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The Good Son: One Last Time

‘Who killed Victor?’

For several months, ‘The Good Son’ has been trying to solve the mystery behind the gruesome murder of Victor, played by Albert Martinez. Now it has come down to which one of Victor’s four sons and their immediate family will be proven innocent of the crime.

Since its premiere on September 25, 2017, ABS-CBN’s ‘The Good Son’ became one of the network’s top-rated programs. During its run, the series averaged around 20% in the ratings, besting more light-hearted competition in GMA’s ‘My Korean Jagiya’ and ‘The One That Got Away’.

The return to a more serious formula and the emphasis towards young stars have helped ‘The Good Son’ achieve tremendous success throughout its run. In past years, lighter dramas dominated Primetime Bida’s fourth slot, but after ‘On the Wings of Love’ the approach wore thin.

Reverting back to a darker atmosphere reminiscent of series such as ‘The Legal Wife’ may have been the most daring decision that ABS-CBN ever did, but ‘The Good Son”s unexpected surge has brought new life to Primetime Bida’s fourth slot. However, this was not the only reason behind its popularity.

Continuing ABS-CBN’s commitment towards youth, the series gave rising artists Nash Aguas, Jerome Ponce, Joshua Garcia, McCoy de Leon, Loisa Andallo, Alexa Ilacad and Elisse Joson the green light to show their acting prowess. It was a formula that somehow worked to ‘The Good Son”s favor, helping the series outpace its GMA counterparts who continued to rely on older stars.

More importantly, these artists gained a new legion of followers, both on television and on social media. For Joshua Garcia, starring in a series without frequent on-screen partner Julia Barretto may be a risky choice, but it proved to be a blessing in disguise as he was able to thrive alongside his contemporaries.

In many ways, ‘The Good Son’ became a series that ABS-CBN should be proud of. More than just the young stars that thrived in a starring role, it was the series’ themes of innocence, guilt and doubt that helped ‘The Good Son’ become a top-ten program in the country.

Friday will mark ‘The Good Son”s 143rd and final episode. On its last night, the innocent one will be revealed, but who will be rightfully called ‘The Good Son?’


8 thoughts on “The Good Son: One Last Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    >For Joshua Garcia, starring in a series without frequent on-screen partner Julia Barretto may be a risky choice, but it proved to be a blessing in disguise as he was able to thrive alongside his contemporaries.
    ABS should do this more often: let the love teams do individual projects once in a while. It would let each artist mature and develop their skills. These actors and actresses won’t be able to bloom fully if they keep being constrained to their love teams.

    • But here’s a thing: are they trusty enough to convince some love teams to work on separate projects? It will not be easy for KathNiel and JaDine to work separately considering their popularity. One or the other might not be enough sometimes, unless you’re Liza Soberano as Darna.

      • Anonymous says:

        Daniel and Kathryn had their fair share of solo projects that were successful, so I think KathNiel doing separate projects could work. Enrique has also done a few projects without Liza so it’s possible too. JaDine I’m more skeptical: they don’t seem to be as popular as either KathNiel or LizQuen, and I don’t think either Nadine or James could stand on their own just yet.

      • Somewhere down the road JaDine must work on their own and away from each other. Trust is a must for any artist and its superior at this point, so let’s just wait and see how ABS can handle this possibility.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since I Found You is now confirmed to be TGS’ replacement, let’s see if the combined forces of Piolo, Alessandra, and Empoy can step up to the standards of TGS. Interesting though that TGS’ replacement ended up being another rom-com, albeit without starring one of the usual loveteams.

    In any case, should TOTGA be worried about SIFY?

  3. Vince says:

    Alam mo ralph na hindi ako fan ng mga romcom sa 3rd slot. Balik na naman sa pagiging antok serye ang 3rd slot. This time walang PBB na dapat hintayin so patay TV talaga ang mga taga-Probinsya sabayan mo pang ng brouahaha ng mukha ni Arci. Ewan ko na lang. Pinakita naman ng The Good Son na kaya ng traditional na heavy drama ang third slot.

    BTW Regarding Joshua. Ang alam ko may romcom din yan ni Julia Baretto. Baka i-launch nila yun sa 2nd slot mala-Forevermore next year once Bagani ends.
    Yung show ni Echo nag-reshoot so now we know kung bakit ito ang nakakuha ng 3rd slot. Ito lang naman saka yun ang magkalaban sa slot.

    • Technically fourth slot (excluding TV Patrol) kung isasama ang The Blood Sisters. Anyway, it was clear na after OTWOL naumay talaga ang mga viewers pagdating sa mga primetime romcom. Mga around 15-18% na lang yung ratings ng mga romcom after that, starting with the short-lived Born for You nila Elmo at Janella. Not even TIMY nila JaDine was able to recapture the heights that OTWOL achieved. I guess more serious dramas like The Good Son are a better fit to that timeslot (remember The Legal Wife?), kaso narerelegate sa Kapamilya Gold most of the time dahil either they only feature second-tier talent or viewers appeared uninterested to watch another heavy drama at night. I guess ABS was wrong to judge that.

      Yung mga romcom ang dapat nilalagay sa pre-noontime slot since mas gaganahan sila rito. Perhaps JoshLia’s upcoming romcom could also take that slot once SDAP ends, but we’ll leave it to ABS to decide.

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