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Pissed Off: TV Patrol Unhappy About Late Start

The ‘It’s Showtime’ effect of going overtime has had plenty of repercussions.

For the most part, it affected the start times of succeeding ABS-CBN programs. But none felt the sting of starting late more than ‘TV Patrol’, the flagship primetime newscast of the network.

‘TV Patrol’ usually airs at around 6:30 p.m. and is simulcast on both ABS-CBN and DZMM. However, the DZMM portion gets a little tricky; ‘Dos Por Dos’ anchors Gerry Baja and Anthony Taberna usually end their show just before 6:30, but in recent episodes they either stick around for a little while or leave and allow DZMM to play a long commercial break.

In certain instances where ‘TV Patrol’ begins later than its usual 6:30 p.m. start, the ‘Headlines’ portion was omitted in favor of a shortened opening billboard. Peter Musñgi’s introduction of “Live mula sa ABS-CBN News Center Manila, Ito ang TV Patrol”, accompanied with an airborne shot of the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center, was also removed at times.

Even the newscast’s anchors were starting to feel unhappy with the late start. During one recent episode, anchor Noli de Castro berated one of the teleprompter operators a few minutes into the newscast for not opening the teleprompter on short notice (a moment that was later cut from iWant TV uploads of the show).

There were also times when Star Patrol, the newscast’s entertainment news segment, was reduced to just two or three news items. And finally, a few recent episodes saw an unusual closing segment in which the anchors bid farewell and then walk out of the set immediately while still on camera.

Despite the late starts, ‘TV Patrol’ continued to be the newscast of choice for the common Filipino as it scores over 30%. However, it was clear that the show and its anchors were not happy with the late starts.

Perhaps ABS-CBN management should call an emergency meeting to solve this brewing issue once and for all. They can call out both the hosts of ‘It’s Showtime’ and the anchors of ‘TV Patrol’, their respective production teams, and both the head of integrated news Ging Reyes and corporate communications Kane Errol Choa to end this impasse.

One can only hope that ABS-CBN will do the right thing and go back to what it was useful in the past. After all ‘TV Patrol’ does not deserve to be put in a bad light because of ‘It’s Showtime”s string of poor time management.


28 thoughts on “Pissed Off: TV Patrol Unhappy About Late Start

  1. Congratulations, Vice Ganda!

    You did not just win a Guinness World Record for synchronized placement of your lipstick line but also to win an ire from Kabayan Noli de Castro with the domino effect of your unkabogable horse mouth.

    Maybe it’s time to start TV Patrol at 7:00 p.m. and reduce it to just one hour.

    Speaking of today’s problems that need resolution, I wonder what will be the response of the channels later this afternoon’s Presidential address-cum-press con.

  2. BLACK JACK says:

    Honestly, nakakadismaya lang. After all, higit sa lahat, priority dapat ang newscast ng isang tv station pero nawawala ito. Like yung comment ko before, dati rati 6pm palang may newscast ka ng makikita sa ABSCBN tv patrol or kaya Saksi sa GMA, pero ngayon wala na. Nililipat ko na nga ung tv sa cnnph kapag 6pm, di naman sa KJ ako at di nanonood ng mga koreanovela or wowowilie pero siguro nakasanayan ko na din na hinahanap.

    Tapos let me add na din also, late na nga yung balita ng tvpatrol at 24 oras, tapos ung content pa, pinatay si ganito, nirape si ganyan, nasaksak yun. Police beats ba naman ang banner, paano ka gaganahan. I am not expecting of an opening good news pero dun tayo sa pang national news banner, kaya nga flagship national newscast. Dati naman ganun ang newscast nila pero nawawala na.

    • That’s why mas preferred ng mas matalinong manonood ang mga newscasts ng CNNPH, ANC at One News. At least more national ang scope. As for primetime news, it’s becoming too dumb and catered to the poor na walang pakialam sa mga balitang politika.

    • yong says:

      ‘Yung priority ng TV station ang newscasts ay di lang nawawala, mukhang wala na talaga. It’s very noticeable na talagang gumagastos na lang sila sa Entertainment content nila na minsan (o madalas na nga siguro) wala na ring sense/kwenta. They really don’t care too much na sa quality ng mga palabas nila and kung ano bang magandang idudulot ng mga it sa viewers, they are mostly after na lang yata sa basta maraming nanunuod para mas mataas ratings which in return mas malaki ang kita.

      • In short, they’re here to target the poor na either uneducated or salot sa lipunan. Ganon na talaga ang nangyayari sa TV ngayon. Pang-mahirap na ang target nila. Kaya nagagalit ngayon ang mga matataas na miyembro ng society dahil nagiging ‘bobo’ na yung mga programa for the sake of earning big bucks.

      • Evee says:

        Ralphierce, I respect your right to free speech, but calling the poor “salot sa lipunan” is a sweeping generalization. Also, you can’t blame the poor for wanting shallow entertainment, how can they engage in intelligent discussion about the good of society when they can’t even satisfy their basic needs–food, clothing etc.? Self actualization is the highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so how can they get there if they are struggling at the basic level? In all likelihood, shallow entertainment is a mere consolation–a way of getting by after a hard day.

        I am not saying that we should just allow nonsensical shows to proliferate just to cater to the masses, ‘coz really, formulaic shows are also a source of my frustrations. But it is also not right to blame everything to the poor.

      • Considering that the affluent and middle class have other ways to entertain themselves (cable, internet, social media), I don’t think it’s good to criticize the poor for degrading the quality of free TV. I apologize for that.

    • JW says:

      With regards sa opening, naiinis din ako doon. I mean, minsan napansin ko sa mga arrangement of reports lang bago mag intro ng show nila, eh maayos naman, pagdating sa mismong show, naiiba na ang ayos. Parang walang consistency?

      Pero theory ko lang, siguro dumidipende ung isang tv news show sa katapat nilang news show sa kabilang network na nauna sa kanila kung ano ung unang headline nila or para maiwasan ang at the same time ay parehong topic or issue ung nirereport ng both networks? Opinion ko lang yun.

    • Disiplina talaga ang kulang sa kanila. Look at Eat Bulaga. Istrikto ang GMA sa oras kaya laging natatapos on time. The same cannot be said for Showtime. And to make matters worse, kung OT ang Showtime, OT rin ang Wowowin para lang ‘fair’ ang competition. Kaya siguro nagiging ‘bobo’ na ang programming sa TV ngayon dahil dito: hindi makontrol ang oras at panahon.

      • JW says:

        Block time kasi ang Eat Bulaga sa GMA. They dont own Eat Bulaga, pero your right, Eat Bulaga barely goes to OT. Only every Saturdays lang. Showtime is owned by ABSCBN. Pero they really had to limit them, perhaps by having ocassional tape broadcast every weekdays and cutting out unnecessary segments of the show?

      • What ABS should’ve done? Dapat nag-mala Wowowin yung Showtime. GMA did a pretty good job in instilling discipline on Willie’s show so ba’t di rin ito gawin ng ABS kay Vice? Treat Showtime like a blocktimer, as if pagmamay-ari na ito ng production company ni Vice (kung meron man siya) and be strict on him.

  3. JW says:

    The only solution to this is to have Showtime be taped on weekdays, and be live on Saturdays. Atleast 1 day per week lang sila mag OT

    • They were doing this lately especially noong nag-US tour sila. Then they returned live and resumed their old habits. Perhaps being pre-taped just like what Wowowin is doing could help solve this issue.

  4. Bel says:

    Yesterday, It’s Showtime went overtime as usual (the show itself has new late-period competition in Ika-5 Utos), and a special live edition of Pareng Partners at the TV Patrol studio was aired. Then TV Patrol Weekend aired that late next, but forced to end before the gas price increase segment. If I seriously care about the schedule for the rest of that night, Home Sweetie Home would be postponed to next week to allow for that TVP Weekend segment and for the other shows to start on announced times.

    As for the live episode of Pareng Partners, I think they would be merged with TVP Weekend as the special Typhon Ompong episode that would run for the weekday edition’s episode length.

    • Discipline is really lacking on It’s Showtime, in particular Vice Ganda, the most talkative host of that show. I don’t understand why ABS management continues to stay pat on this issue when it’s clear Showtime’s shenanigans is becoming more detrimental to the rest of ABS’ programming.

      Essentially this is becoming a Vice vs. ABS-CBN News anchors’ thing. I fear that some Kapamilya anchors might publicly scold Vice for his inappropriate actions and may consider resigning unless Vice tones down his talk.

      Whatever the case, ABS is liable for the damages caused by this issue. Either they solve this mess or risk losing viewers to GMA.

  5. BLACK JACK says:

    As I observed, I think, may basbas ang overtime ng Showtime at ang talkative segments ni Vice. Ilang buwan na din kasi ito, pero walang ginagawang action ang management nila kasi, (based lang ito sa theory and observation ko) kahit paano pumapalag sa ratings ang Showtime kapag may ganito si Vice. Kung tama man ito, poor ABSCBN shows, sila ang magsuffer. Anyways, it is still ABSCBN management who will decide. isang show lang ang Its showtime, kapag nanatili silang OVERTIME buong programming ang apektado. Bakit kaya di nila subukan na magtry lang ng kahit isang week para magbago ng programming, Walang overtime, on time kung on time. Saka sila magdecide, kung magpapalit sila ng programming at hahabaan ang Showtime.

    • What I thought about is this. Perhaps ABS can treat Showtime like a blocktimer; Vice can be the executive producer of the show but ABS will still have the last say in the amount of hours the show must air. In short, ABS should enforce some airtime restrictions on Showtime para maiwasan na ang mga ito. Kung hindi naman nila kaya they can force Showtime to air taped as live in the same way GMA does with Wowowin.

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