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In 150 Words: Since I Found You Continues to Sink

There is nothing to be proud about ‘Since I Found You’.

After recording a 22.4% rating in its pilot episode, ‘Since I Found You’s performance gradually declined as it hovered around the 18% range over the next few weeks. On Friday, the series reached a new low by garnering only a 16.4% rating.

The good news, however, is that its newest competitor ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ failed to take advantage of ‘Since I Found You”s ineptitude, earning only a 15.2% rating last Friday. Unfortunately, the recent poor performance of ‘Since I Found You’ could give ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ an chance to overtake, provided that GMA will be able to produce one compelling episode after another.

It may be a moral victory as far as ABS-CBN is concerned, but to viewers, it is unacceptable. Unless ‘Since I Found You’ finds a way to produce better episodes than the last, expect a cancellation notice as soon as possible.


26 thoughts on “In 150 Words: Since I Found You Continues to Sink

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to see how Asintado and TBS have higher ratings than even The Cure. But since this is a SIFY article, I digress.

    As for SIFY… wonder if it could have done better if it just focused on Piolo and Arci. Maybe the plot was just too complicated? Alessandra and Empoy could have just gotten their own separate show instead.

    • Indeed they should’ve stood out on their own with a different show instead of being thrown around with Piolo and Arci. Perhaps they could’ve been better off as a replacement for Jodi and Richard once SDAP ends.

      But the thing is, SIFY is still lucky that they’re winning since IWALY failed to even take advantage of its poor ratings. Still, it doesn’t satisfy viewers with the way they performed of late. Can’t wait for it to be cancelled much like Born For You a few years ago.

  2. Mart says:

    I think it is just normal for a series lalo na sa ganyang part. Parang The Good Son before na laging dikit ang laban. The ratings are still above 15 sa Kantar. Hindi siya ganun ka worst like Till I Met You before na sumadsad sa 11%.

    • Kung baga masyado nang unpredictable. Kung hindi ka masaya sa isang episode lilipat ka sa kabilang channel and vice versa. That’s what happens sometimes. May mga bandwagoners talaga sa kabilang panig.

      • Miko says:

        As per KANTAR latest data its already neck-to-neck fight 18.8% vs. 16.6%. Sana maagapan ito ng ABS-CBN. Baka next week lalo pang bumaba ang SIFY since pasukan na and most of ABS programs bumaba talaga compare sa GMA pag pasukan

      • Primetime Bida fourth slot at any time of the year is always weak by Kapamilya standards. GMA should’ve been taking advantage of it kaso kulang talaga sila sa hype at reach ng masa. A win is a win for ABS pero if they’re not careful GMA will really overtake them.

  3. Mart says:

    I guess mas maganda if ung ‘Ang Halik Mo’ starring Jericho Rosales ang papalit sa Since I Found You, as what I have observe malakas ang hatak ni Jericho sa slot na yan : Legal Wife and Bridges of Love na laging above 21% ang ratings.

    • Not to mention the fact that ‘kabitseryes’ (apologies for the derogative term) tend to hike more viewers than boring romcoms since more sensual and intense scenes can keep viewers awake. Which makes me wonder why ABS relegated such series to the afternoon when in fact mas maganda ang mga ito sa gabi. No offense to the top stars of the company but such dramas are more suited to primetime than daytime.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why can’t IWALY overtake SIFY for real yet. I mean, SIFY is in such a vulnerable position, and yet IWALY is in a “so close yet so far” situation, where they’re close to beating SIFY but just can’t for some reason. What went wrong?

    • Pretty much the same problems that hinder GMA the past few years: lack of social media hype, poor reception in regional and rural areas, and its young artists’ virtual anonymity among the masses. Barbie Forteza is in a situation where she is good but underrated in her craft, because no one really takes her seriously. All they care about are the guys from Mother Ignacia and not a single one from Timog.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of the other GMA artists do seem to have sizable followings though, like Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid, as well as Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix. Sure they’re not as popular as ABS’ loveteams, but it’s not like the’re forgotten either.

      • That makes them underappreciated because with all the attention towards their Kapamilya counterparts, they are not taken very seriously. That’s why all the talk on Twitter is on the Kapamilya artists and not much on the Kapuso artists.

  5. Miko says:

    “INDAY WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” have finally defeated ABS-CBN’s SINCE I FOUND YOU on Kantar. Dreamscape (instagram) did not release any figures for SIFY ratings yesterday(June 7).

    • Well ABS is still treating SIFY as a ‘success’ kahit na hanggang 18% lang ang ratings nito. And IWALY still couldn’t catch up so maganda pa rin ang resulta kahit may concerns ito.

      • Vince says:

        Mukhang extended na naman AP. Excited ako sa magiging rigodon ng mga upcoming shows lalo na yung kay Angel. Kung tigbakin ito baka Echo at Joshlia maglaban para sa slot.

      • Feeling ko magiging odd one out ang SIFY since they’re not meeting expectations. Or they could go for broke and air another teleserye in the third slot then bump SIFY to the Koreanovela’s slot.

  6. Vince says:

    Gulat ako na tatapusin na SIFY. Akala ko itatawid pa nila sa 100eps. August daw mag-end. Papalit yung kay Echo.

      • Vince says:

        Si Piolo mismo ang nag-announce ng end niya. At mukha na siyang haggard dun sa video kaya baka siya yung umayaw kaya maaga mag-end.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If anything, when it does end, it’s surprising it lasted that long. It’s one of their weaker shows and people would have expected it to have ended even before hitting the 80 episode mark. Unlike BFY which didn’t make it to 70.

    • To their credit they still rated well despite the poor reviews because IWALY simply couldn’t take advantage. And with a lead-off show in Bagani some of its viewers would still stay glued no matter what.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ako ka o parang di masyadong pinopromote ng ABS na patapos na ang SIFY? Nahihiya ba sila na underperformer siya? Tapos yung mga Kapamilya fantard pages, tahimik na tahimik ngayon, ang pinag-uusapan pa nila yung Halik, pero ang SIFY parang kinakalimutan na nila.

    • It really showed kung gaanong hindi kinagat ang SIFY. And ABS simply realized na hindi viable sa gabi ang mga romcom. They should just stick with more serious and sexy dramas sa gabi.

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