant margins on Kantar, unlike before where the leads were minuscule or AF was even winning).

    Not a good start to Contessa at all. And after all that hard work and gains that IANU did to keep KG at bay. At the rate things are going, KG might end up having the last laugh after all

    • Like I said, blame its struggles on bandwagon viewers who only watched IANU for its humorous and campy scenes, and then switch to Showtime once it ended. Lack of loyalty is what brought GMA programs down most times and it’s baffling to see how one successful show can be followed by a mediocre one.

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