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Messed Up: 24 Oras’ Drastic Graphics Overhaul Perplexes Viewers

Welcome to ‘Extreme Makeover: 24 Oras Edition’.

This past week saw an overhaul of ’24 Oras” on-screen graphics. From the looks of it, though, the newscast seems to imitate the styles of one particular news outlet and another news program that airs on GMA.

Flashback to one week ago. This was how GMA’s flagship primetime newscast looked on-screen last time.

Exhibit A: 24 Oras

Exhibit B: 24 Oras Weekend

On Monday, however, GMA News unveiled an updated graphics package for ’24 Oras’. The newscast’s logo is shrunk in size, moved to the right and is now enveloped in a red square, while the headline/detail text box moved to the left and the digital clock was removed in favor of a longer news ticker.

The initial look did not sit well with viewers as the style was obviously copied from CNN and its affiliates (particularly CNN Philippines). Take a look at the comparison below.

Tuesday saw a minor tweak in ’24 Oras” graphics package. The logo and headline/detail text box changed positions, perhaps in response to criticisms surrounding the previous style.

This update stayed that way the following day, but on Thursday, another new wrinkle arrived. The news ticker went from black to blue while the detail box went from red to blue.

For starters, blue is the main color used on GMA’s late-night newscast ‘Saksi’ (see video below). Which makes it all the more perplexing as to why ’24 Oras’ would use a color that is not distinctly theirs.

Finally, ’24 Oras Weekend’ released its update graphics package this weekend. It was almost the same look as the one used the prior week, except that the digital clock was eliminated and the news ticker was recolored blue.

The newly-updated graphics for ’24 Oras’ were part of GMA’s newest deal with Vizrt, in which the network invested P154 million to improve its news operations. It was no secret why the initial update of its graphics were criticized for being CNN-like because CNN also uses Vizrt for its news gathering capabilities.

After all the experimentation, what will GMA News do next to ’24 Oras’ come this week? While viewers wouldn’t care less about the on-air imagery and focus more on the content itself, the lack of uniqueness and consistency in the graphics deserves lots of criticism, and GMA News must settle in with something distinct and different for ’24 Oras’.

It’s up to GMA to do something right for a change. Good luck.


17 thoughts on “Messed Up: 24 Oras’ Drastic Graphics Overhaul Perplexes Viewers

    • For the benefit daw yan ng OFWs na nanonood through GMA Pinoy TV (of course, ibang time zone sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo). Same thing with ABS on TV Patrol and Bandila habang ineere to sa TFC.

      • yong says:

        I think I found that move (removing the digital clock) a slight imitation to ABS-CBN; parang iyan na lang yung medyo nagpapa-“unique” sa 24 Oras compared to TV Patrol eh; minsan nagagamit yan as reference lalo na if walang digital clock and digital-ready receivers. And pwede namang i-edit yan if e-ere sa ibang bansa eh, whether live o hindi, like overlaying a shape with the same color as the clock, parang pang nag-a-upload ang News 5 ng video nila sa social media.

      • Kahit sa U.S. free TV primetime newscasts wala ring digital clock dahil umeere ito sa iba’t ibang time zones. Besides, time-consuming rin ang i-edit yung isang newscast just to cover the digital clock, so mas ok na lang ang hindi na ilagay at all. Also, marami nang gumagamit ng digital devices that display local time, so mostly irrelevant na rin ang DOG clock sa panahong ito.

  1. yong says:

    Nahalata mo rin pala haha… Naging distracting nga sya, and napaka-nonuniform ng ginagawa nila, halos araw-araw nag-iiba lower third graphics nila, then ang Weekend glossy pa rin yung headline banner nila. Tapos paiba-iba pa ng kulay yung news ticker, haay. Though ako okay naman yung blue kasi parang over din kasi yung dating nung red, para mawala yung montony ng pagiging red nila. Pero distracting pa rin, lalo na sa mga nakakapnsin. But I found the video wall graphics impressive though; improve na lang nila siguro yung frame speed.

    I think ginagawa nila mga ‘to because of low ratings, perhaps.

    • Laging talo sa TV Patrol mapa-weekday man o weekend. GMA is really desperate to refresh their news presentation that’s why nag-sign up sila with Vizrt who did a good job in improving the likes of CNN, BBC at Al-Jazeera in terms of on-air imagery.

      Unfortunately, GMA decided to turn 24 Oras into a CNN/Saksi hybrid. Not good at all. Parang nawala yung pagiging unique nila. I hope they tweak it some more; perhaps implement the rhomboid boxes used on weekends full-time.

      • yong says:

        Oo nga eh. Ako personally, mas gusto ko yung animation ng lower third graphics ng 24 Oras kesa sa TV Patrol, yung parang kinakain ng graphics yung text ganun pag sa exit animation, unlike sa TVP na magfe-fade muna yung text bago mag-exit animation haha.
        Sana kahit ginawa nilang flat na lang yung rhomboid boxes. And another thing, mas maganda pa yung DIN font na ginamit nila nun (except yung ampersand) kesa sa Myriad Pro.

      • DIN is an underused font in television bar none. Kung pwede nga gawin na lang nila itong font of choice for news graphics regardless of channel. Yung sa News TV mostly outdated na rin yung graphics nila and it needs a significant overhaul now.

        24 Oras really needs a unified graphics package, period. Mabuti pa ang TV Patrol consistent ang presentation despite some of the flaws that you described. 24 Oras lang talaga ang parang magulo right now.

      • yong says:

        Oo in fairness nga sa TV Patrol, in-analyze ko yung headline banner nila, very same lang as dun sa SD nila, inusog lang pala nun; so HD ready na pala siya. Sa ABS yata nagagamit na minsan yung DIN eh, or similar font lang siguro.

        Also, I can say na yung lower third graphics ng GNTV news programs are such a downgrade (they were actually changed just April this year I think); tama nga si Kim Martin na mid-2000s pa yung style ng graphics nila. And also, they messed up; buti pa yung design nila prior to now na very same animation and style, iba-iba lang yung kulay depende sa programa; but nonetheless, they were unified (well SONA was and is an exception, kasi nga flagship ng GNTV yun but that’s still not an excuse; and iniwan nila yung QRT sa graphics “upgrade”, or better, change nila). Buti pa rin, yung ANC and CNN PH, whatever program it is, isa lang yung lower third graphics.

        And another thing, Feb 28, 2011 nagstart ang GNTV.

      • yong says:

        They actually updated their studio just this April kasabay ng graphics updates ng programs; though the studio is I think HD-ready, the style they applied is not-so-2018; parang mga mid-2000s talaga design niya. I don’t know what happened to Script2010.

      • Still cheap to me. Halatang tipid mode pa rin si Gozon. Mantakin mo, halos lahat ng nagastos ng GMA napunta sa Encantadia. Kaya nga desperate na sila for a complete overhaul because sobrang overdue na ito. Not even these cosmetic physical changes will do.

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