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Close But No Cigar: The One That Got Away’s Final Week

Who’s the ex that Liam is looking for?

Indeed, GMA’s ‘The One That Got Away’ had quite a journey. Its run of 88 episodes suggests that it performed well, but on the contrary, it still fell short.

‘The One That Got Away’ first premiered on January 15, 2018 as a replacement to ‘My Korean Jagiya’. The series starred Dennis Trillo, Max Collins, Solenn Heussaff and Rhian Ramos, and it featured a storyline of one man’s near-death experience coupled with a difficult decision of choosing among his three exes who he feels the most connected.

Unfortunately for ‘The One That Got Away’, it struggled right out of the gate, only getting around 12% in its first few months on the air. On the other hand, ABS-CBN’s more serious primetime drama ‘The Good Son’ earned 6% more than its rival.

Ratings for ‘The One That Got Away’ somewhat improved as the calendar turned to April, and by May, it rallied to average around 14-15%. Despite that, it was not enough to beat both ‘The Good Son’ and ‘Since I Found You’ in its timeslot, although lately the series is starting to close the gap.

Such is the cruel fate of GMA’s primetime romantic dramas. Just as ‘The One That Got Away’ began to find its stride, the series was down to its last few episodes, thus giving them no chance of catching up to ‘Since I Found You’ which has faltered of late.

But to the series’ credit, it still gave a good account of itself. Notwithstanding the huge odds, it was clear that ‘The One That Got Away’ was one of GMA’s better romantic comedy series, one that is well-written and had a stellar cast that connected well with the audience.

Come this Friday, one ex-girlfriend’s life will change while two others will have to ponder about their future. Find out who really is the ‘one that got away’.


9 thoughts on “Close But No Cigar: The One That Got Away’s Final Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    At least it had a good run and almost had a Hanggang Saan-esque turnaround, had it lasted longer. Oh well, I guess the show really was one that got away.

    Interestingly, for May 10, on Kantar(!), SIFY’s ratings were 18.6% vs TOTGA’s 17.2%. Really disturbing for ABS, they must be sweating now. Especially now with TOTGA ending this way, if more viewers tune in, I wouldn’t be surprised if TOTGA gets one victory this week.

    Looks like ABS should be scared. TOTGA may have lost the battle, but they haven’t lost the war yet. If TOTGA’s replacement gets a good reception, SIFY might end sooner than people expected.

    • Saka GMA proved that it can keep up with ABS, at least in this timeslot. We saw that when JaDine’s most recent drama failed to click while Someone to Watch Over Me and Meant to Be won some episodes to boot. All they need now is good writing to give SIFY lots of trouble.

    • Anonymous says:

      Considering SIFY can show ABS can be vulnerable if they don’t press the right buttons, I don’t think so. GMA can still beat ABS, but they need to make use of any openings, and invest for the long term. Unfortunately, it seems GMA cares more about short-term gratification (hence all the yabang) and not much on spending to beat ABS. And when they do spend (like on Encantadia), it tends not to be enough.

  2. Miko says:

    SIFY’s storyline is dragging. Nawala ang pagka essence of a light drama niya. Lets see kung mananalo ba ang INDAY, WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. But for my part IWALY has a high chance to win considering SIFY’s storyline as well as we all knew that Barbie did well in Meant to Be beating its rival program in ABS CBN like: A Love to last and TIMY.

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