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Born Out of Desperation: GMA’s The Clash Premieres This Weekend

Desperation has become a theme for GMA in recent years.

Weekend primetime, in particular, is more of a mess for the Kapuso network than a blessing. After all, ABS-CBN’s high-rating franchised talent shows like ‘The Voice’, ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ and ‘Pinoy Boyband Superstar’ has left GMA in a wretched state, always one step behind from the other.

And even when GMA tried to produce a talent show, they tend to make some unwise decisions and avoid any sort of competition against ABS-CBN’s own. Remember when they aired ‘Bet ng Bayan’ and ‘To the Top’ on the not-so convenient late-night slots?

Fast forward to now and it looks like GMA has learned its lesson and is finally poised to give ABS-CBN a dose of its own medicine. Starting this weekend the network will introduce ‘The Clash’, an all-new singing competition to be hosted by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

A total of 62 aspirants selected from several nationwide auditions will compete in intense one-on-one battles to determine the country’s next singing sensation. Judges Lani Misalucha, Ai-ai delas Alas and Christian Bautista will evaluate the performance of each individual and reveal the verdict in front of the audience.

Also part of ‘The Clash’ are Joyce Pring and Andre Paras. The two will provide some news on the preparations of each aspirant and give updates on their performance.

Having learned from the poor reception that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ and ‘To the Top’ earned, GMA made a smart move with ‘The Clash’. The show would air not only on Saturdays but on Sundays as well, and in a more convenient timeslot.

But that does not mean they will have a fighting chance against ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’. With the latter show currently earning ratings in the 30s, ‘The Clash’ should have its hands full dealing with this tough opponent.

Still, Kapuso viewers will be more than happy to see GMA produce a singing competition show once more. This is an opportunity that GMA is itching to do, and out of desperation, they delivered.

Now it is up to ‘The Clash’ to make an impact. But will it be more than enough to make the competition more meaningful?

‘The Clash’ airs every Saturday after ‘Pepito Manaloto’ and Sunday after ‘Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko’ on GMA.


13 thoughts on “Born Out of Desperation: GMA’s The Clash Premieres This Weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    >compete in intense one-on-one battles to determine the country’s next singing sensation
    Doesn’t that sound like The Voice? If it does, this could be less “The Clash” and more like “The Crash” or “The Flash (in the pan)”.

    On a more serious note, I know GMA prides itself in making original franchises instead of licensing foreign ones like ABS, but it wouldn’t make a difference if most of these franchises feel more like second-rate trying-hard copycats.

      • Anonymous says:

        We’ll see nalang yung reactions ng sambayanan. In any case, even if it does not turn out to be a The Voice rip-off, it will still be challenging for it to beat its competition. Or even for the eventual winner to make their mark in the industry.

      • Mart says:

        KMJS supremacy (around 24-27%) on the weekend might able to help The Clash ratings. Lets just ee

      • Unfortunately, KMJS comes after The Clash. If The Clash were to air after KMJS its ratings would’ve benefited more from the latter. Instead, they’re up against YFSF which is averaging 30% or better.

  2. yong says:

    May mga nagrereklamo na regarding sa director ng show. Even sa intro nakapansin na ako na it might not gonna be that good.

    • Another ominous sign that GMA made a flop of a talent show, and it’s just their first weekend. Parang mas ok pa yung franchised international talent show like The Voice than this.

      • yong says:

        Di ko nga din alam (and others maybe) bakit si Direk Louie pa rin kinukuha nilang direktor pag sa ganyan. I remember yung Pinoy Idol nun, sabi nga nung iba parang local singing contest siya, eh siya rin director nun; mas maganda pa nga yung Philippine Idol eh. Di ba nila napapansin yung successful formula ng talent shows ng ABS (despite those sans Steadicam shots)?

    • But there are some who said it may not happen in the first few episodes, and instead it will take place in the later rounds. Anyway tingnan na lang natin kung anong mangyayari.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mukhang puro negative ang online feedback at reception sa The Clash. Directing, lighting, song choices, concept, etc., di ata nagclick.

    • Kay Louie Ignacio isisi ang mga ito. I won’t be surprised if The Clash becomes the second coming of KisPinoy, kung saan hindi na ito maieere due to low ratings at sa online na lang ito mapapanood. That will be humiliating for Regine if this happens.

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