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The Inevitable: Moving to ABS-CBN Might Rejuvenate Regine Velasquez’s Career

From Kapuso… to Kapamilya?

The future of Regine Velasquez’s career has been hanging in the balance over the past month. As Regine’s contract with GMA is set to expire, there were reports of her moving to ABS-CBN to join her husband Ogie Alcasid.

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Those rumors escalated further when Regine unexpectedly showed up at the ABS-CBN Ball Saturday night despite making an appearance on ‘The Clash’ for its final weekend (Saturday’s episode was pre-taped while Sunday’s episode was aired live). With all things considered, is Regine of no use to GMA and would be better off joining ABS-CBN?

First things first, let’s look back at recent history. Back in 2015, Regine was a host and performer on ‘Sunday All-Stars’, but low ratings and changing timeslots forced GMA to give up the show and allow APT Entertainment to take over the Sunday noontime slot with ‘Sunday PinaSaya’.

Regine did not join ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ because of a perceived ‘lack of familiarity’ and from that point on her career with GMA stalled. Her two acting projects in ‘Poor Señorita’ and ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ failed to beat Coco Martin”s long-running series ‘Ang Probinsyano’, while a primetime variety show in ‘Full House Tonight’ ran for only four months.

While Regine remained visible as an on-air talent via the cooking show ‘Sarap Diva’, it was clear that her days with GMA are being numbered. The fact is, Regine is no longer that relevant as a Kapuso star with all those recent projects that did not work out.

It only got worse when her one-time co-performers on ‘SOP’ (namely Ogie Alcasid, Jaya, Kyla, Jay-R and Janno Gibbs) found a new outlet in former rival ‘ASAP’. With GMA lacking any capable recording artists to keep up with ABS-CBN’s, Regine finds herself helpless to cope with the dearth in talent.

Which is why moving to ABS-CBN might help rejuvenate her career. Not only will she expected to make appearances with her former ‘SOP’ brethren on ‘ASAP’, she will also have an opportunity to become a judge in one of ABS-CBN’s upcoming talent shows (rumor has it that she might join ‘The Voice’ as a judge).

More importantly, Regine’s love for performing will be rekindled within Kapamilya walls, especially during ‘ASAP’. That alone may be a long shot given the abundance of performers on ABS-CBN, but given Regine’s track record that may be too good to pass up.

Still, it will be up to Regine Velasquez to decide the next phase of her career. Let’s just hope that she chooses something that will be best for her.


21 thoughts on “The Inevitable: Moving to ABS-CBN Might Rejuvenate Regine Velasquez’s Career

  1. Looks like Katerina Mendoza’s rumor a month ago could surface.

    For the Kapuso loyalists, losing Regine is like pulling off a support beam from their living edifice.

    I beg to see a different and bigger picture, this is when the loophole and exploitation of comparative advantage within the networks. ABS-CBN win in terms of entertainment while GMA has the advantage in terms of news and public affairs. Due to that generalization, the wider and more permanent the association it gets.

    • Then again GMA is beginning to blur the line between news and entertainment. Shows like Wish Ko Lang and Imbestigador are becoming more of a drama anthology while GMAPA is becoming more involved in producing teleseryes. It’s no secret why no one bothers to come here anyway; the priorities are starting to clash a lot more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kawawa naman ang GMA pag natuloy to, halos wala nang natirang mga sikat na singer sa kanila, tapos yung mga natira sa kanila, either laos na (Christian and Mark Bautista, Rachelle Anne Go), niche (Julie), or mismanaged (pretty much all the winners of their recent talent competitions).

    • Well, it’s safe to say na GMA is on a rebuilding stage with their recording division. Mukhang starting over na uli sila. The Supershow and SOP days are a distant memory. Painful but it’s true.

  3. BLACK JACK says:

    As far as I remember, even during SOP, gusto ng lumipat ni Regine V. Not sure, hindi bat nagpaalam na sya nun sa SOP tapos lumitaw sya sa The Buzz , iniinterview pa nga siya ni Boy sabi nya jobless siya. Tapos I remember gusto nya yung Betty La Fea na role pero hindi nya nakuha. Then nabigyan sya ng GMA teleserye na Ako si Kim Sam Soon at musical show na ‘Songbird.”

    Fast forward today, I think its a good move naman na lumipat si Regine kasi napapag iwanan na siya. Oo sikat siya, no wonder pero pagdating sa pagkakaroon ng shows, dekalidad na shows, walang wala siya. Nasasayang ung talento nya. For sure naman na magiging ASAP performer sya, ang need lang ng channel 2 is too ensure na di maapektuhan ang exposure ng mga homegrown artists nila. Bagay nga sa kanya ang magguest sa FPJ AP. haha.

    • Well, AP could give Regine a new lease in life. May kasabihan na ‘if you can’t beat ’em join ’em’ and since Poor Senorita and Mulawin vs. Ravena flopped against AP she might as well get a chance to be with Coco Martin after years of going up against him.

  4. Mudra says:

    Expect a quiet cancellation of ‘Sarap Diva’ once Regine’s transfer to the Kapamilya network is officially announced.

    > Then nabigyan sya ng GMA teleserye na Ako si Kim Sam Soon at musical show na “Songbird.”
    GMA was faring better back then.

    I think those singing contest winners have to sing theme songs as contract fulfillment. As for Christian and Julie Anne, they venture into acting (the latter did first though) to supplement their pay, and Rachelle Anne is now working as a theater actress aboard. Mark starred in a local superhero movie several years ago, but for appearing in a GMA teleserye, I dunno.

    @ralphierce (reply to Anonymous’ comment)
    GMA Records currently depends on contract actors and actresses who can sing, as well as those winners. In addition, a barely-promoted female singer who released an album on that record label is now based in Japan.

    • For the record, it looks like Sarap Diva may still be there, albeit with a new host and a new format according to some insiders. Regarding GMA Records, though, they are way behind ABS-CBN Records (formerly Star Records) in terms of success rate, mainly because they don’t have their own variety show to promote such artists (Sunday PinaSaya is under APT and is more of an SNL-type). Good thing they will have a new variety show in Studio 7 but it remains to be seen if that will help them.

  5. JW says:

    Well IMO, let us just let them decide their future on their own. Anyways, they are the one earning not us. I am sure whatever Regine makes would be good for both her family and herself.

    Anyways, I do like GMA. But, right now everything is starting to fall apart. I guess Ralph is right, GMA do need to start the rebuilding process. Atleast, though they give others a chance to be on the spotlight (kahit mapansin lang sa TV okay na pag hindi ABS).

    Hopefully, GMA would comeback one day as the top network in the country again like they did before. Rightnow, it is indeed ABS-CBN’s ball. Hopefully we have to wait further til GMA can bounce back under a new direction or management. So just enjoy ABS-CBN shows guys.

      • Having her during the rebuilding stage is not the best option. If GMA wants to rebuild, better hire someone who is more competent like Wilma Galvante was.

        TV5 is stuck on rebuilding mode, but their efforts on becoming a sports channel bear fruit, in expense of entertainment programs. GMA will always be thankful for what Regine has done within her time as a Kapuso, and will soon be in rebuilding mode. PTV is still a work in progress. Net 25 and INC TV bringing an old show back (Ang Tamang Daan) and ABS’ strategy of going overtime somehow worked despite some criticisms.

        Since we’re talking about GMA, going through a rebuild is inevitable, and their renewed commitment towards regional content is a good start.

      • Well, they should invest on their young talent now otherwise they might switch channels because of lack of opportunities. Regine for her part could be a good fit to ABS as a complementary piece that should blend well with their younger stars.

    • You can’t fault GMA for trying something else and allow a blocktimer to take over Sunday afternoons. It’s just unfortunate that ASAP is the more superior show and the quality of its rivals significantly dipped after SOP ended. Now GMA will have to start over and look ahead to the future as far their performers go, just not on Sunday afternoons.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ano ba naman, nireformat pa nila ang ASAP dahil lang kay Regine. Even as a person who tends to sympathize with the Kapamilya network myself, I’m thinking this could be a major mistake, considering ASAP was doing rather well against SPS.

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