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Inday Will Always Love You to Give Since I Found You a Run for Its Money

Talk about a lethargic follow-up.

After a strong premiere week, harsh reality hits the ABS-CBN primetime romantic comedy series ‘Since I Found You’. From averaging in the 20s its first week, its ratings are now down to around 18%.

To make matters worse, its closest competitor (in this instance GMA’s ‘The One That Got Away’) made an inspiring rally to pull to within 3%. Although it may not be enough to overcome the deficit by the time the series ends tonight, it should give ABS-CBN plenty of concern when it comes to the fourth teleserye in Primetime Bida’s lineup.

Starting Monday night, a new headache for ‘Since I Found You’ will come in the form of Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio. Their new series ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ is set in Cebu and will feature the culture and the sights and sounds of this popular Visayan city.

In ‘Inday Will Always Love You’, Happylou (Barbie) is a Manileña lechon store assistant who decides to return to Cebu in search of her father and to help her impoverished family who lives near the train tracks. Encountering the rich and kind Sir Philip (Ricky Davao), she begins to take care of him after the latter suffered a heart attack, and in turn, he helps Happylou search for her father.

Sir Philip also introduces Happylou to Patrick (Derrick), his nephew, and the two begin to forge a healthy relationship. But Patrick’s mother Amanda (Gladys Reyes) and his girlfriend Ericka (Kim Rodriguez) will look to put a wrench in their plans, and when Sir Philip dies, they look to make Happylou’s life a living hell.

Also part of the cast are Juancho Trivino, Manilyn Reynes, Nova Villa, Tina Paner, Super Tekla, the “Lumen Twins” Charisse and Charlotte Hermoso, Kimpoy Feliciano, Buboy Villar and Fliptop artists Mzhayt and Price Tagg. It will be directed by Monti Parungao and Rember Gelera.

If the premise of ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ sounds familiar, then one should remember another locally-themed romantic comedy in ‘I Heart Davao’. Both series were produced by GMA Public Affairs and the setting was based on a popular tourist destination in the Philippines.

But if ‘I Heart Davao”s brief run is any indication, then ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ is in for a reality check. Still, with its incoming competitor ‘Since I Found You’ not doing exactly well in spite of its ratings, one can expect ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ will enjoy a longer tenure and perhaps steal some victories from its rival.

It will be interesting to see how ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ can change the primetime romcom arms race. With that, best of luck to this series.

‘Inday Will Always Love You’ airs weeknights after ‘Kambal Karibal’ on GMA Telebabad.


22 thoughts on “Inday Will Always Love You to Give Since I Found You a Run for Its Money

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just realized that the title is a pun on “And I Will Always Love You”. I wonder if that’s the show’s theme song.

    Anyway, considering SIFY’s weaknesses as of late, IWALY will probably have an opening and can probably beat SIFY on both Kantar and AGB given the right circumstances. Who knows, it might even give SIFY the mercy blow. Still, given that it’s a GMA Public Affairs series, that worries me since I think they would want to go for quality over quantity (of episodes) this time, so even if they win, it could end up being a pyrrhic victory. (Speaking of SIFY, it’s hard to see why it’s underperforming considering it’s mostly gotten positive reception from viewers).

    Also, a suggestion for GMA since they and their fans are so fond of the “limited lang talaga ang episodes” excuse: they should do the TPOF route and say from the start that the show will have a limited run, so that when the time comes the show is ending, they can actually use that as an explanation instead of using it an excuse for poor ratings.

    • Given their pride, I don’t think they’ll do that. As far as episode count goes, maybe the time has come for GMAPA to invest on a longer-running series while still maintaining their high production standards. That is, if IWALY gets some victories to boot. I don’t see this series go the I Heart Davao route.

      • Ralph, I noticed that whenever I listen to DZBB, they would always play their DZBB jingle bumpers before and after every commercial break of their programs with an announcer or a bunch of voices saying “NUMBER ONE!!!!!!”

        I mean, GMA’s YABANG MODE strikes again.

      • Typical talaga ang GMA sa mga ganito. Walang tigil sa pagyayabang. Kahit radyo pinatulan na. Hayaan na lang natin sila, dahil as long as they got swallowed by DZMM, babalik ang dumi sa kanila.

        Pero I’m gonna give you a warning dahil nag-post ka ng comment na hindi naman tungkol sa article. Inday Will Always Love You ito, hindi DZBB.

        Kung pwede nga sana sumali ka rin sa PHTV at PHRadio groups sa Facebook, kung meron kang account. It’s up to you kung gusto mong sumali, pero let me tell you na mas marami ka ring matututunan sa mga grupong ito.

  2. Miko says:

    Hmm. Mukhang mahina pa ang start nitong IWALY. But just like Meant to Be there will be some episode kung saan pwede silang manalo kahit sa kantar.

    • Typical naman ang GMA. Laging slow starters ang mga teleserye nila na sa tingin nila’y malakas. Just look at Contessa. First few weeks nakaka-9 or 10% lang ito. Nowadays they’re up to 12-13% which are still not IANU-like figures pero significant improvements pa rin nevertheless.

      Sa gitna at huli ang hatak nila, pero sa simula, this is something they need to address.

  3. Jake J. says:

    Ratings are now out, and according to Kantar, IWALY’s pilot episode got a rating of 14.1%. On the other hand, SIFY got 18.7%

    Last night, here are the two show’s ratings, also from the same ratings provider:

    SIFY: 19%
    IWALY: 15.1%

    • ABS-CBN may be proud of that, but not some of their viewers. 19% may be respectable for a different timeslot but this is primetime where expectations are much higher. And SIFY simply underachieved because of that.

      • Miko says:

        Nagkatotoo yung hula ko na mananalo pa ang SIFY this week, pero mukhang sa mga darating pang episode higpit na ang labanan. Just like Meant to Be before na may mga times na panalo at nakalamang sa katapat. Majority sa mga comments sa Youtube about sa IWALY puro positive lalo na sa cinematography. Pero kahit anong taas pa ng ratings ng IWALY hanggang 2 months lang daw dahil hindi under ng ECG

      • Quality over quantity ika nga. I feel bad about entertainment shows produced by GMAPA. Laging short-term lang ang ginagawa nila. They may win awards but what’s the point if they are not willing to extend such programs? Parang ang perception ng mga tao ay laging talunan ang GMA with the short-term projects they put on, not to mention it makes the entertainment group foolish. Shame on GMA for the confusing priorities of their two divisions. Yung isa, short-term pero top-notch naman, tapos yung isa, long-term pero madalas below standard.

      • yong says:

        ABS-CBN Entertainment series don’t only produce shows with good story lines, but also, they focus well on cinematography (for me FPJAP has the best cinematography and/or movie-like appeal, despite those slow digital zooms before; well, I guess they improved in that terms); GMA Entertainment series have good concepts, but are not well- or are poorly executed; not to mention the not-that-good cinematography (siguro Dominic Zapata alone-directed shows are an exception) of the shows. Minsan pag napapadaan ako sa KK, then IWALY, medyo nakakapanibago kasi nga mas cinematic pa yung IWALY kesa sa shows prior to it, bagkus Public Affairs pa ang nag-produce. I think Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka has the worst cinematography I’ve seen so far.

      • It really shows kung gaanong mas meticulous at perfectionist ang GMAPA sa pagproduce ng mga ganitong programa kaysa sa mismong entertainment division. Which begs the question: why is Lilybeth Rasonable still running the show? She is the most inept entertainment executive in history; she’s not even close to Charo Santos-Concio and Carlo Katigbak in that regard.

        Kung pwede nga i-merge na lang ang GMA Entertainment at Public Affairs so that the latter team can somehow improve the execution and quality that the former suffers right now. Because at this point, GMAE is more like a lame duck with the way they butcher potentially good shows.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who’s more delusional these days: Kapamilya fantards who deny that SIFY is vulnerable or that they can lose too (Kapamilya Gold anyone?), or Kapuso fantards who can’t accept that they’re still losing and have to resort to AGB magic to claim that they’re winning. Like now AGB seems to have given up on ratings and are now claiming that GMA has a bigger “audience share”.

  5. Yannie says:

    IWALY claims its victory over Kantar Urban Philippines with 20.4 (vs. SIFY 18.5) but failed in Rural 12.2(vs. SIFY 15.9). Meanwhile in, OVERALL RATINGS IWALY got 16.3 very close to SIFY’s 17.2

    • GMA is always weak in rural areas because they haven’t made a concerted effort to promote their shows to faraway places. No wonder their shows don’t rate well on a national scale. Their emphasis in urban areas won’t help them.

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