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Snubbed: 24 Oras Does Not Mention Coco Martin in Chika Minute Report on MMFF

It is obvious that GMA wants no part of Coco Martin.

The ‘Ang Probinsyano’ star will have an official entry into the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival starring alongside Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza. But in Wednesday’s news report from ’24 Oras’, Coco was not mentioned at all during the clip.

Also during that night, ‘TV Patrol’ aired a similar report about Coco’s upcoming film. Unlike GMA, however, ABS-CBN showed some respect to its rival by including the names of Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza in the clip.

Talk about getting humiliated. After all, when ‘The Cure’ ends later tonight, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ will have conquered past nine different GMA teleseryes in a span of nearly three years.

But this is not about a rivalry between two of the Philippines’ top networks. It is about a collaboration between Kapuso (or Dabarkads in the case of Vic and Maine) and Kapamilya stars in a future MMFF entry.

Unfortunately for GMA, they failed to keep the peace or the friendly rivalry in order (at least for this clip). Their blatant disrespect for Coco Martin made it clear that the network is desperate to conquer its older and more accomplished rival at all costs.

Any mere mention of Coco’s name on GMA News reports would mean that Kapuso viewers may switch to Channel 2 just to see Cardo in action. That said, GMA is simply avoiding this predicament for the purpose of improving its ratings (which unfortunately hasn’t been in their favor for a long time now).

But what if Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes suddenly collaborates with, let’s say, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a future MMFF film? Would GMA also be willing not to mention KathNiel in a news report?

Or what if some of its young talent like Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto join forces with the likes of Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano? Would GMA likewise not give LizQuen the proper treatment?

Perhaps GMA should change that notion and give its regards to a perennial adversary. There is nothing wrong with mentioning actors from another network as long as it is done with proper respect.

The same goes with ABS-CBN, although at least they did a good job in referencing Vic and Maine. Setting aside that hatred is worth a try.

In the end, GMA only made a long-standing feud worse by disregarding an actor of Coco Martin’s stature. ‘Ang Probinsyano’ may have dominated against its Kapuso rivals, but the lack of respect that GMA showed is so uncalled for.


11 thoughts on “Snubbed: 24 Oras Does Not Mention Coco Martin in Chika Minute Report on MMFF

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not limited to Coco, GMA has done these kinds of snubs before, though no examples come to mind right now. With that said, it seems GMA’s pride is showing again: they can’t accept defeat. Even ABS-CBN knows how to do that (take for example the upcoming discontinuation of ABS-CBN Mobile, which ABS themselves said no longer made financial sense; i.e. they outright admitted it was losing money).

    • In short, GMA is just jealous at ABS’ overall success (notwithstanding some missteps that they committed). They are utterly humiliated to the point that they make no mention of Kapamilya artists in films whenever they join Kapuso stars.

      • chakuyprodbicol says:

        Except if the Kapamilya talents are belonged to the non-Kapamilya talent scout (e.g. Viva).

      • If JaDine were to star with Kapuso talents in a Viva film production, it will be interesting to see how will GMA handle this in a news report.

  2. Vince says:

    Extended daw ata ang AP hanggang 2019. Tapos yung SIFY, Blood Sisters at Bagani sunod-sunod mag-end. Grabe longevity ng Probinsyano.
    Ang alam ko sa ABS bawal yung magkasama ang Aldub sa commercial.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yun kasi mas subtle eh, at di naman sila bawal banggitin o ipakita, bawal lang magkasama. Even then, that’s the exception not the rule, and ABS normally has no problems mentioning either them or other GMA artists when necessary; AlDub was even explicitly mentioned on Showtime before. I’ve even heard Boy Abunda once explicitly say “Channel 7”. Plus, ABS artists paid tribute to German Moreno after his death two years ago.

      To be fair, GMA doesn’t always snub ABS artists either: just the other day Eat Bulaga hosts were poking fun at a Sugod Bahay winner who apparently was a Showtime fan, and they joked about Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis there. The argument could be made that this was allowed since EB is technically TAPE and not GMA, but still.

      • Unless taga-GMA News ka, like the example Wednesday, then Kapamilya artists do not deserve to be mentioned because your ‘integrity’ kuno is being protected. Which is disrespectful and insulting to viewers.

  3. Jose Tiamson says:

    Maine Mendoza finally entering the friendly confines of ABS-CBN might be one of the biggest tv moments in history…. if she has the go signal coming from the higher ups at TAPE.

  4. No wonder. The Curse of Cardo Dalisay still haunts GMA up to this day, with no mention of Coco Martin. Masyadong ma-pride ang GMA. Nahawa na sa pagmamayabang ni Gozon. Looks like we have to watch CNN Philippines for more fair entertainment news. At least ABS-CBN News knows respect kahit puro daldal ang iba tungkol sa pagiging biased nila.

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