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Studio 7: GMA’s Primetime Version of ASAP

Call it a ‘new era’ for GMA.

On Sunday, GMA will embrace this culture change with a new variety show called ‘Studio 7’. The program, which airs every Sunday night, will highlight the network’s young but oftentimes underappreciated talent, plus some newcomers to go along with it.

‘Studio 7”s first two episodes will feature performances from the likes of Christian Bautista, Julie Anne San Jose, Mark Bautista, Gabbi Garcia, Rayver Cruz, Kyline Alcantara, Migo Adecer, Mikee Quintos, Kate Valdez, and twins Mavy and Cassy Legaspi. There will also be a comedic skit from DonEkla, composed of comedians Donita Nose and Tekla.

In addition, the finalists of ‘The Clash’, led by grand winner Golden Cañedo, will make an appearance. Golden will be joined on stage by Jong Madaliday, Garrett Bolden, Josh Adornado and Mirriam Manalo.

‘Studio 7’ will also feature interactive segments such as Trending (stories of viral, heartwarming and interesting personalities online), G na G (a challenge where the hosts must perform a task given by netizens), and On the Spot (a vocal showdown between the network’s top singers). And finally, audiences are encouraged to join in alongside the performers and interact during their performances.

For starters, GMA is once again working on a brand new variety show. However, there is one glaring omission on ‘Studio 7’ that piqued the audience’s interest.

When ‘Studio 7’ was announced to the public two weeks ago, Regine Velasquez was conspicuously absent. The erstwhile host of ‘The Clash’ officially became a free agent as soon as the show ended, but at the moment she remains undecided on her future plans.

It is also worth noting that ‘Studio 7’ will air on primetime every Sunday, in contrast to past GMA Sunday variety shows. Perhaps the network’s inability to defeat ‘ASAP’ (and subsequent yielding of the noontime slot to APT Entertainment for ‘Sunday PinaSaya’) that became the impetus for ‘Studio 7”s move to primetime.

Still, ‘Studio 7’ will have its hands full against ABS-CBN’s ‘The Kids’ Choice’ in its timeslot. While the latter has not been a favorite of viewers from the start, its decent ratings will still pose a test to ‘Studio 7”s resolve.

That said, getting a few victories should give ‘Studio 7’ and GMA’s young talent a sense of vindication. For now, though, the show is slated to air only 14 episodes, and if executives are satisfied perhaps it might run a little while longer.

‘Studio 7’ airs every Sunday after ‘Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko’ on GMA.


14 thoughts on “Studio 7: GMA’s Primetime Version of ASAP

  1. MTR says:

    Studio 7 will be directed by Miguel “Miggy” Tanchangco, the son of choreographer Geleen Eugenio (herself also a GMA mainstay).

      • Considering na mostly mga bata’t baguhan ang mga ito, there will be plenty of criticism with the show. Sad to say, the lack of veteran leadership is hurting the show. Regine would’ve helped, pero she misses her SOP friends so much kaya wala na silang magagawa.

        Then again, it’s just the first of 14 (tentative total) episodes so there’s still room from improvement. But with that short of a leash they need to act fast or else.

      • We’ll just see how it fares for the next 13 weeks. Short-term lang kasi ang projection ng show so that will depend on how the audience reacts to this.

  2. Dif says:

    I see that Studio 7 is just watered-down PP with worse on-screen graphics (emphasis on ‘outdated’), audio, cameras, and an interactive segment with selected audience members which cash prizes are given away.

    There are some comments fron Pinoy Exchange and social media regarding whenever a few more older GMA talents such as Maricris Garcia and the other StarStruck 5/6 and Bet ng Bayan alumni would appear in the show.

    If Studio 7 has to be aired truly live, the staff must improve (including the ratings) first.

    • I doubt they’ll air live since the show is on a 14-episode trial run. Given the criticisms it’s definitely a rough start for Studio 7. But let’s just give them time to improve from within and see what happens.

      If not, then at least they gave it a shot.

    • Pio Dose says:

      ang siste nga lang, same studio pa ng Studio 7 at SPS.. kaya malabo pang maglive, and besides.. nasa netizens na ang pasya tutal binabasa pa nga ni Paolo Valenciano, na Creative Director ng show ang mga comments at suggestions sa show.. majority, gusto magguests ung natetengga pa like Rita Daniella, Hannah Precillas, Maricris Garcia..

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