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GMA Quietly Cancels My Guitar Princess

The writing is on the wall for ‘My Guitar Princess’.

No less than the show’s star Julie Anne San Jose confirmed the fate of ‘My Guitar Princess’ with a simple tweet. The series will officially wrap up this Friday, July 13, but it seems like GMA made no effort to hype up the finale.

‘My Guitar Princess’ first premiered on May 7, 2018 as a replacement to ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’. From the moment it aired, however, it was clear that the series would still be no match to the late-morning juggernaut that is ABS-CBN’s ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’.

On average, ‘My Guitar Princess’ only scored 9% in the ratings, compared to the 15% that ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’ normally manages. In recent episodes, ‘My Guitar Princess’ earned a paltry 7%, a noticeable drop-off that forced GMA to throw in the towel.

It also did not help that viewers criticized Julie Anne San Jose’s acting chops in the series. Considering the lack of improvement on that part coupled with the poor ratings of ‘My Guitar Princess’, it will not be surprising to see GMA no longer giving Julie Anne any more acting roles and focusing on her recording career instead.

GMA was also unwilling to promote ‘My Guitar Princess’ via episode teasers. While GMA made a YouTube page for the show, only highlights and off-screen performances were uploaded.

But here is some good news. ‘My Guitar Princess’ will finish with 50 episodes, 12 more than predecessor ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’.

The bad news: the series’ run is still short by GMA’s standards. And to make matters worse, ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’ is nearing 120 episodes by Friday, adding insult to injury for the Kapuso network.

Mercifully speaking, viewers who were cringed by ‘My Guitar Princess’ should be relieved that this series will officially come to a conclusion. Suffice to say, GMA made another series that was destined to fail, starring a so-called ‘multi-talented’ artist whose shortcomings as an actress are well-documented.

Perhaps Julie Anne San Jose should be better off working as a singer and retire from acting for good. After all, she is a great singer but not a good actor.

As for Gil Cuerva, the onus is on him to either improve as an actor or focus full-time as a model. Following two unsuccessful series, it is possible that acting is not on his cards.

In the end, GMA can only hope that ‘My Guitar Princess’ will have a graceful exit. The series may be bad, but at least they still tried.


13 thoughts on “GMA Quietly Cancels My Guitar Princess

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems the curse of Julie Anne San Jose struck again. Let’s be frank here, it seems hard to believe that she became a platinum-selling artist and her songs top iTunes when her shows flopped, her movie flopped, her concerts flopped, and radio stations generally don’t play her songs either. Either her fanbase is small but very dedicated, or something’s going on here.

    And speaking of her fanbase, considering how vocal they are towards Julie, it’s surprising they couldn’t save the show. I mean, even Destined To Be Yours was defended by many AlDub fans, and while it ended up being a failure, it put up a good fight thanks to the AlDub fanbase. But the same can’t be said for MGP and Julie’s fans. What went wrong? Did even Julie fans disown the series? Or were there just not a lot of them to begin with?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really? Kahit man lang final episode teasers wala si MGP? Kaya ko nga lang nalaman na matatapos na siya, dahil sa post sa PHTVGroup tungkol sa mga upcoming shows, sa mga fanpage naman parang wala akong nababasang mga balita.

    • Like I said, GMA quit on MGP when it became clear the series didn’t have a chance against SDAP. And as a result, people didn’t know the series would end this week simply because GMA made no effort in promoting the show.

  3. ramones1986 says:

    How about transferring “Balitanghali” to late morning slot (albeit it’s improbable at this moment)?

      • Anonymous says:

        Feeling ko kahit GMA Ent at di GMAPA ang gumawa, ganito parin ang kakalabasan. The series was really destined to fail due to very poor ratings. GMAPA made it clear (although GMAPA does extend shows sometimes, like IWALY), but even if they were not involved, it really seems like the show just didn’t click. The poor reviews probably didn’t help either, which would be sad since GMAPA is known for quality programming.

      • They really had two stars who can’t even act well. Julie Anne is better off singing full-time and Gil would be better off modeling full-time. This series was a disaster from the start, even if viewers (most of them Japs fans) claim otherwise.

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