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Tawag ng Tanghalan 2 Finale Scores Big, But Not Big Enough

Talk about a complete turnaround.

Saturday’s ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ finale on ABS-CBN’s ‘It’s Showtime’ scored a whopping 31% in the Kantar ratings. On the other hand, GMA’s ‘Eat Bulaga’ earned a paltry 9.5% as it tried to keep up with Seen-A-Like, Sing-A-Like, Guhit Bulaga and other promotional gimmicks.

The finale of ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ saw 16-year-old Janine Berdin outlast five other aspiring singers to win P2 million, a house and lot and a management contract among other prizes. Her final piece saw her belt out a medley of hits from Bamboo, which immediately trended on social media and received millions of views on YouTube.

Despite the blowout win, ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan”s 31% rating was still a far cry from the 40.1% rating of ‘Eat Bulaga”s Sa Tamang Panahon in 2015. Nevertheless, ‘It’s Showtime’ should be more than satisfied with the finale’s ratings considering the segment’s consistently strong performance since its 2016 debut.

For now, though, ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ will not continue after a run of over two years (this includes two adult editions and a kids’ edition). Instead, ‘It’s Showtime’ will devote its time to a couple of other segments such as Miss Q&A and Mini Me.

But without ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ to hold the fort, it remains to be seen if ‘It’s Showtime’ will remain a winner despite the temporary hiatus of its most popular segment. That said, an imposing challenge awaits this noontime show as it tries to pick up the pieces post-‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’.

As for ‘Eat Bulaga’, there is nothing to worry about its poor ratings that day. Considering the show has no chance of pulling off the upset, the best that they did was to reveal a couple of old tricks to satisfy its loyal fanbase (being a show that is nearing 39 years old, it looks like they have nothing left to prove).

Oh, and one more thing: stop putting Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together once and for all. With all due respect to AlDub Nation, they have outlived their usefulness as a love team (in fact, Maine already said that she and Alden were only friends and not in a relationship) and they should be better off thriving on their own.


14 thoughts on “Tawag ng Tanghalan 2 Finale Scores Big, But Not Big Enough

    • They should end going OT now that TNT is on hiatus. Time management is letting ABS down especially now that Kapamilya Gold continues to perform unpredictably.

  1. Anonymous says:

    As they say: what goes around comes around. And now with Tito going on indefinite leave from EB due to his new position as Senate President, this is now interesting times for Eat Bulaga. Let’s see what happens from here.

    As for Showtime, Miss Q&A seems to be a popular segment in its own right, so that might still help them until the end of the month.

    • Still, Showtime really has a huge challenge coming up in trying to succeed without TNT. But as long as EB continues to produce material that is outdated and archaic to millennials, Showtime will still have the advantage.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know things are dire for Eat Bulaga if even in AGB they’re struggling. Sure they were only beaten because of TNT, but even without TNT, EB was already hanging by a thread on AGB and had been losing on Kantar for quite some time now. The guys at Broadway really need to try and change things, or else the tables really could be turned. Sadly, it feels like whatever they come up with is either a rip-off of Showtime or a different show, or just feels flat at the end.

      • They’re really running out of new tricks and with TVJ at or near senior citizens’ age, EB’s on life support right now. They should pass the baton to JoWaPao, Allan K, Maine and the younger hosts, and perhaps Ryzza could get a more prominent role as she reaches her teenage years. EB is more of an old-timers’ show now, and unless they get younger to appeal to millennials, they could be gone within the next year or two.

  2. Miko says:

    By the way TNT’s Finale gathered 11.8% on AGB Nielsen NUTAM People ratings very far from EB’s 6.8. / Contessa 5.6 . I wonder Contessa was able to manage at least 10% compare to EB which only registered single digit.

    • I don’t trust Nielsen, period. The way they gather ratings is too confusing. The NUTAM People ratings is just a portion of the general population that was gathered, so it’s not really that convincing to say the least.

      • Miko says:

        Hmmm. I think Ms. Q and A are not that strong and have an appeal to the masses. Recent, Kantar figures showing Its Showtime is in weakening trend. Lets see in the coming days if Showtime will retain its supremacy or GMA’s Contessa may able to get the crown.

      • Probably because Showtime has had some episodes go OT which could have a huge effect in its ratings. However, Contessa hasn’t taken advantage of it yet; they still hover between 10-12% after four months on air. Notwithstanding the declining ratings or the hiatus of TNT, Showtime will still end up victorious regardless.

  3. yong says:

    IMO, I think okay lang na pagsamhin yung AlDub PAMINSAN-MINSAN. Hindi rin naman lahat ng love teams nagkakatuluyan diba, like John Lloyd and Bea, they are a love team pero hindi naging sila. Actually minsan nakakatawa yung iba na pinipilit na “they are destined” ganun; going back to John Lloyd-Bea, may kilig factor pa rin naman eh kahit di naging sila (nung panahon na mag-love team sila); sana naman maging masaya sila friends naman sila and pinapares pa sila.

    Also, relating to “paminsan-minsan”, I think kinaumay ng ibang fans ying pag-o-overexpose nila sa AlDub. Kung sana sigurong pinahinga din muna sila after Tamang Panahon, maybe may factor pa na mami-miss sila ng tao for they are not seen together for long. EB shoud’ve known to balance things better, baka at least mas kaunt lang maumay sa kanila.

    • But given their unpopularity now I don’t think it’s the right thing to pair them again. Maine would be better off going on her own and explore other things kasi baka ma-typecast lang siya if they keep on pairing him with Alden kahit alam natin na friends na lang sila.

      Alden can thrive on his own, but if I were Maine, dapat gawin niya rin itong self-exploration para ma-advance ang kanyang career. So mas maganda kung hindi muna sila ipa-pares for the sake of their careers.

      • Anonymous says:

        And let’s face it: as hard as it is for many AlDub fans to accept, their time is done. Tapos na ang kanilang Tamang Panahon. Even if they try to use them again, and even if Maine and Alden were willing, people have become tired of it and moved on. That’s the problem that Eat Bulaga (and arguably GMA) has had for so long now: if they hit the jackpot and go big, they milk it even after its popularity has faded. And that won’t help in the long run. Unfortunately, GMA is either too naive or too stubborn to realize when and where to stop, unlike ABS which is known to break up loveteams or otherwise end projects if they know that they don’t click or otherwise are past their prime. Also, ABS is known for experimentation, something that GMA is also trying to do but not with the same level of success.

      • Agree with that. They were overexposed for far too long. And worse, Maine’s acting skills were raw to begin with. I’d rather see her get more training and exposure without Alden if she wants to survive in the business.

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