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Back to Zero: Kapag Nahati ang Puso Exits with No Replacement in Sight

Consider this yet another epic series of failures for GMA in the late-morning slot.

On All Souls’ Day, ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ will air its final episode. But without a replacement in sight, all signs point to ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ taking over its soon-to-be-vacated timeslot.

‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’, which starred Bea Binene, Benjamin Alves, Sunshine Cruz, Zoren Legaspi and Bing Loyzaga, first premiered on July 16, 2018. Unlike its predecessors ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’ and ‘My Guitar Princess’, ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ had a more serious and darker tone.

While it enjoyed a decent 80-episode run, ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso”s overall performance did not inspire confidence from its audience. ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ averaged a mere 10% in the ratings, even though it came close on a few occasions to beat ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’ and ‘Playhouse’.

Suffice to say, the change of strategy did not affect GMA’s fortunes in the late-morning slot. Once again, GMA management has to wonder why this timeslot continues to frustrate them at every turn.

Looking back at the three previous attempts at unseating the likes of ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’ and ‘Playhouse’, it was clear that GMA was scared to compete from the start. Let’s face it, both ‘Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw’ and ‘My Guitar Princess’ were epic failures just by looking at its respective number of episodes.

If a drama series only finished at 38 and 50 episodes, then it is obvious that something is wrong. Either that GMA is not convinced enough that both are compelling or is not satisfied with the production.

Then again both series were produced by GMA Public Affairs which is infamous for short-run dramas. Still, its intent to air for a brief period is inexcusable considering the circumstances.

In fairness, ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ ended with 80 episodes which is a slight improvement. Then again, its ratings were not that impressive and GMA realized that late-morning dramas are not their bread and butter.

Perhaps GMA should just stop this charade and go back to airing ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ in that timeslot. The network simply had no chance there; not even blocktimer TAPE can help them.

This Friday, ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ will conclude its run. But don’t expect GMA to give it a proper farewell because they are in no mood to do so.

Update: The Koreanovela ‘Woman of Dignity’ will replace ‘Kapag Nahati ang Puso’ starting Monday. Still, this is a clear sign of GMA once again conceding to ABS-CBN when it comes to the late-morning slot.


16 thoughts on “Back to Zero: Kapag Nahati ang Puso Exits with No Replacement in Sight

  1. Exces says:

    It is reported that koreanovela “Woman of Dignity” will replace KNAP. Some knew this replacement a couple of weeks ago.

    • Either way GMA is conceding anew to ABS in that timeslot. Whatever show they tried to pit against (talk show, teleserye or Asianovela) doesn’t seem to work. They should’ve just given that timeslot back to Kapuso Movie Festival as a last resort.

  2. Vince says:

    Playhouse is getting low ratings for the slot though. They even added Carlo Aquino to spark interests. I see Playhouse getting axed in January if the ratings do not perk up.

    • Which makes me wonder why GMA replaced KNAP with a Koreanovela if its competitor is weak in the ratings? They could’ve continued making local dramas to give Playhouse a hard time. Instead, GMA just quit without explanation. They’re the biggest loser here even if ABS continues to struggle in the late mornings.

      As for ABS, people seem to become more impatient to watch Showtime at this point (since the show always go overtime nowadays), which is probably the reason why SDAP and Playhouse’s ratings continued to decline since August. It’s clear that viewers wanted no part of the late-morning series ABS is producing and would rather watch Showtime immediately.

  3. Napansin ko lang on its recent trailers. Di man lang nila sinabi kung kelan yan tatapos, kahit yung “nalalapit na pagtatapos”…… until the finale week came. Parang biglaan ang pag-announce ng finale. I think it’s like this sa ARH Season 2. This annoys a lot of its viewers dahil di sapat sa kanila ang 15-episode extension.

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