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In 100 Words: Gawad Tanglaw 2018

Guess which stations are tied for Best TV Station at the 16th Gawad Tanglaw Awards.

There were obviously no surprises here as long-time rivals ABS-CBN and GMA shared the honor of being the top television station in the country at this year’s Gawad Tanglaw Awards. But despite the tie, it was ABS-CBN which wound up with more individual awards, bagging 30 to GMA’s 13.

ABS-CBN’s total haul was highlighted by the four awards given to the cast of ‘Wildflower’, three to ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ and nine to the ABS-CBN News Channel. Meanwhile, GMA’s haul was dominated by its news division, with 12 of the 13 awards given to its news programs and personalities.

Aside from television, the Gawad Tanglaw Awards also honors the best in film. Click the highlighted links for the list of winners.


8 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Gawad Tanglaw 2018

  1. Anonymous says:

    So I guess the “stereotype” that ABS makes better entertainment shows and GMA makes better public affairs and news programs rears its head again.

      • And that is why you’ll see entertainment shows produced by GMA Public Affairs because GMA Entertainment produces poor quality shows and couldn’t get the respect of the critics. Sad but true. Perhaps both of GMA’s departments need to merge at this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wait… how do you know my name? I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever PM Ralph my name and I didn’t make the connection on the group.

      • We’re just trying to make you feel welcome, that’s why I recommended you to Timow and the other admins. You can start posting in both groups anytime you want as long as there’s no obvious information, hoaxes, bashing and ratings. Feel free to do so.

      • Nunu says:

        Speaking of that group, it is no longer available for public viewing (without signing in to FB) without any prior public warning, probably because of some network war or fake news troll.

        Back to the topic, the juries for Star Awards and Gawad Tanglaw are different but which one is better is purely a matter of taste.

      • In short you have to join then admins must approve you. If you have some dubious reputation (e.g. hoaxer, posting obvious posts), you’ll not be accepted.

        Anyway, Star Awards appear like a biased bunch to many since they seem to favor Kapamilya shows a lot more than others. We’ll never know when we’ll have an award-giving body that is neutral and fair in handing out these awards.

      • No, it’s over privacy issues that arises from the head of a radio entity in the corresponding counterpart.

        Nonetheless, you have a point about PMPC, Gawad Tanglaw, et al. The matter of taste are connected based on what eligibility — still waiting for the full picture each — and their selection of judges. If you don’t agree with one award, the others will.

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