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Postscript: Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka; Preview: My Special Tatay

From one advoca-serye to another.

Friday marked the final episode of ‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’, an AIDS-themed drama that starred Yasmien Kurdi, Martin del Rosario, Jackie Rice and Mike Tan. The series ran for 132 episodes and posted decent ratings despite airing against ‘Hanggang Saan’ and ‘Araw Gabi’.

Even though ‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’ had a rather up-and-down run, its 132 episodes suggest that it was a success. The show fulfilled its purpose of showing one’s struggles of living with AIDS, a deadly disease that remains virtually incurable.

Still, with that kind of inconsistency in the ratings it is clear that GMA is still finding a cure for its afternoon mood swings. Which leads to the next series that will replace ‘Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka’.

‘My Special Tatay’, to be led by Ken Chan, will focus on mental illnesses. As the intellectually challenged father Boyet, Ken will portray a man who suffers from Mild Intellectual Disability with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Despite his mental shortcomings and other people’s doubts, Boyet grew up as a kind-hearted man with a positive outlook. However, his life would turn upside down once he finds out that he has a child.

Also part of ‘My Special Tatay’ are Jestoni Alarcon, Teresa Loyzaga, Carmen Soriano, Lilet, Candy Pangilinan, Arra San Agustin, Rita Daniela, Jillian Ward, Bruno Gabriel, and JK Giducos. Initial episodes of the series will feature special guest appearances from Matt Evans, Empress Schuck, Valeen Montenegro, and Ashley Rivera.

Once again, GMA will use the power of advocacy as a weapon to send a message to its viewers. This time, the focus is on mental health problems and ‘My Special Tatay’ will take a look at how a person deals with intellectual disabilities.

However, it remains to be seen if ‘My Special Tatay’ will be more consistent in overcoming ‘Araw Gabi’. While GMA is working on a good cause, high viewer support remains a must and unless ‘My Special Tatay’ proves a point their hard work will go for nothing.

Directed by LA Madridejos and Conrado Peru, ‘My Special Tatay’ airs weekdays after ‘The Stepdaughters’ on GMA Afternoon Prime.


6 thoughts on “Postscript: Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka; Preview: My Special Tatay

  1. Anonymous says:

    As someone who myself is on the spectrum (high functioning), it would be interesting to see what the reception for it will be. It’s not the first time an autism-focused show aired (there was also ABS-CBN’s Bugoy from several years ago), but this one appears to have a more serious tone. At the very least, maybe this will help raise awareness of the condition and help others who have it.

  2. yong says:

    Though HKKIK’s story was to inform people about living with HIV/AIDS, it focused more on Thea having HIV. Hindi natuloy sa AIDS yung HIV ni Thea.

    • If that’s the case, sayang. Turns out TV5’s Positive was more compelling than this since the protagonist really had AIDS. Hindi man lang nila kinuha yung si Thea na talagang may AIDS.

      • yong says:

        Siguro gusto nilang pakita rito yung angulo ng HIV-positive only na case. Pinakita rin kasi sa finale na naging “undetectable viral load” yung HIV nila ni Lawrence, meaning (as Thea said sa finale), “parang wala na rin silang HIV”. Siguro kaya di nila tinuloy sa AIDS yung sakit nila is maybe to give hope dun sa mga HIV-positive patients pa lang, since “advoca-serye” nga siya, and, a happy ending, definitely.

      • We can’t fault them for deviating from what was expected. At least iba ito sa ginawa ng TV5 for Positive kung saan naging AIDS na yung sakit ng character nito.

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