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The Last Week of Since I Found You

Glad that’s over.

In many ways, ‘Since I Found You”s final week is a merciful end to a series that has never found its footing from day one. And while this romantic comedy series outplayed its competition, it failed to impress viewers left and right.

‘Since I Found You’ first set foot on April 16, 2018 replacing the tearjerking family drama ‘The Good Son’. The series marked the first television project for the ‘Kita Kita’ tandem of Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi, and they were joined by Piolo Pascual, Arci Muñoz and JC de Vera.

While ‘Since I Found You’ came out firing by averaging in the 20s its first two weeks, it failed to sustain its magical start the rest of the way. Since then, ‘Since I Found You’ hovered between 16 and 19%, and ABS-CBN management wondered if a romantic comedy on primetime is indeed a curse.

But despite its unimpressive ratings, ‘Since I Found You”s opponent failed to take advantage of its lukewarm audience reception. Neither ‘The One That Got Away’ nor ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ provided the necessary impact that should have given ‘Since I Found You’ a scare, even though the latter came within 1% in one of its episodes.

Notwithstanding the lack of recognition by the audience, ‘Since I Found You’ was still good enough to produce 85 episodes, which is close to the norm of a typical teleserye. Still, it was clear that viewers yawned over a primetime romantic comedy that felt out of place.

With all due respect to Dreamscape, the producer of ‘Since I Found You’, this is one of the weakest efforts that this entertainment division has ever made. For all its success and appeal (see ‘Asintado’, ‘Ang Probinsyano’), not all of their creations are destined to give audiences something worth watching.

In the end, ‘Since I Found You’ is a waste of time for ABS-CBN. Romantic comedies have no place on Primetime Bida and this series is one of a few mistakes that ABS-CBN ever made.

One can only hope that ‘Since I Found You’ will end with a lasting impression. But for a series that is boring from the start, expect a silent treatment from the audience.


16 thoughts on “The Last Week of Since I Found You

  1. Evee says:

    Dreamscape has its fair share of both outstanding and unimpressive series but I think RomCom probably is its weakest genre. I think they’re more suited for serious series than light-hearted ones.

    • To their credit they produced ‘On the Wings of Love’ which actually performed well. But subsequent romcoms produced by Dreamscape (including another JaDine series in ‘Till I Met You’) failed to make the same impact as OTWOL did.

      • Evee says:

        Personally, I think OTWOL had good points but I wouldn’t put it in the same level as those memorable series (well, at least in my books). But I find the last arc where Paulo Avelino was tapped to join the cast as the best in its entire run.

        As for Till I Met You, I think the main fault of the series was that it had little plot to revolve around. I could tell from its trailer alone. Also, the writers could have explored more on JC’s struggles in coming out. I can’t say much though since honestly, I stopped watching the series after a few weeks. There’s just nothing interesting going on.

        Overall, dreamscape should just produce serious TV dramas. They pick up from the success of The Good Son. It’s high time mystery/thriller genres become a mainstay in Ph television. And please, less emphasis on love teams!

      • The fourth slot on Primetime Bida would better off used for serious dramas since it airs at a time when kids are either doing homework or are asleep. This was where The Legal Wife thrived as well as Two Wives. Romcoms are more suited to the late-morning slot; this was how Jodi and Richard’s Be Careful with My Heart succeeded.

        As far as love teams go, the formula is getting a little stale by the minute. Bagani, which stars LizQuen, isn’t the juggernaut that was expected to be. Something had to be done at this point because ABS is oversaturating them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know but isn’t Dreamscape also known for family dramas and the like? Nathaniel was well-received, for example?

      • But not My Dear Heart, another Dreamscape production. The series didn’t make an impact because Ang Probinsyano was entrenched in the first slot after TV Patrol. Luckily for them, the AlDub drama Destined to Be Yours proved to be a failure.

      • Evee says:

        I was excited when Bagani’s trailer came out because it would be the first time ABS produced a high fantasy series (as far as I can remember at least). Unfortunately, it was poor on the character development aspect. Perhaps the best character development they had was with Kidlat. It was enjoyable though because of its unpredictability and fight sequence but its mistakes are just too many. Even the pacing was uneven. They started out fast but dragged on.

        Not even a juggernaut of a love team can save that (see La Luna Sangre. I hated how they butchered Angel Locsin’s series).

      • Bagani was even highly criticized when it started. You may want to see this:

        Let’s face it, viewers are getting tired of love teams dominating the timeslot after Ang Probinsyano. But it’ll only get worse since it’s likely JoshLia’s new teleserye will take Bagani’s slot. At least that series is a family-oriented one ala The Good Son.

      • Evee says:

        Yup saw that one. That one was included in what I referred to in another post as “not playing around with our culture” if every person were to cry foul over borrowing of terms, surely creativity would die out. As I previously mentioned in another post, we should learn from Japan. Writers and illustrators alike have different portrayals of historical figures, yet as far as I can remember nobody made a fuss about it.

        I think we are a culture that’s so hung up with the “love team” idea. Gone are the days where TV series leads can stand on their own.

      • Thing is, it could be better if they star in a reality series ala the Kardashians. That may push the viewers over the edge.

        Fact is, ABS is simply wary of them starring individually and not enjoy the same success as they were with their partners. It’s been that kind of a concern for them. However, I’d rather have them separate on screen and work separately to see how they fare. Julia Montes and Coco Martin were able to thrive without a partner, so why not KathNiel, LizQuen or JaDine separating themselves on camera.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well Liza is starting in Darna and as from what I’ve read that’s a solo vehicle for her so that’s a step in the right direction. I also read somewhere that ABS was planning to give Kathryn and Daniel solo projects and they themselves said that doing solo projects would make them mature more as actors.

  2. If only SIFY was produced by RSB or Star Creatives, it’d be more successful. Star Creatives had successful primetime romcoms in the past like Princess and I, Got to Believe & A Love To Last. Just my 2 cents.

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