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Kadenang Ginto: Golden Opportunity or Golden Letdown?

Welcome to the ‘better late than never’ era of Kapamilya Gold.

Gone are the days when the block starts at 3:20 p.m. as soon as ‘It’s Showtime’ ended. These days, Vice Ganda and his big mouth are the main attraction for over half the afternoon while Kapamilya Gold could only helplessly watch as they were pushed back by 30 minutes.

While the ratings of Kapamilya Gold remain excellent despite the late start time, an upcoming series or two could derail whatever momentum this block had attained. Over the next two weeks, Kapamilya Gold will have two new programs in store, and one of them is already feeling the pressure.

This early, ‘Kadenang Ginto’ is hard-pressed to fill the void left by ‘Asintado’. The series, which will be led by Albert Martinez, Dimples Romana, Adrian Alandy and Beauty Gonzalez, lacked the star power of ‘Asintado’, and while the four are already accomplished actors they are still supporting player material in the eyes of viewers.

‘Kadenang Ginto tells the story of Romina (Beauty), Carlos (Adrian), Robert (Albert) and Daniela (Dimples). Both Romina and Carlos are initially engaged to one another, but after Romina is raped by an unknown man, Carlos breaks up with her and worse, the rape incident results in Romina bearing a child.

Romina then finds refuge and true love in Robert, the owner of the company she works for; Romina’s child Cassandra (Francine Diaz) is then adopted legally by Robert. However, Robert’s daughter Daniela disapproves of their relationship and accuses Romina of being a gold digger.

Eventually Daniela leaves her family behind, falls in love with Carlos and bears a child named Margaret (Andrea Brillantes). This leads to a blood feud between her and Romina for the right to inherit Robert’s wealth.

Also part of ‘Kadenang Ginto’ are Eula Valdez, Ronnie Lazaro, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Adrian Lindayag, Kat Galang, and Savannah Rosales. The series will be directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Come this Monday ‘Kadenang Ginto’ should have its hands full in keeping viewers to their seats. It will be interesting to see how this new series plays out, so good luck.

‘Kadenang Ginto’ airs weekdays after ‘It’s Showtime’ on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.


6 thoughts on “Kadenang Ginto: Golden Opportunity or Golden Letdown?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Naka 17% daw siya compared sa 11% ng kalaban. Pero di ko sure, parang di ako impressed sa lamang considering Kantar na to.

  2. Kadenang Ginto has been soaring high since the start of its 2nd Season. And AFAIK, it’s the highest-rating daytime series as of this moment. Methinks this will be as lengthy as (or even lengthier than) Annaliza. Hence, I can say that KG is a Golden Opportunity.

    • And GMA has made several timeslot changes hoping to catch up against KG. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. When they demoted Inagaw na Bituin to the third slot, they knew how poorly it performed. Sayang. That show had Kyline Alcantara and Therese Malvar who can keep up with two other young stars in Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz. And Kyline was coming off a commendable performance in Kambal Karibal so why demote the show in the first place?

      TBH, Bihag would’ve been a much better opponent to Los Bastardos than to KG. Alas, GMA’s poor performance in the afternoon changed all that.

      • Methinks viewers of GMA are not used to watching action stuff (or anything harsh) in the 4:15 slot. And it’s for the sake of Kyline’s fans. Alam natin yung mga ugali ng mga fans ni Ky pag matatapos ang show niya. That time when KK is coming to an end, Ky’s fans still want it to be extended kahit wala nang balak ang mga writers. Since last month, talong talo nga sila sa KG. It’d take some time for INB to recover sa current timeslot nila (if they still can.)

        In KG, on how I see it, Dimples & Beauty are taking on the main spotlight than Andrea & Francine. I can sense that the former 2 are the main strength of KG, kahit wala na si Albert diyan. It reminds me of I6NU.

      • And if KG continues to roll, it won’t be good for GMA. But to Kyline’s credit, mas ok pa ang recording career niya kesa sa INB right now.

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