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Of CNNPH’s Newsroom Junior Edition and Other News Programs for Teens

News reporting is not always exclusive to adults.

When CNN Philippines announced that ‘Newsroom Junior Edition’ will air starting this Saturday, it reminded this writer of the day when Philippine television used to have news programs hosted by underage boys and girls. While these shows were few and far between, they have at least made some valuable contributions to the world of media.

One most notable example was ‘5 and Up’. The Probe Productions-produced show ran for 10 years and was one of the standout shows of GMA Network during the ‘Rainbow Satellite’ era.

‘5 and Up’ was responsible for launching the careers of brothers Rodjun and Rayver Cruz, Chynna Ortaleza, Maxene Magalona and Atom Araullo. Of the five, Atom was the only one who continued his career as a journalist, although he did have a directorial credit in the film ‘Citizen Jake’.

But before ‘5 and Up’ became a cult favorite among the youth in the 90s, ABS-CBN once had its own kids’ version of ‘TV Patrol’. While ‘Junior Patrol’ ran for only two years, it did produce current ABS-CBN News reporter Doland Castro, who now serves on the news division’s police beat.

The most recent attempt at a kids’ news program came from CNN Philippines’ mother network RPN-9. ‘Newswatch Junior Edition’ may have only lasted a few episodes in the late 2000s, but this show did manage to launch the career of blogger, model and TV host Janeena Chan.

Now it is CNN Philippines’ turn to try this seldom-used trick of using kids as news anchors. In ‘Newsroom Junior Edition’ the network will have six teenage individuals who will tackle the world of news reporting.

The hosts are:

  • Dana Villano, 16
  • Emman Rivera, 16
  • Gabby Sandejas, 16
  • Isaac Dantes, 13
  • Janella Renner, 15
  • Nate Lopez, 14

Guided by the CNN Philippines’ team of anchors and reporters, these young boys and girls will have an opportunity to deliver the week’s latest local and international news, as well as sports, entertainment, weather, technology and lifestyle news. ‘Newsroom Junior Edition’ will air on weekends at 8:00 a.m.

At the end of the day, they are still kids (or in the case of ‘Newsroom Junior Edition’, teens). But at least they should gain some first-hand experience at what it is really like in the cutthroat world of journalism (or showbiz for that matter).


9 thoughts on “Of CNNPH’s Newsroom Junior Edition and Other News Programs for Teens

  1. After four years, Channel 9 finally gets another kids block.

    Only this time, they did not change the channel name and they decided to append the said appropriate program.

    Unfortunately, according to a newser blog, there will be some programs from Cartoon Network to broadcast. Obviously, CN and CNN are owned by Turner, now under WarnerMedia.

    This programming decision made news channel puritans — especially one of my loyal readers who formerly commented here — not amused.

  2. Paul Justin Baloloy says:

    When I read your article about that, I always remember my childhood days when I watch to RPN 9 especially the program Storyland where Nadine Lustre was one of the cast of that program.

    • We’re referring to news programs with kids as anchors. Kids’ shows per se are a general breed. But with the lack of shows that aimed towards kids (blame it on their penchant for DOTA and social media), such programs are largely forgotten. Which is why they hope to bring them back so that kids can get away from the tech stuff for once.

  3. Jena May says:

    I remember about youth shows like Kids On Q on ch11 and Tropang Pochi are my nephew’s favorite show but he’s in 20s

  4. Hi! I got here by searching CNN Newsroom Junior..because my child has expressed interest in auditioning for it when she is older.
    I am surely the oldest among those who have commented. My memory is of a very young (Senator) Risa Hontiveros, hair in braids, anchoring RPN 9’s Newswatch Junior Edition! : )

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