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Lost Opportunity: GMA Loses Ryza Cenon to ABS-CBN

‘If you beat them, join them!’

This is exactly what happened when Ryza Cenon made the shocking jump from GMA to ABS-CBN Thursday morning. Welcomed by network executives Cory Vidanes, Carlo Katigbak and Laurenti Dyogi, Ryza officially signed an undisclosed exclusive contract with ABS-CBN, thus ending her 14-year stint with GMA Network.

It can be recalled that Ryza’s last project with GMA was the year-long afternoon drama series ‘Ika-6 na Utos’, whose successful run ended last month. GMA could have capitalized on Ryza’s renewed success, but in the end, it was a bad case of ‘one that got away’ (in reference to the network’s current primetime teleserye).

In the press conference announcing her transfer, Ryza revealed that it was her talent managers from VIVA Entertainment which convinced her to change addresses. Moreover, she explained the need to explore different endeavors and the need to work with a different set of actors.

Like former GMA-turned-ABS-CBN talents Aljur Abrenica and Louise delos Reyes before her, Ryza will begin her Kapamilya career on the high-rating primetime series ‘Ang Probinsyano’ as one of its guest stars. She will also appear in a series of out-of-town and TFC shows.

Considering how ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ revitalized Ryza’s career, it was surprising to see her in a different network amid a resurgence in her career. But then again, GMA has had a history of not properly utilizing its talents, so this was probably the right move for her.

Still, in a loaded primetime series like ‘Ang Probinsyano’, there is no guarantee that Ryza will have a long-term role within the program. Somewhere down the road ABS-CBN will prepare an upcoming series for Ryza, one that should give her a greater responsibility.

Fans can only hope that Ryza Cenon’s move to ABS-CBN will pay dividends. It will be interesting to see how she will thrive in a new environment, so good luck.


46 thoughts on “Lost Opportunity: GMA Loses Ryza Cenon to ABS-CBN

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cue the water gun jokes everyone.

    Seriously though, this is a massive blow to them. And given the rumors that Gabbi Garcia might transfer too (which according to the rumors is the reason she was killed off in Sherlock Jr. in the first place), GMA needs to get its act together, or else Ryza may be far from the last Kapuso to jump ship. Whatever happened to the good old days of GMAAC when they were able to turn Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillio, and Marian Rivera into bonafide stars? Now most of their newbies are unpopular outside of Kapuso circles (like the average Filipino probably doesn’t even know who Bianca Umali or Thea Tolentino are, even when the same people know Maymay or Kisses). And it seems that despite GMA’s best efforts, their young artists just aren’t clicking with the masses, no matter what the fanboys say. It’s a shame since many of them are talented and could have a bright future if only GMA could play the right cards.

    • Without a Johnny Manahan-type of a mentor, GMAAC is really doomed. And without the help of outside sources and materials, their younger artists won’t prosper under these conditions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ryza has to work hard though. ABS is full of talents right now (both new and veteran, including the transferees), so if she can’t stand out, her career could still be in trouble. This should serve as a challenge for her to hone her acting skills. Who knows, she could easily bloom, but at the same time, she could turn into a frozen delight. In any case, let’s wish her luck.

      • I know this is out of place but GMAAC’s continued reliance on older stars is very similar to the dying days of the defunct U.S. professional wrestling company World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which continued to rely on older wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage, which prompted some younger wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit to leave for WWE. I mean, this is what is happening to GMAAC, their younger stars are not given a chance by GMA, which continues to rely on past their prime stars like Dingdong (Dantes), Marian, Dennis (Trillo), etc. That is what is causing GMA’s prime time to fall to ABS-CBN in the first place.

      • Yung pinaka-one-that-got-away nila ay si Liza Soberano na pumirma ng kontrata sa GMA noong nagsisimula pa lang siya, pero nag-ibang bakod at ngayon ay isa na siyang malaking pangalan sa Kapamilya network. Isa lang yan sa maraming dating Kapuso na umuusbong bilang Kapamilya. Samantala ang mga dating Kapamilya na ngayo’y Kapuso na ay naka-tengga lang dahil kulang sa pagkakataon at development.

  2. Vince says:

    Sa tingin ko naman mas maalagaan siya ng Dreamscape. Basta wag lang siyang mag-taray ala Bianca King or Sofia Andres kundi makikita niya ang hinahanap niya. Ang Star Creative kasi mahilig kumuha ng transferee tapos pagkatapos ng show tengga. Si Ritz Azul ang pinakawaley na transferee na tinanggap ng ABS.

    • Ritz didn’t make an impact on The Promise of Forever which obviously suffered from so many delays that affected its performance. ABS already has a boatload of talent waiting to be unleashed at kung ganito pala ang mapapala ni Ryza perhaps her decision to transfer might not be worth it after all. Dapat lang talaga pagisipan ng ABS kung anong nababagay sa kanya; if she’s the headliner then good for her, pero kung na-relegate muli siya sa supporting role then mababalewala lang ang career renaissance niya from Ika-6 na Utos.

  3. B says:

    Ryza Cenon seems to have a big role in the upcoming Angel Locsin’s starred teleserye “The General’s Daughter”. I wonder if she would be typecast as the kontrabida.

    • We’ll see. But like all upcoming teleseryes, further information remains undisclosed until it’s official out of fear that the planned teleserye might not push through. We should not talk about this unless ABS decides to go with the plan.

      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking of The General’s Daughter, considering it’s an upcoming show, I know the title is still subject to change, but I really hope they give it a different title. It sounds too similar to The Stepdaughters. Kind of like Da One That Ghost Away and TOTGA: too close for comfort.

  4. Of all the ABS Stars who were Starstruck Avengers,I am surprised that she would be the last to sign up with them after a smashing hit of a “Kabit-Serye” that finished last month. I Wish Her all the best. My Thesis is when IANU was first conceptualized,it was too late to retain Ryza’s Loyalty to GMA-7 after many years of playing supporting roles(and being put in the freezer in between) despite winning Starstruck Season 2. She should have Left some years ago if this is true that she is passed over regularly in favor of younger Talents and those with Marketbility like Marian Rivera and AlDub. At least her batchmates: Mike Tan,LJ Reyes and Megan Young(who returned from ABS-CBN three years ago) are still with GMA for Now. The Lesson is that Network Management and their Talents(Kapamilya and Kapuso alike) should meet halfway to sustain and develop their careers so as to maintain loyalty. I Do regret how her career ended on a Bittersweet Note(and changing studios right away after finishing projects).

    • Sad to say about these unlikely turn of events. Ryza’s rise came too late for GMA to maintain her loyalty. Perhaps a different environment could help her ascend, but that will depend on how ABS will utilize her. Let’s just hope that more headlining roles come her way because her talents are way too good to be kept in a supporting role.

      • Anonymous says:

        Honestly I’m just surprised GMA didn’t give her a better offer: after all, Ryza did say she would have preferred to stay in GMA if she could.

        Let’s just hope that their remaining semi-veterans and their newcomers do well: we wouldn’t want Glaiza to leave again right?

      • I won’t be surprised if Glaiza decides to go back to ABS where her career began. She’s not faring well in a starring role on Contessa and perhaps a change of scenery might help her bounce back. Some of these talents are itching to take their talents elsewhere, be it ABS, VIVA or on a freelance capacity. It doesn’t help that GMA’s poor talent environment is holding them back.

      • I forgot to correct my grammar errors. I Should have said that “I Regret that how her Stay in GMA(not Her career in General) ended on a bittersweet note”. The best thing for Both Stations to do is to keep the best of their Veteran/Older Talents but give priority to developing the skills and character of their Younger/Newbie talents.

    • To her credit it was an amicable departure and GMA understood that. But then again, the network’s disparity in talent level continues to pose a huge concern.

      • #1 I was talking about Forgiveness in the sense that there may have been power hungry and vicious people (Talents and Middle Level-Executives)that have kept Ryza from getting the Big Break until two years ago.

        #2 I Heartily acknowledge your point that there are Veteran Talents in need of a Break too. I Doubt if GMA can survive the slow depleting of their Talents compared to ABS. Perhaps GMA might be shutdown two decades from now if there will be no Overhaul of Obstolate Structures by then.

      • The heart of this issue is always the Head of Entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable. Her regime has been full of incompetence so far and it was characterized by mediocre programs, talents, strategies and promotional tactics. All of that contributes to a toxic environment that left GMA in a sad state. Improvement is a must for the network, but as long as Rasonable is present, that won’t happen.

  5. Perhaps GMA-7 can revive sports coverage in it’s Sister Channel(GMA News TV 11) to expand it’s horizons. Perhaps re-open negotiations with The 5 Network to do joint partnership in matters outside News,Sports and Entertainment. Then again,Galvante’s Departure may have left a deep void that cannot be filled.

    • Sad to say that GMA has no interest in sports nor joining forces with T5N. They pretty much wasted their money on costly fantaseryes that didn’t even rate well and used more of these for other unnecessary plans. Their long-term viability was sacrificed as a result.

      • We’re not sure. Even ABS will have a hard time committing to the surplus of talent they have. If GMA wants to survive and turn things around, they need a more competent leader and staff on the entertainment side. In short, Lilybeth Rasonable and her team must be fired, period. They have to start over and correct all the wrongs.

      • Kim Martin says:

        If GMA decides to join forces T5N for sports coverage (including the NFL and college football), it will be very similar to what CBS and the three Turner cable TV networks (TBS, TNT and TruTV) in the United States are all doing with their joint venture television coverage of the U.S. NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball, especially both March Madness and the NCAA college basketball title game. Too bad GMA won’t give sports a try because they wasted money on fantaseryes and poor talent handling. I mean, you can blame both Gozon and Rasonable for that.

      • Matagal nang walang intensyon ang GMA na mag-cover ng mga malalaking sports coverage. Di katulad dati na sineseryoso nila ito. Sayang kasi sila sana ang pwede para sa PBA dahil malawak ang coverage area nila.

      • Correct. At first GMA was competitive in the ratings somewhere in the 2000s but ABS pulled away thanks to some innovative strategies (e.g. social media presence, iWant TV, TVPlus, HD broadcasting). That combined with questionable tactics set GMA back a lot.

      • Questionable decisions after another. RGMA was a victim of that back in 2000s at nagsaraduhan ang karamihan sa mga Super Radyo stations at ilang small and mid-major market Campus Radio stations. Sa TV naman, remember the time when Ilocos, Naga, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Gensan were downgraded to selling satellites of GMA?

        Those are products of Gozon’s somewhat questionable decisions even from the glory days of Kapuso era back when Angel Locsin was their big star, until today.

      • In short they competed right away without thinking about the long-term. Then again that was Gozon’s calling since gusto niya talagang harapan ang ABS ng mano-mano, which I don’t think is a good idea considering the latter’s superior resources.

  6. Anonymous says:

    More GMA Artist news: GMA has Jasmine Curtis-Smith now. Seems like she’s unable to go out of the shadow of being Anne’s sister, unlike other actor relatives. Perhaps it’s for the best for her to be in GMA instead of ABS, since Anne is still with ABS and she might not be able to stand out with her popular sister still being popular. In any case, let’s wish Jasmine and GMA the best of luck.

    (P.S. pakidelete nalang nung comment ko sa taas, nagtypo ako sa pagtype ng name ko, thanks)

  7. Good luck na lang kay Jasmine Curtis-Smith sa GMA. Basically, 5 is no longer part of Big Three, and GMA is questionable at best.

    Wala palang Big Three. ABS still wins. GMA is trying hard. 5 gives up and decides to beat S+A.

    • B says:

      It’s so sad na ganun ang state of our TV industry. Not much of a competition between ABS and GMA and the fact that there’s only two major networks compared sa other countries na meron mga 3 or more major networks and idagdag mo pa ung cable networks na constantly creating series that can compete to major networks.

      • ABS is a real pioneer in the TV industry bar none. The other networks are still catching up, kaso for some reason, they became victims of mismanagement and lack of other facilities, kaya napapalayo pa sila.

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