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Next Up for JoChard: My Guitar Princess

GMA’s search for a hit late-morning series continues.

After failing to hit paydirt with ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’, GMA will once again try to give the popular JoChard (Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap) love team a run for their money. Their latest attempt will come in the form of two young stars that will topbill the newest series ‘My Guitar Princess’, which premieres this Monday.

‘My Guitar Princess’ will be led by a pair of emerging Kapuso stars Julie Anne San Jose and Gil Cuerva. In this series, Celina (Julie Anne) is a promising but insecure 18-year-old singer and guitarist whose mother Adele (Sheryl Cruz) does not approve of her singing in front of an audience.

Amid her mother’s objection, Celina insists on performing even if it means tearing their relationship apart. Soon after, Celina’s talents caught the eye of two men who seek to fall in love with her: Elton (Gil), a 20-year-old singer based abroad whom fans call the ‘prince charming of pop’, and Justin (Kiko Estrada), Celina’s long-time confidant.

Completing the cast of ‘My Guitar Princess’ are Isabelle de Leon, Jazz Ocampo, Marika Sasaki, Marc Abaya, Ralf King, Kier Legaspi, Frank Garcia, Maey Bautista, Rob Sy and Lui Manansala. It will be directed by Nick Olanka.

The popular love team of Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap (plus Robin Padilla as the third wheel) in ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’ will provide a very tough obstacle for Julie Anne San Jose and Gil Cuerva. After all, these are a pair of young Kapuso stars who have been long underappreciated by the masses despite their immense talent.

That said, the only hope for GMA is to can maximize the potential of Julie Anne and Gil. Of course, it also helps that an aggressive social media and promotional campaign will benefit the show and its lead stars considering the network’s weaknesses in the two departments.

Still, it will not be easy for ‘My Guitar Princess’ to overcome ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’. If GMA wants to avoid a repeat of ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’, they need to push the right buttons, otherwise another short series is in the offing.

‘My Guitar Princess’ airs weekdays before ‘Eat Bulaga’ on GMA.


4 thoughts on “Next Up for JoChard: My Guitar Princess

  1. Anonymous says:

    >emerging Kapuso stars Julie Anne San Jose
    Really? Julie’s been around for years and has a small but passionate and vocal fanbase. I don’t think she could really be considered “emerging” at this point as she’s already relatively established compared to the other young Kapuso artists.

    >Celina (Julie Anne) is a promising but insecure 18-year-old singer and guitarist
    This sounds like a red flag considering Julie is turning 24 this month.

    Also, wonder how this would work considering the show seems to have similar themes to Born For You (which ironically starred Julie’s ex-onscreen partner Elmo Magalona), which as we all know didn’t do too well for an ABS show. If anything, I’m surprised that not more people are making the comparison.

    I’m thinking it might do somewhat better than AFKI, if only because Julie already has an established fanbase, but considering Julie never hit the mainstream (despite positive critical reception and GMA’s pushing), I’m also skeptical if it will be enough.

    • To me, she’s still emerging. She’s not yet at Sarah Geronimo’s level in terms of her talents, and she is more underappreciated than successful. Regarding her casting in the series, GMA doesn’t have enough young singers to consider so she’s selected.

      Anyway, good luck to this series. They really have a lot to prove if they want to beat JoChard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wala pa rin, talo ang MGP sa nationwide: 17% vs 10%. Tapos nakikita ko ang mga reviews, di maganda. Don’t watch the show due to my schedule, but from what I’ve been reading, Julie’s acting is being heavily criticized.

    • Suffice to say, she’s not a good actress. Yes she can sing, but she can’t act. As far as combining singing and acting at the same time, sila Ogie at Regine lang ang may kaya nito (unless you cite more examples). Others are better off doing what they do best than try another skill.

      If this series lasts only 30 episodes, then GMA should go back to airing KMF in this timeslot. Hindi talaga nila kaya ang power ni JoChard.

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