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Rudely Interrupted: T5N Does a Heidi Anew for the NFL and U.S. NCAA

Remember the infamous ‘Heidi Game’ in American football?

Back on November 17, 1968, an American Football League (AFL) game between the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders was rudely cut on NBC during the fourth quarter in order to air the program ‘Heidi’ on time. The incident caused viewers to miss out on the game’s final minutes, which saw the Jets kick a field goal only to see Oakland win the game on two touchdowns.

This incident led to the NFL requiring its television partners to air the games in its entirety. Unfortunately, one Filipino television network appears to ignore this rule.

In 2014, TV5 gave NCAA fans no favors when it interrupted two of its live games in favor of news coverage. The first instance, Lyceum vs. Mapua, was cut short in favor of then-President Noynoy Aquino’s impromptu speech, while the second instance, EAC vs. Mapua, featured a bench-clearing brawl and was consequently cut in favor of ‘Aksyon Prime’.

As a result, the NCAA decided not to re-sign with TV5 and chose ABS-CBN Sports as its broadcast partner instead. But this is not the last time The 5 Network became embroiled in such controversy.

September’s NFL Kickoff Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons was delayed by over an hour due to inclement weather. Consequently, T5N did another ‘Heidi’ and started ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ on time, although they still inserted the live feed of the NFL game during the Raffy Tulfo in Action segment.

T5N also did the same thing Wednesday afternoon when they aired a U.S. NCAA men’s basketball game between Duke and Kentucky. While they still complied in both of these cases, the fact that they pushed through with ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ didn’t sit well with some viewers.

Then again, neither the NFL nor the U.S. NCAA basketball were popular with Filipino sports fans. At this point, ESPN5 is questioning the viability of both sports, especially when the country’s pastimes now are local basketball, volleyball and to a lesser extent soccer.

Also, there is a concern regarding T5N’s insistence on a noontime newscast at the expense of live sports. For all intents and purposes, ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ is now more of a ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ spinoff, with less emphasis on news and more on citizen complaints.

If Chot Reyes were to be approached, he might as well convince Luchi Cruz-Valdes to cancel ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ and proceed with a taped-as-live TV revival of ‘Wanted’. Because who needs a noontime newscast anyway when the news gets thrown out the window.

Either way the never-ending problems within T5N are once again prevalent. Let’s face it, with such an incompetent personnel it’s no wonder they have a disorganized schedule.


12 thoughts on “Rudely Interrupted: T5N Does a Heidi Anew for the NFL and U.S. NCAA

  1. Jared says:

    Yung nga ang problema rin last Tuesday morning. When i watch the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and LA Rams. Ang ganda ng laro pero ayun, nawala tuloy ako ng gana nang sumingit tuloy si Raffy Tulfo. Buti pa may NFL feed pa diyan during his show, ang kaso nga lang nadidistract ako sa pag-iyak ni ate at everytime nag-commercial, nawala na yung game. Tapos na tuloy yung laro during commercial na. I hope ayusin talaga nito ng TV5, ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi tinuloy nito sa AksyonTV dahil meron naman silang channel na ganoon. O ilipat na ang NFL sa ABS-CBN S+A. I’m so dissapointed as an NFL fan.

    • Masyado nang loaded ang S+A. They can’t accommodate the NFL. Also, every Friday may NFL sa AksyonTV since TV5 airs the U.S. NCAA college basketball on that day. Pero ganoon din ang problem nila with the NCAA lalo na kung past 12:30 na ito.

      Both Chot and LCV need to do something about this kasi pareho lugi ang mga sports fans at mga fans ni Raffy kung tuloy-tuloy pa rin ito.

  2. Perhaps 5 should consider rebranding Hyper into ESPN Philippines. Generally, most Filipinos don’t even care about the NFL and US NCAA. Raffy Tulfo is basically one of 5’s few cash cows left with huge following, especially on the OFWs, lalo na sa Wanted Sa Radyo sa Radyo5 na nagmistula nang radio version ng Face to Face.

  3. Jared says:

    Ralph, may problema na naman ang TV5 sa NFL coverage. Now, December 10, later they are going to broadcast the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders LIVE at the time of 9: 15 AM. ( Kaso nga lang ang actual na gametime is at 4: 25 PM ET ( which is nandito ay 5: 25 PM ng umaga. Heck, even they promoting it as a LIVE game daw sa Sportscenter. Nakakainis.

    • Hindi alam ng 5 na may flexible scheduling ang NFL in which a more compelling game (especially kung may implications ito sa playoffs) ay nilalagay sa Sunday primetime. Usually mga isang linggo in advance na nililipat ng NFL ang isang meaningless game sa hapon in favor of one na mas angkop na panoorin. Dapat alam na nito ng 5 especially sa panahon ng social media. Kaso mukhang 90s pa rin magisip ang 5.

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