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In 100 Words: Eat Bulaga Set to Move to a New Studio

The inevitable is about to happen.

‘Eat Bulaga’ announced Saturday that they are expected to move to a new studio anytime next month (dubbed ‘lipat bahay’ in the teasers). The new studio, aptly named the APT Studio (after ‘Eat Bulaga’ producer Tony Tuviera), is located at Marcos Highway in Marikina.

This will mark the fourth time that ‘Eat Bulaga’ moved to a different studio, and the first to be independently funded. The program previously occupied the following studios:

  • Broadcast City Studios (1979-88; with RPN-9)
  • Celebrity Sports Plaza (1988-89; with RPN-9)
  • Dolphy Theater (1989-95; with ABS-CBN)
  • Broadway Centrum (1995-2018; with GMA)

Broadway Centrum is expected to be demolished shortly after ‘Eat Bulaga”s move to the APT studio. It will be replaced by a high-rise condominium unit developed by Megaworld’s Empire East Holdings.


11 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Eat Bulaga Set to Move to a New Studio

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  2. Pio Dose says:

    btw, tatlong networks pala ang naabutan ng EB sa Celebrity Sports Plaza..

    ung nalalabing araw sa RPN, then sa CSP din lumipas for the second time sa last quarter ng 1994, nung nagkaroon ng issue sa rights ng EB na balak bilihin ng ABS.. and sa paglipat nila sa GMA bago nakahanap ng paglilipatan sa Broadway Centrum

  3. GMA Broadway Studios, Broadway Centrum is the home of several GMA programs in the past few years since GMA Network opens the state of the art live studio facility at Broadway Centrum in 1987.Among the notable GMA shows held at Broadway Centrum are That’s Entertainment, Vilma, GMA Supershow, Lunch Date, Salo-Salo Together, SOP, Walang Tulugan w/ the Master Showman, Starstruck, Showbiz Central, Diz Iz It & The Ryzza Mae Show.

    We will miss the Broadway Centrum with a such good memories in the past few years.


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