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In 100 Words: Coke Studio Moves to ABS-CBN

One network’s loss is another’s gain.

The second season of ‘Coke Studio Philippines’ premiered on ABS-CBN Sunday morning with IVOShanti as its first guests. Over the next several episodes, the show will feature performances from the following artists:

  • Quest
  • IV of Spades
  • Ben&Ben
  • December Avenue
  • Moira dela Torre
  • KZ Tandingan
  • Sam Concepcion
  • Khalil Ramos
  • Shanti Dope
  • AJ Rafael
  • Juan Miguel Severo
  • Patti Tiu
  • Kriesha Tiu

There will also be a mystery 14th artist and a holiday-themed episode to cap off the season.

‘Coke Studio Philippines’ initially aired a 10-episode series on TV5 last year. But the program moved to ABS-CBN this year due to TV5’s continuous emphasis into sports programming.

All episodes of ‘Coke Studio Philippines’ season 2 will be uploaded on its YouTube channel. Here is IVOShanti in the second season premiere.


4 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Coke Studio Moves to ABS-CBN

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wawa naman ang TV5, pati blocktimers iniwanan na sila. Add to the fact na pati raw Sari-Sari Weekend daw ay mawawala na, mukhang back to zero nanaman ang TV5.

    • They also abandoned airing Bloggers TV and Travel 360 despite an agreement made between Style and T5N last year. It’s as if wala nang pakialam si Chot Reyes sa entertainment shows.

      • Oll says:

        Future plans for those two shows are still a mystery. Anyway, I think they’ll be better off on either COLOURS or iflix.

        Back to the topic, the second season of Coke Studio is one episode less than the previous season. This time there will be a highlight episode after all the seven collaborations.

      • Their FB pages have not been updated since earlier this year. I think these shows are just a nuisance. Mitch Isip, one of the representatives, still insists that the delay is due to them needing to fix some footage or something, but it’s already over a year and it’s clear that 5 wants no part of them anymore.

        Anyway, Coke Studio 2 is probably shorter because ABS has upcoming commitments to the late Sunday morning timeslot. They usually fill this slot for G Diaries.

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