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From the Tube is a mass media blog that focuses on the current state of Philippine broadcast media.

This writer is a 28-year-old Communication Arts graduate with an eye of changing the way Philippine television and radio is being aired.

And take note of the weekly Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 posts (both Philippines and United States charts), because this writer always believes that the Billboard charts are the most relevant music charts in the world, and mainstream radio stations should keep an eye on it.


34 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Rocky says:

    This is the best blog that I have seen everything in this Internet. Thank you Ralph that I learned something about the secret and history about Philippine Televisions and also in FM Radios but I suggest to you to make some articles about AM & SWS Radio Stations.

    • I would love to keep track on Philippine AM radio. Unfortunately, it is very seldom to have these stations rebrand, reformat and restructure their staff, unlike in FM where these aspects are very common. And since their common denominator is always news reporting, it is a very daunting task to come up with something related to these AM radio stations.

      And by the way, what is SWS radio? I’ve never heard of that before.

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi! Not really sure how i got to your blog. Just wanted to let you know that i liked it. I think you should buy your own domain and make it even more personal. I am sure it would make it even more cool. Also, I almost missed that i could sign up for updates. Make sure that all people at least see that the option i available. All the best – Bas/Stockholm

  3. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    This blog is very reliable for me to find out the real happenings on Philippine TV and radio, then and now, unlike “TV Network War” and “LionHearTV” (a bit).

    I first discovered this blog in late 2003 or early 2004, while I was researching for blogs about Pinoy TV/Radio in Motz’ Blog (now Timow’s Turf; currently inactive until October this year) and the Pinoy Nostalgia Discussion Group (then Facts, Info, and Trivia). When I first entered it, I got amazed to check on your comprehensive blog posts about what’s goin’ on on the arena of TV and radio in the country.

    It’s also nice to know that you post Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 charts every week, which helps me understand what are the hottest, latest, and greatest songs every week. And I always presume that whatever the song is no. 1 in any of these charts, that’s what’s becoming a trending hit in those times.

    I hope you can be an entertainment (radio and TV) writer and reviewer for a newspaper someday.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hi Ralphierce, I’m writing from RTL CBS Asia, we found your blog and it is providing really good information. We have shows ranging from the top Awards Shows, Drama and Reality series and more on the channel. We also air The X Factor UK LIVE via satellite where there are 2 acts from The Philippines that have advanced to the next rounds. We will like to share more about the happenings in the program and on the channel with you. Can we have your contact email address please?

  5. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I guess a possible reason why the archives of some TV networks from the Marcos regime were lost was that because before the TV networks of that time converted to DOMSAT in the 1980s, the tapes of the shows they aired were usually shipped either through ferries or courier services to their regional stations, broadcasting them on a “1-week delay” basis. Then, after using them, I guess they will just dispose it or reuse the tapes for broadcasting “new” programs.

    • I think you just posted on the wrong page. Better move that to something more appropriate. That page is intended for the commenter to give their thoughts on the blog in general.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Sorry then.

        Anyway, another thought of mine regarding on this blog: This blog’s posts are so formal, all-English (while comments are in Taglish), straight, well-grammared, factual, and comprehensive, unlike the other one being managed by M.K.O. (you know who).

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        And it’s a good note that this blog NEVER posts gossips and rumors (for example: “It’s Showtime, kakanselahin na raw?”). JUST FACTS.

  6. Hi, just found this site today, and I think it is very good. Now, there is only one thing missing: a full, accurate listing of the country’s radio and TV stations/transmitters (including call signs and their meanings). That would be a great help to everybody!

    • I appreciate your suggestion. However, From the Tube is a blog that solely focuses on news and opinions about the television and radio industry. We’re not here to list every radio and TV station in the country. If you want to look at all of them, just visit the websites of the concerned media outlets. Thank you.

      • FYI, we’re not here to critique about the technical aspects of Philippine television. That is a more complicated matter. The blog is created simply for the purpose of evaluating the current news and trends that shape TV and radio in the country.

        If you want to explore the more technical side of things, then try to visit any of the active TV and radio stations in the country and see for yourself. That will be up to you to decide.

  7. Patrick Roque says:

    Hello FromTheTube 🙂 Naa-appreciate ako sa iyong mga blog posts na inilalabas.
    For now, gusto ko pala sanang mag-request sa inyo kung gusto niyo pong i-feature yung aking information na ico-contribute sa iyo tungkol sa mga production music libraries na tinatangkilik ng mga kilalang media outfits sa Pilipinas. I’m sure na makakatulong ito, lalo na sa mga magbabasa. At palagay ko tuluyan nang madi-discover ng mga manonood kung saan galing ang mga background music na ginagamit sa mga TV shows. Thanks!

    ABS-CBN: Megatrax (primary, since 2000s), Freeplay Music (occational), Videohelper (previously)
    ABS-CBN ANC: Freeplay Music & Videohelper (since 2000s)
    GMA Network: Smartsound (always), Videohelper (during 2000s), Killer Tracks Network Music (during 90s-2000s)
    GMA DZBB: Sound Ideas
    TV5: Smartsound (primary), Freeplay Music (secondary, especially in Radyo5 and Sports5), Sound Ideas/Westar Music (some news shows)
    Solar: Freeplay Music (during late-2000 to eary-2010s)
    CNN PH: Audio Network
    PTV-4: Freeplay Music (since early-2010s), Westar Music (sometimes)
    Net 25: Smartsound

    A. Videohelper (rights-managed, with partnership with AdRev)
    – “Emergency Beat” was used in ABS-CBN’s late news “Insider” in 2004. The musical scores for other ABS-CBN promos and much of ANC programming from mid to late-2000s were also from Videohelper.
    – GMA had previously used Videohelper tracks in their program promos and news-related programs. The track “Even Bigger News” was the theme music for “News on Q” from 2007 to 2008 and “Perpetual Threat” was used in “GMA Flash Report”. “Wonderous Events” was also the theme tune of GMA’s election coverage in 2007.
    – The background music for the station ID of Radyo5 from 2010 to 2013 was from a portion of the track “Were More Important”.
    – The theme track “Good Lord, Im Proud!” from CD #19 (“More Light Drama”) was used in GMA-7’s 2004 election coverage and IBC-13’s “News Tonight” in the mid-2000s.
    B. Freeplay Music (rights-managed, with free usage on personal/non-commercial YouTube videos)
    – Freeplay Music is the most-loved production music library in Philippine broadcast media.
    – Since early-2010s, most musical scores of PTV in-house programming are from Freeplay. Form example, “Brighten Up” was the theme used by PTV-4 from 2012-2014 during program menus, up next plugs, and sign-on/sign-off notice.
    – Themes from “Broadcast Volumes 1, 2 & 3” are frequently used by ANC, PTV-4, and TV5 during their shows and promos related to news and current affairs. The track title “Breaking Now” is among the most-used track, which was used in Radyo5, PTV’s “Balitaan”, and IBC-13’s newscasts. “PM Theme” was previously used in CLTV-36 Pampanga as the theme for their main newscast. “Solar News/9TV used the tracks “In Tune Today” and “Pop News” as the theme for “Serbisyo All Access” and “Solar News Updates/headlines”, respectively.
    – The track “Surf Avenue” was used during the ABS-CBN’s coverage of NBA Finals in 2016. Some other Freeplay tracks were also played during NBA and other ABS-CBN sports coverages, as well as some ANC shows.
    – “Coliseum” was used as the tune during “PBA on AKTV” pre-game and post-game reports in 2011-2012.
    – Solar also used tracks from Freeplay from late-2000s.
    C. Sound Ideas (via stockmusic.com)
    – RGMA uses tracks from Sound Ideas. One of the tracks is “Triathlon”, adapted as the theme of DZBB’s Super Balita bulletins.
    – Many Sound Ideas tracks are used in some TV5’s news shows since 2011.
    – Some radio stations in Metro Manila (such as Bombo Radyo) also pick background tunes from Sound Ideas.
    D. Audio network (rights-managed)
    – CNN Philippines pickes up tracks from Audio Network since 2015.
    E. Smartsound (royalty-free)
    – Musical scoring in almost all GMA shows and most TV5 shows are from Smartsound.
    – The tracks “Reality Drama TV – Outro A” and “Edgy Drama TV – End Theme B” were previously used in “Unang Hirit”.
    – The theme used for GMA’s Duterte inauguration coverage was “World Class” from the CD “Newsworthy PS48”.
    – GMA is always using the tracks from the CD “Holiday Magic” if they present anything related to Christmas.
    – The election theme in 2010 was “Fight For Fortune” from the CD “Heroic Overtures”..
    – PTV also uses scores from Smartsound occationally. The track “Midnight Report” (which is also avaiable in Westar Music) is currently used by PTV-4 as the main theme for its newscasts since July 2016. Other Smartsound tracks are “Not Afraid To Run”, “Breaking News” and “Headline Feature”, the theme tune used in “News at 6” (2014-2016), “News Life” (2014-2016) and Malacanang presscon coverages (since mid-2016), respectively.
    – Net 25/Eagle News still uses the track “World Update” during their bulletins and newscast since early-2010s.
    F. Megatrax (rights-managed, with partnership with AdRev)
    – ABS-CBN loves to use music tracks from Megatrax library. In fact, some tracks from CD no. MX-135 (“Reality Drama Volume 1”) are always used in every Pinoy Big Brother season. Megatrax tracks are commonly heard in ABS-CBN’s program promos/plugs during commercial breaks.
    G. Killer Tracks Network Music
    – This was the primary backfround music source of GMA-7 from ’90s to mid-2000s. Among the tracks were “Energy” and “Energy II” which were used in “Saksi”. Another track, “Excalibur”, was also in “I Witness: The GMA Documentaries” since its launch in the late-90s, and arrangement covers were also made in the 2000s.
    – ABS-CBN DZMM still uses tracks from Network Music library.

    • I appreciate this info, but I’m not much into background music of shows though. They are just here to enhance and give distinction to a particular program. We only focus on network performance and operations, that’s all.

  8. I saw your new theme and a new logo yesterday.

    First, the new theme (Ryu) was appropriate as it fits the description as a personal blog. It’s honorable to ditch the Chalkboard theme for four years.

    Second, your logo. It fits the definition and purpose: the consolidation of transmitter towers into a crown. Was it made by your own? Was it inspired by me?

    Anyway, congratulations in advance for the first 1 million views.

    • There are websites that create logos for free, so I took advantage of it. Plus the new theme is mostly white since Facebook posts are hard to see on the original theme.

      By the way, thanks.

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