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Inday Will Always Love You to Conclude Friday

Longer than expected.

For ‘Inday Will Always Love You’, airing 100 episodes is a surprising accomplishment considering it was produced by GMA Public Affairs, an outfit notorious for short-term but quality-laden dramas. But viewers embraced this series particularly well, even if the results say otherwise.

First aired on May 21, 2018, ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ starred Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio and is set in Cebu. While the series is generally a romantic comedy, it did not shy away from showcasing some elements of seriousness seen in more mature teleseryes.

‘Inday Will Always Love You’ first aired opposite ‘Since I Found You’, ABS-CBN’s own romantic comedy. While it gave the latter a hard time in the ratings (at one point the margin was close to 1%), in the end ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ still fell short.

Next came ‘Halik’, a more seriously toned adversary. This time, it was a more lopsided affair, as ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ could not close the gap to 4% against ‘Halik’.

Despite these shortcomings, ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ was still good enough that it was extended on a few occasions. By the time it airs its finale Friday, it will have 100 episodes, a new high for a GMA Public Affairs-produced series.

With all things considered, ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ will go down as GMA Public Affairs’ most successful non-news series, both in terms of popularity and duration. Still, being produced by GMA’s news division had its fair share of doubters, and ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ did not quite receive its well-earned respect.

But as far as Cebuanos are concerned, ‘Inday Will Always Love You”s focus on the Visayan island’s culture is more than enough to make them proud. In many ways, the series was a showcase of sorts to witness the uniqueness and beauty of Cebu, an island that only rivals Manila in terms of population and cultural impact.

The focus of ‘Inday Will Always Love You”s final week centers on Happylou’s (Barbie) escalating feud with Amanda (Gladys Reyes) and Ericka (Kim Rodriguez). One can only hope that the climax will end just like Happylou’s name: a happy one.


6 thoughts on “Inday Will Always Love You to Conclude Friday

  1. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, it had a fairly decent run for a GMA show, and at least if AGB is to be believed, it was able to put up a good fight to the point that it even scored the occasional win against Halik (which I guess isn’t that surprising considering Halik seems to be getting mixed reviewers from what I can see). And the show did get pretty good reviews, something that GMA shows have been lacking as of late.

    • Then again it is produced by GMAPA which is becoming more superior than its own entertainment group. If only GMA can do something about the increasing lack of distinction between the two divisions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really surprised at that tbh, journalism has always been GMA’s forte, as shown by its multiple international awards in said field like the Peabodys.

      • And Lilybeth Rasonable is still a joke. With that said, GMAPA may get more involved in these dramas in the near future because GMA’s entertainment group remains shaky at best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yung last episode raw may scene na lumubog yung kotse nila, eh halatang yung exterior shot ay model car na binabad lang sa tubig. May nakita pang katabing bote.

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