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GMA’s The Clash Endures Poor Reviews and Bad Ratings After Two Weeks


Four episodes in and ‘The Clash’ does not look too enticing to say the least. The GMA singing competition show is off to a poor start, both critically and commercially.

During the weekend of July 7, ‘The Clash”s ratings were at 19.4 and 19.6% on Saturday and Sunday respectively. On the other hand, ABS-CBN’s ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’ season 2 ended with 32.2 and 34.1%.

But it is not just the underwhelming ratings that hurt ‘The Clash’. From the moment it aired viewers complained about the bad lighting, shaky camera angles, awful sound quality and fake audience reactions.

Much of the blame was pointed to director Louie Ignacio. Despite the fact that he is one of the most in-demand directors in television, people can’t help but think why this man had to be at the helm of ‘The Clash’ when in fact he had been the culprit for the downfall of ‘Party Pilipinas’ several years ago.

And while GMA claimed that ‘The Clash”s pilot episode topped Twitter’s trending topics, the overwhelmingly negative reception to the program muted this achievement. But things only got worse for ‘The Clash’.

The second weekend of ‘The Clash’ last July 14-15 saw the program dip to 17.3% and 17.6% in the ratings. Meanwhile, ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’ remained consistent, posting figures of 33.4 and 32.4%.

There were still some negative reactions from netizens but the impact was less considerable from the first weekend. As a result, ‘The Clash’ became a non-factor on Twitter whereas ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’ got a boost thanks to Marco Masa’s winning portrayal of Enrique Gil.

The good news for ‘The Clash’ is that the competition still has a long way to go. Judging them as a flop after only four episodes may be a tad premature.

But how much longer can the viewers tolerate a mess of a talent show? Unless certain improvements are to be made in terms of presentation, public sentiment against ‘The Clash’ will only grow from hereon.


27 thoughts on “GMA’s The Clash Endures Poor Reviews and Bad Ratings After Two Weeks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ika nga ng mga tao sa social media: The Clash? More like “The Flush”, “The Trash”, or even “The Crash”.

    On a more serious note, sayang naman, maganda naman daw ang feedback ng mga viewers sa mismong mga contestant, but it seems the show is really letting them down. It seems, after so many attempts to replicate Starstruck’s success with shows like The Protege, To The Top, and Bet ng Bayan, GMA still seems incapable of making a talent search that works out both performance-wise and in terms of the contestants’ post-competition success (or lack thereof).

    • To their credit, they’re not like ABS who are so obsessed in acquiring franchises of other shows, but that doesn’t mean original is always good. Sayang lang because The Clash really has potential, kaso with the way GMA is treating it, parang hindi talaga siya pang-big time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    TF is AiAi doing? I understand her role in PGT years back but come on! “ang kinis ng face mo, yun lang.”
    If she wants people to treat this not-so-good excuse for a singing contest, she should take her job seriously.

    • Pretty much sums up The Clash right now. A lot is not going right with this show, and I mean A LOT. GMA simply can’t produce a good talent show at this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe the show’s title “The Clash” refers not to the “Clashers” clashing each other, but the clashing of these poorly-thought out or poorly-implemented elements. What an appropriate title for a show with terrible reviews, one that even some Kapusos are starting to disown (since it appears almost all of the defense are just from a relatively few die-hard Kapusos).

      • Perhaps they should’ve acquired a franchised show instead of making an ‘original’ that is poorly conceived. They might as well learn from it by watching them work. Then again, GMA is too proud to be ‘original’ yet all they do now is make crap.

  3. Azl says:

    Judges picked the wrong winners; Uriel performance was stellar but she was not selected but rather they selected a mediocre one. Jhong vs Angel; Angel performance was better than Jhong but the judges selected Jhong. These three judges are incapable and witless. YOU ARE FIRED!

  4. Azl says:

    All I am saying, these three JUDGES are incapable and witless. Human error or you call it human mistakes, when judging a singing competition they should know how to spot a stellar singer from a mediocre, unless they are blinded by favoritism or just plainly being witless.

    • You can’t fault GMA for choosing them. They have no other choice since they’re short in singers after some of them chose to jump to ABS. And it also didn’t help that APT is using the noontime slot on Sundays for an SNL-esque variety show instead of a musical that SOP used to do.

  5. Azl says:

    The Trash judges: only one of them is a very good singer. The remaining two judges: they are not qualified.

    Christian Bautista is not even a good singer and not even a good judge. When he sings, he sounds like a duck that is being strangled. AiAi, she is a joke being a judge, she is a comedian not a singer.

    Don’t they have any highly qualified singers to pick as judges and they resorted to Bautista and AiAi.

    • The worst part of it is that Regine’s SOP pals (Ogie, Jaya and Janno) are now part of ABS. Jona also left and joined said network. GMA really has a shortage when it comes to singing voices and things only got worse for them with Tawag ng Tanghalan adding more quality voices for the Kapamilya network.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ngayon may mga kumakalat nang tsismis na tatapusin na ang The Clash, at may tsismis din na pag natapos na ang The Clash, lilipat na raw si Regine sa ABS. Of course, these are unconfirmed so they may or may not come true, but if Regine does leave GMA (a move that has been rumored about for years), it would be a huge blow to GMA. Then they’d be severely lacking in music star power.

    • Regine would be better off leaving. After her SOP mates joined ASAP she was placed in an uncomfortable situation and given the lack of credible Kapuso singers (and her unwillingness to join SPS which is mostly comedy) she finds it really hard to keep up.

  7. Azl says:

    Christian and AiAi hinde marunong magbigay ng kritisisim at komento sa mga singers based sa performance nila. Walang kwentang komenta. WTF with these two f:$&/ judges…..walang binatbat ang show ng the clash kung ikukumpera sa tawag ng tanghalang when it comes to judging…..

    • Wala talagang matinong singer ang GMA ngayon. Hence those two. I can’t wait to see Regine finally get to her sense and join her husband’s network in Mother Ignacia. Halatang wala na siyang pakinabang sa GMA.

  8. Azl says:

    I was watching the trash, i meant the clash today, Jong Madaliday is sick, and the clash accepted it and excused him for that reason, WHAT THE Fxxxk, he should be disqualified and eliminated right away then on. What kind of fuxxxn competetion is this!!!Regardless of what the reason is, if the contestant could not make it, then he or she is out of competition, no exemption!! What the fxxx kind of show is this!!!!

    • Question is, live ba last weekend ang The Clash? If so, then I agree with you, pero if not then they should have postponed the tapings para naman maka-recover siya. Big mistake to be honest.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not sure about the week in question, but according to the PHTVGroup, the finale was recorded live but delayed by 10 minutes, except for the winner announcement which was actually live.

      • Typical The Clash. Even the ‘live’ finale isn’t truly live at all. And sorry I won’t be surprised if there will be no next year for this show because it is so abysmal.

  9. Anonymous says:

    And now it’s over. They say there will be a season 2, but who knows considering the show’s poor ratings and negative reception. It got to the point that people claimed that even TnT contestants were more talented. And as always, Ai-Ai’s judging was heavily criticized. And now the rumors are still floating that Regine is about to sign with ABS soon, especially now that she already bade farewell to her cooking show.

    Also, it seems that the Top 5 will become regulars in GMA’s upcoming musical variety show Studio 7. Thoughts on that?

    • Unfortunately, he’s busy with teleserye reviews and previews this month. Thus, disclaimer of comment muna siya.

      If I were to address that to the Top 5, good luck na lang sa kanilang endeavors but if Lilibeth failed them to sustain, pwede nang um-over da bakod. Hahaha.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mukhang magkaka-season 2 after all; may balitang nagauaudition na raw sila for new contestants. Let’s see how it will go considering Regine is gone.

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