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No Longer Trending: Has Gandang Gabi Vice Reached the Twilight?

Seems like ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ has gone past its prime.

Once one of ABS-CBN’s most popular programs on Sundays, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ is now merely fighting to stay relevant. Recent episodes showed that ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ only averages an 8% rating in Kantar, a far cry from its highest-rated episode on May 6, 2013 when it scored 23.7%.

Much of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice”s sudden decline is blamed on its exceedingly late timeslot. In the past, the show aired at around 10:00 or 10:15 p.m., but nowadays it is seen at around 10:50 or 11:00 p.m.

A late timeslot like that can take a toll on the viewers, especially if they have work or school for tomorrow. So much for sticking around.

‘Gandang Gabi Vice”s later-than-usual broadcast has something to do with ABS-CBN’s insistence to air a second talent/reality show on weekend primetime. Unfortunately, such an unforgiving formula is too much to take for the average viewer, as the current program ‘I Can See Your Voice’ is not even an impact player at this point.

Making matters worse for ABS-CBN is the fact that rival GMA program ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ is becoming more ‘trending’ than ever with unusual stories that would leave the audience astonished. And it helped that GMA allowed the show to air for two hours to keep viewers invested.

GMA’s extension of ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ is not by accident. Mainly due to Vice Ganda’s constant torment of its rivals to the point that GMA cancelled said shows without warning, the network decided to let Jessica Soho occupy that additional hour instead.

So far, it has worked. Not only did ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ lured a chunk of ABS-CBN’s audience away, it also unintentionally led to the ratings decline that ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ faces to this day.

This Sunday, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ will feature newly-signed Kapamilya Regine Velasquez as its guest. But it remains to be seen if the show will recapture its glory days.


11 thoughts on “No Longer Trending: Has Gandang Gabi Vice Reached the Twilight?

  1. Vice Ganda is the present Kris Aquino in terms of exposure. Methinks that the flaw of the present programming grid in Mother Ignacia is actually showing on this post.

    Pardon my condescension pero buti nga sa kanya, he didn’t win any PMPC Star Award on TV this year (condensed telecast is after GGV, by the way). Not even It’s Show(ver)time.

    In addition, some politically-motivated influencers are enraged recently on coddling with politicians visiting places and few celebrities answering current events.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually ang talagang matindi ngayon ay Rated K. Di lang sa AGB, pati sa Kantar natatalo ang Rated K, at malaki pa ang talo. Not even Mocha’s guesting helped things. Tapos ang Kids’ Choice, parang di pa siya masyadong pumapatok.

    Mukhang changes are needed for ABS’s weekend primetime lineup.

    • Impactful lang talaga ngayon ang KMJS. Right now it’s making ABS look foolish on Sunday nights, especially when you consider GGV’s recent lack of success with its later-than-usual airing.

  3. SMCS says:

    Medyo finoforeshadow ng biro ni Regine ang mangyayari sa palabas ni Vice Ganda… o sa magigng career nito (magiging “Gandang Gabi Velasquez” daw ang pangalan ng palabas kung sakaling magpapahinga si Vice Ganda ayon sa biro ni Regine sa kanya) kung seseryusohin ito. Ewan ko kung coincidence ba ito o foreshadowing. Pero natawa talaga ako sa biro na iyon.

    • Masyado lang ako concerned ngayon sa state ng GGV. Dati madalas itong trending sa Twitter at nakaka-20+ pa ito sa ratings. Pero dahil sobrang late na ito umeere (bakit pa naman kasi kailangan ng isa pang talent/reality show ang ABS sa weekend primetime) halos hindi na siya ramdam ng publiko.

      Kung sakaling magpatuloy pa ito, it won’t be long before ABS pulls the plug.

  4. Correction lang, May 5, 2013 po yung episode na nakakuha ang GGV ng 23+% rating and besides, 9:30PM ang start ng GGV noong 2013 unlike today na 10:40 na nagsisimula. Bababa talaga yung ratings ng GGV dahil nasa late night slot na nga.

    Another factor, ay yung mga shows bago ang GGV. Unlike noong 2013, PGT before GGV (8:30PM) at nakakakuha ito ng 30%, mahahatak ang ratings ng GGV talaga nito. Unlike today, ang pinakamataas na ratings na lang ng ABS sa weekend in Kantar is nasa 24-27% at yun ung The Kids’ Choice, na usually at that timeslot nakakakuha sila ng 40% (PGT and TVK) and ung predecessor niya ng 30%(YFSFK2). Na nakakaapekto sa mga susunod na mga palabas: Rated K, na usually nasa 20% at nakikipaglaban pa siya sa KMJS noong panahon ng YFSFK2 pero hindi na ngayon at ICSYV, from 15-18% to 10-13% na lang.

    Third factor: timeslot ng KMJS na 8:50-10:50, at nagsisimula naman ang GGV ng 10:40. Strategy ng GMA na tapusin ang KMJS nang hindi sabay sa kanyang katapat to lure audience at makikita mo naman sa ratings ng SNBO na tumataas ito.

    The problem, i see it as a whole, not only GGV but the whole ABS-CBN Sunday night programming and GMA saw that and using it against them very wisely. It is not GGV’s fault to have them low ratings but the management itself. Pero sabi nga nila, hindi lang naman ratings ang basehan nila dyan, kasama na ang ads, social media, iwantv and tfc. At kung sa apat ay mataas pa rin naman ang GGV, hindi pa rin ito matatanggal.

    • Perhaps, but if ABS continues to stand pat, I won’t be surprised if GGV gets the ax, kahit may support from TFC at iWant TV pa ito. If they can fix that Sunday night grid, it would help. Tanggalin na lang nila yung isa pang reality/talent show and they’ll be good to go again.

  5. Looks like the situation is not in ABS-CBN’s favor now that the tables have been turned and GMA took the extension of KMJS’s airtime to its advantage. We can now say that GMA wins on Sunday nights, and ABS wins on weeknights and Saturday nights.

  6. According to multiple tabloids, GGV will be ending this February 23. The show will be replaced by “Everybody Sing!”, which looks more of like a game show. Vice will still be the host of the new program.

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