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By Popular Demand: ABS-CBN TVPlus Adds New Channels

Take it away, Coco Martin.

The ‘Ang Probinsyano’ star (along with Sarah Geronimo) has been the face of the ABS-CBN TVPlus commercials since the device made its public debut three years earlier. And after selling over five million units, viewers and purchasers will get a little more bang for their buck thanks to new exclusive channels that TVPlus launched last Monday.

The five new channels are as follows:

O Shopping

The only permanent addition to the list, O Shopping is a home TV shopping channel that resulted from a joint venture between ABS-CBN and CJ ENM Company Limited. The channel was launched in 2013 and has since made its presence felt across various media.

Aside from its current place on TVPlus Channel 8, O Shopping can still be seen on ABS-CBN (Channel 1 on TVPlus), Yey! (Channel 4 on TVPlus) and Knowledge Channel (Channel 5 on TVPlus) during the late-night hours. In addition, O Shopping can be seen on BEAM as one of its subchannels.

Asianovela Channel

As the name suggests, this channel currently airs Asian dramas and movies dubbed in Filipino and uncut. The Asianovela Channel can be accessed on TVPlus Channel 9.

Some of the programs aired on the Asianovela Channel were also previously broadcast on ABS-CBN as part of the First and True Home of Asianovelas block. The channel also introduces some never-before-aired series as well, albeit infrequently.

Movie Central

For those who want to see Hollywood films aired in its original English language, Movie Central is the place to watch. The channel is currently found on TVPlus Channel 10.

Movie Central airs a wide variety of genres, ranging from action, comedy, drama, romance to suspense, animation, adventure and sci-fi flicks. It is the digital TV equivalent to HBO and Fox Movies on cable.

Jeepney TV

Originally seen exclusively on SkyCable since 2012, Jeepney TV will now be accessed on TVPlus as well. Jeepney TV can be seen on TVPlus Channel 11.

The channel is home to ABS-CBN’s classic programs that viewers can relive over and over again. It also airs more recent episodes of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs programs by demand.


Another SkyCable exclusive channel, MYX was originally introduced to TVPlus as a blocktimer on the Kapamilya Box Office platform (TVPlus Channel 7). Now it can be seen 24/7 on TVPlus Channel 12.

MYX is a music channel that airs local and foreign music videos past and present. It also broadcasts non-music programs that showcase the latest trends in pop culture.

With the exception of O Shopping, the other four channels will be seen on a free trial basis until December 31, 2018. In addition, these five new channels will be available only to viewers in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal and Metro Cebu, with a few other areas to be rolled out soon.

Regarding the future of these new channels, it will be up to ABS-CBN management to decide the next course of action. For now, enjoy the latest additions that ABS-CBN TVPlus can offer.


12 thoughts on “By Popular Demand: ABS-CBN TVPlus Adds New Channels

  1. phtvradiosked says:

    And not to mention same-day reruns of Magandang Buhay, It’s Showtime and ASAP hours after it is aired on Ch. 2

      • yong says:

        Pro diba CineMo has a different audience naman? Like kanina, JTV aired “Bituing Walang NIngning”, which I guess, hindi i-e-air sa CineMo! anytime.

      • Kasi drama yung Bituing Walang Ningning, which is not what CineMo wants to air dahil panlalaki yung audience. Then again, umeere rin ito ng drama na hindi naman comedy. Like for example yung Ikaw na Sana na inere nila sa CineKomedya. Pero wala namang nakakatuwa sa pelikula na yan at puro iyakan at awayan ang nangyari. In fact adaptation ito ng teleserye na inere sa GMA noong late 90s.

  2. Ano kaya palagay mo sa FREE TRIAL ng TV PLUS? Mawawala na ba ang mga bagong channels pagkatapos ng December 31, 2018 o may bayad na katulad ng KBO?

  3. Rosa says:

    I think ABSCBN TV plus has free trials on 4 channels until December 2018 but they will plan to retain all 4 channels and plan to add Metro Channel Cinema One Edge Liga and ANC on TV Plus

    • Very unlikely that they’ll add Metro, Cinema One, Liga, Edge and ANC. All of those channels cater to the upper class. TVPlus is more aimed towards the middle to lower class section.

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