24 thoughts on “2nd Avenue to Cease Broadcast This Thursday; RJTV-29’s Future Still To Be Determined

  1. Anonymous says:

    >The channel’s impending departure was unexpected as 2nd Avenue was not included in the new EasyTV set-top digital TV box that Solar released earlier this month
    You mean “impending departure was expected considering 2nd Avenue…”? Parang off yung sense ng paragraph na ito.

  2. Rod ancheta says:

    I will surely miss this channel. Great programs. What I won’t miss is the programs of rj. They are waste of time. Music are so boring and redundant. Hope etc will carry the shows of 2nd avenue or continue the series that has awakens seasons left.

    • Whatever plans RJ has in mind, let’s just hope that they’ll do things right for the network. It will be a very daunting task for them to rebuild so good luck.

      As for the shows in the soon-to-be-defunct 2nd Avenue, some of them are now being aired on either Jack TV or ETC. Solar is doing this to avoid redundancy in terms of format and programming.

    • Some will air on ETC, others on Jack TV. Only ETC is on free TV right now, so if you want to access Jack TV on digital TV, better pay P2999 for an EasyTV digibox plus an annual subscription fee of P999 after one year.

  3. chris says:

    I find it very sad that 2nd avenue is signing off. It shows how little people know about a good and interesting tv chanel. 2nd avenue was the best chanel on philipino tv,with a large variety. Most of all I will miss the Ellen show. It looks like everything that is good is being replaced by rubbish.

    • Blame the word ‘redundancy’ for the demise of 2nd Avenue. But at least some of its shows will still air on ETC and Jack TV. If not, watch online instead.

  4. james wilson says:

    We Love RJ,,, no kidding,, but, this Test of Oldies and RJ Youth scenes is totally Not going to make it,,, Just stick to the Great Radio,,,we love it even in the USA! just no need to waste time and money trying to be another Oprah,,, will Not work,,,,sorry

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