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Araw Gabi: The Return of PHR to ABS-CBN

Remember the ‘Precious Hearts Romances Presents’ series?

Between 2009 and 2013, ABS-CBN produced 13 different series based on the Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks. The last such series, ‘Paraiso’, was aired from November 2012 to April 2013.

Five years after the last ‘Precious Hearts Romances’ series, ABS-CBN announced the revival of the franchise with ‘Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi’. This upcoming Kapamilya drama will be led by PHR veteran JM de Guzman and up-and-coming star Barbie Imperial.

In ‘Araw Gabi’, Michelle (Barbie) is a bright and optimistic young woman who aims to bag the Tranquila Resort account. That resort, in turn, is owned by Adrian (JM), whose grave sin he committed 18 years ago made him a pariah in his home town.

Both Michelle and Adrian eventually cross paths but at first, Adrian rejects Michelle’s proposals that would have helped her advance her career. This leads to a daunting research project where Michelle learns more about Adrian’s past life and the mystery behind the lighthouse that she is dreaming of.

Also starring in ‘Araw Gabi’ are Rita Avila, Vina Morales, Ara Mina, Raymond Bagatsing, RK Bagatsing, Jane Oineza, Phoebe Walker, Paolo Angeles, Ysabel Ortega, Victor Silayan, Arlene Muhlach, Eric Nicolas, and Joshua Colet. The series will be directed by Theodore Boborol, Don Cuaresma, and Mylah Ajero Gaite.

Throughout the history of ‘Precious Hearts Romances’ on television, mature, daring and sensual scenes became the norm. ‘Araw Gabi’ is no exception, and for the likes of Barbie Imperial, Jane Oineza and Ysabel Ortega, the opportunity to shed more skin is a way of elevating their respective acting careers to new heights.

For JM de Guzman, ‘Araw Gabi’ is a reward for the continued perseverance he showed in the years since returning from drug rehabilitation. It is also a homecoming of sorts for the now 29-year-old actor, having starred in three PHR series in its initial run.

As for ‘Araw Gabi’ itself, it remains to be seen if this series will be able to make an impact like its successors. That said, it’s either boon or bust for the revived PHR.

‘Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi’ airs weekdays after ‘Asintado’ on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.


25 thoughts on “Araw Gabi: The Return of PHR to ABS-CBN

  1. Anonymous says:

    If anything, I’m surprised Barbie Imperial got into showbiz at all considering she was the very first housemate to be evicted back during her stint in PBB.

  2. Vince says:

    Di ako makapaniwala na binigay nila yung role sa kanya. Bano umater yan. Kelangan pa ng matinding workshop saka hindi maganda speaking voice kelangan din niya ng speech training para sa maayos na delivery ng lines.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Araw Gabi’s pilot got 15.7% vs HKKIK’s 13.5% on Kantar. A win is a win, but I feel like the margin might be too close for comfort. In any case, it got higher ratings than Hanggang Saan’s last few episodes, but it could be simply because it’s the pilot. In any case, just like SIFY which had a promising start but then faltered after two weeks, it might be too soon to say at Araw Gabi’s a success or a flop, but with a margin of just 2.2%, it does feel like the show’s in a vulnerable position.

  4. Mart says:

    The start of Araw Gabi makes HKKIK recover from its loss in the previous month. Mapapansin natin na nasa 9-10% lang ang ratings sa Pilot week ng HKKIK.Pero nung nag finale week na ang Hanggang Saan biglang tumaas at siya na ang leading GMA AfternoonPrime series. Nag all time high pa last Tuesday (15.4%). I have a feeling na mananalo ang HKKIK since nasa climax part na sila. Let’s see in the coming weeks

    • Teleseryes in the afternoon are so unpredictable these days. Minsan may mananalo sa Dos, minsan may nananalo sa Siyete. Either it’s the bandwagon viewers or the quality of each series that is left to be desired.

      • Mart says:

        Interestingly, HINDI KO KAYANG IWAN KA beats ARAW GABI this week. As of May 8 HKKIK got 15.1 against Araw Gabi 12.4. Meanwhile, ASINTADO failed to maintain its consistency. I am expecting that GMA Afternoon Prime will soon regain its momentum.

      • Something tells me that the afternoon slots tend to lack any sort of viewer loyalty unlike primetime. Most viewers during those timeslots tend to switch between 2 and 7 to find out which is the most compelling series to watch right now. That has been the case for the past few years where Afternoon Prime sometimes dominates then Kapamilya Gold regains control and vice versa.

        At least GMA has a fighting chance every afternoon, unlike in primetime where they basically suck performance-wise.

    • Miko says:

      Speacking of primetime, I notice the second and especially the third slot of Primetime is on a tight race. Try to check Stacreatives instagram, they are no longer releasing the breakdown of Kantar ratings(Urban,Rural, Mega and Metro). The only thing that keeps Bagani strong is the rural rating alone but if you try to check Kantar’s breakdown from Urban, Mega and Metro you could see that Bagani and KK is on a tight race. For SIFY and TOTGA, all I can say is that TOTGA has a BIG CHANCE to win within the week or next week, SIFY’s ratings continue to decline considering that SIFY airs 9:05pm against TOTGA’s 9:20pm.

      • To me, what matters is the overall ratings (urban and rural, MM and provinces combined), not the separate figures. It really shows how a network is doing overall. Bagani is still doing fine as they still have a double-digit lead over KK. But SIFY is another story since it failed to register 20% or better the past few weeks while allowing TOTGA to close the gap.

        Anyway, this has nothing to do with the afternoon block especially Araw Gabi. Better stick to the topic if I were you.

      • Mart says:

        If you try to check Dreamscape Instagram you could see that fans of Asintado complains the failure of the storyline of Asintado causing the series to have a declining ratings. Araw Gabi also is not doing-well. Kumbaga, nakakaantok ang mga scenes nila. Makikita mo rin na may 3% drop sa rating after Showtime. We will see next week if GMA could maintain its lead or ABS will regains control.

      • Kaya nga eh. Unpredictable at kulang sa loyalty ang afternoon slot. Kung hindi na maganda ang story, lilipat sila ng channel na mas compelling at this point.

        To make matters worse, Contessa is closing the gap on Showtime after a slow start kung saan inapi si Bea (Glaiza de Castro) then assumes a new identity in Contessa para maghiganti. In essence, viewers will only tune in to a particular series if the teasers think that the upcoming episode will be a good one, otherwise lipat channel sila.

  5. Miko says:

    Latest KANTAR AFTERNOON rating shows that GMA AFTERNOON PRIME regains its lead. Asintado and Araw Gabi loses for this week.

    • In short, lumipat ng channel ang mga bandwagoners dahil hindi maganda ngayon ang istorya ng Asintado at Araw Gabi. Unpredictable are the afternoon slots so to speak.

      • Miko says:

        Hmmm. ABS CBN needs to do something pababa ng pababa ung ratings nila.

        AS OF MAY 9 – Kantar
        Asintado: 14.6(rank 13) vs. The Stepdaughters: 15.7(rank 9)

        Araw Gabi: 13.5 vs. HKKIK 15.5

        May 10
        Asintado: 14.4 vs. The Stepdaughters 15.1

        Araw Gabi: 13.4 vs. HKKIK 15.7
        (Pababa ng Pababa ang Araw Gabi at medyo lumaki ang agwat laban sa HKKIK. Hindi na ako magugulat/magtataka pag nag single digit ito in the coming weeks)

      • Like I said, hindi maganda ang istorya ng dalawang Kapamilya Gold teleserye of late kaya lumilipat na lang ng channel ang mga manonood. And It’s Showtime no longer goes OT so hindi dapat sisihin sila Vice Ganda kung bakit mahina ngayon ang performance ng KGold.

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