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Is It Time for GMA to End Astig Authority on Weekdays?

The entry of ‘Assassination Classroom’ (retitled ‘Invincible Teacher’) on GMA may have excited anime fans, but the network’s short leash on Astig Authority suggest that its days are numbered. (Photo credit: Crunchyroll, Shuiesha, Fuji TV, Funimation, Viz Media)

This is not a good sign.

For many years, GMA’s Astig Authority dominated early mornings with new and repetitive anime programs that every generation can appreciate. Not any amount of criticism or hate can stop this block from becoming a ratings darling in a period where overall viewership is lower compared to later hours.

However, it seems like the days of Astig Authority are being numbered. Since last week, Astig Authority on weekdays was reduced to just two anime titles, a far cry from several years ago when it went as high as five programs.

And it’s not just the number of programs that is decreasing. Even the overall running time was compromised as well, with commercial breaks enjoying longer airtime than the anime themselves.

So what is going on with Astig Authority lately? Perhaps one should point out a time when GMA introduced a new anime to its audience.

When GMA decided to air ‘Assassination Classroom’ on the block (retitled ‘Invincible Teacher’ to avoid negative connotations), that was where the butchering began. For some unexplained reason, editors began to cut some scenes without warning to compensate for the short running time.

Even some more recent anime such as ‘Hunter x Hunter’ or ‘Detective Conan’ were not safe from the editors’ hands. With all that’s going on behind the scenes, not even its good ratings could prevent anime fans from harshly criticizing GMA for doing such a bad deed.

Perhaps GMA should do the right thing and cease airing anime on weekdays altogether. After all, they have essentially neglected such programs to the point that they simply don’t care.

If this abolition were to happen, GMA has three choices. They could either replace Astig Authority with the Heart of Asia block (with one Koreanovela airing every morning in a 45-minute span), move its imported fantasy series to an earlier time and accommodate two Tagalized movies, or simply add EZ Shop to fill in airtime.

For now, GMA’s Astig Authority is still around. However, with all that took place of late, it will not be long before GMA finally pulls the plug on this long-running anime block.


10 thoughts on “Is It Time for GMA to End Astig Authority on Weekdays?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Considering the decent ratings, completely cutting it probably isn’t a good idea. Especially now with anime on Philippine free TV being a dying breed. Getting rid of it just because of all those cuts is like throwing baby out of the bathwater. What it needs is not a cut but some kind of reform. Like maybe hire some people who actually care and make the block “great again”. Stop with the cuts and the ad loads and try to make things more manageable. It’s one of the few times that GMA can do well even nationwide, they shouldn’t things slip from them.

    • Then again it has shown plenty of vulnerability especially when Magandang Buhay invites some very meaningful guests. 40 minutes is more than enough for one Koreanovela, but not two anime, and besides, GMA still airs anime on weekends so all is not lost. Changes in viewership are also a factor with housekeepers dominating the weekday morning landscape.

    • They sometimes do that, but in the cases of both Invincible Teacher and Detective Conan, they’re not violence-oriented anime hence only few edits were made. But I don’t understand why they need to edit so much material to fit the limited time frame. They should’ve just aired one anime (one each day) per week instead of airing two since commercials always get in the way of those 40 minutes.

  2. Boz says:

    GMA Astig Authority weekday block new schedule:
    – Detective Conan (new episodes)
    – Invincible Teacher
    So still no Dragon Ball Super on Philippine TV for now.

    @ralphierce GMA is currently not a member of KBP so they’re free to air as many commercials as they want.

    • But those lengthy commercials are taking its toll on Astig Authority. Many are criticizing it now because 40 minutes is not enough for two anime with all those cuts and excess commercials. An Asianovela or an imported fantasy series in that timeslot would be much better than this abomination.

  3. Zack says:

    We know GMA will become the member of KBP I doubt Anime in morning is ok but some kids are going home after their class I think Anime should be air around by afternoon

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