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The Kids’ Choice on ABS-CBN This Weekend

What if the kids are the judges of a reality talent show?

In a role reversal of sorts, ABS-CBN will give its young child stars an opportunity to play the part of judges on ‘The Kids’ Choice’. The five kid judges (dubbed the Just Kids League) are as follows:

  • Jayden Villegas
  • Carlo Mendoza
  • Onyok Pineda
  • Xia Vigor
  • Chunsa Jung

Every week, the Just Kids League will discuss and evaluate the performance of four “Fambatos” or non-celebrity families brimming with talent. Being the youngest of the bunch, expect these kids to be more spontaneous with their comments.

In a deviation from the norm, ‘The Kids’ Choice’ will be an original concept created by ABS-CBN. In addition, the show will feature ordinary families instead of merely celebrity contestants.

Anyone who has criticized ABS-CBN’s tendency to use celebrities and foreign talent show franchises on a regular basis would be baffled to see them produce a more unique show like ‘The Kids’ Choice’. That said, with this creation, ABS-CBN should prove doubters wrong and if this show rates well, their hard work will be justified.

‘The Kids’ Choice’ will be hosted by Robi Domingo with Erik Nicolas as his sidekick. It will air every Saturday after ‘Home Sweetie Home’ and every Sunday after ‘Wansapanatym’ on ABS-CBN.


8 thoughts on “The Kids’ Choice on ABS-CBN This Weekend

  1. This slot was supposed to be for World of Dance Philippines, which was constantly plugged from May to June and the aspirants were auditioned in Star Hunt — just as this last-minute move (as JC Domondon said).

    Despite the receipts (proofs) of social media, I think they’re doing it for the viewers who are not getting over with the repercussions of YFSFK2, where unsurprisingly the TNT Boys won, aside from busy schedules of dance instructors-cum-judges.

    Having said that, WODPH would have to wait until mid-November unless, a returning reality competition like The Voice or PBB would come into play pushing WODPH’s materialization into trouble and the (ostensible) contract with the concerned distributor into rescindment.

    I am planning to write it by mid-September, revisiting and enhancing the spirit of my 2014 post, if my loyal readers consented to it.

    • That long delay could cost the show ratings. We saw that in The Promise of Forever where programming delays happen to the point that all episodes were already taped prior to its premiere (of course they failed to deliver. ABS’ can’t wait for it to arrive forever; otherwise GMA might take advantage of it.

    • Alpha says:

      In case WODPH is either delayed to next year or cancelled (please keep in mind a set photo showing the unredacted first name of a female contestant that is circulating on social media), there are only three already announced choices for The Kids’ Choice’s replacement: A new season of either The Voice of the Philippines, Pilipinas Got Talent (if the schedules of the judges to be announced for the former two would not conflict), or Little Big Shots, because PBB Season 8 is projected to replace I Can See Your Voice on weekends.

  2. SMCS says:

    Hello po! Medyo off-topic po ito. May napansin lang ako sa mga teleserye sa ABS-CBN, yun bang lumalabas sa dalawang teleserye (hindi naman kailangang sabay nagsimula at nagtapos yung palabas) ang isang artista mapaminor or major role pa ito. At least nauutilize ng ABS-CBN ang mga artista nila na magkaroon talaga ng project (hindi ko alam kung overstatement ito). Hindi ko lang alam sa ibang networks. Katulad na lang nina Cherry Pie Picache na nasa “Asintado” at “The Blood Sisters”; Si Tirso Cruz III na nasa “Wildflower” at sa “A Love to Last”; Si Michael de Mesa na nasa “Ang Probinsyano” at sa “Since I Found You” etc. Patawad po ulit kung naging off-topic ako, hindi ko lang alam kung saan ko ito icocomment…

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