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New Timeslot for ‘Meteor Garden’. How Viewers Reacted?

‘Meteor Garden’ was moved to the late afternoons, with the intent of attracting more viewers.

The rebroadcast of ‘Meteor Garden’ on ABS-CBN Channel 2 raked in not only high ratings, but also several spots on Twitter’s trending topics. Despite the impressive viewing numbers, ABS-CBN management was not satisfied with its mid-afternoon placing, and as a result, they decided to move ‘Meteor Garden’ to a better timeslot in hopes of attracting more viewers.

Starting today, ‘Meteor Garden’ will now be seen every weekday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Consequently, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ and ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs programs were moved to earlier timeslots. Outside of the Greater Manila Area, ‘Meteor Garden’ will be seen at 4:00 p.m. to make way for the regional versions of ‘TV Patrol’.

The move of ‘Meteor Garden’ to a new timeslot elicited a mostly negative reaction in social media circles. Most viewers fear that ABS-CBN management is using ‘Meteor Garden’ in order to increase the ratings of ‘Mirabella’, the primetime drama series starring Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil. While ‘Mirabella’ debuted strongly in its first week, its ratings in its second week sharply declined, a far cry from its predecessor ‘Annaliza’, which consistently ranked in the top 10 and had at least a 20% rating in its 10 months on the air.

Viewers from the provinces also reacted at its 4:30 timeslot, fearing that the airtime of ‘Meteor Garden’ may be cut short by the regional broadcasts of ‘TV Patrol’. Fortunately, the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group rectified the situation, and ‘Meteor Garden’ was moved to 4:00 p.m. for benefit of provincial viewers. Still, it had to sacrifice ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, and as a result, the Koreanovela was moved to the mid-morning slot after the ‘Animazing’ block.

Notwithstanding the negative reactions by the netizens, it seems that the management at ABS-CBN has done a good job in moving ‘Meteor Garden’ back to the late afternoons (the 2003 airing of the series was placed at the 5:30 p.m. slot). But it remains to be seen whether or not ‘Meteor Garden”s new timeslot will mean better ratings for the Taiwanese drama series.

(*) ‘Meteor Garden’ also airs on Jeepney TV at certain points of the day. Jeepney TV is available only for SkyCable digital subscribers.

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ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 Unveil New Programs for the Summer

The ABS-CBN sexy drama series ‘Moon of Desire’ is just one of several programs to debut in time for the summer vacation.

Summer is right around the corner, and to kick off the hot-weather months, the ‘Big 3’ networks unveil some new programs to begin summer vacation.

Beginning today, ABS-CBN’s ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ block will be taken over by the re-run of ‘Meteor Garden’.  First aired in 2003, the Asianovela helped launch the career of F4 and popularize the genre in the Philippines. The highly-anticipated re-run of ‘Meteor Garden’ will be seen after another upcoming teleserye on the Kapamilya network.

‘Moon of Desire’, a new series starring Ellen Adarna, JC de Vera, Dominic Roque, Miguel Raval, and Meg Imperial, will replace the recently-concluded ‘Galema: Anak ni Zuma’. The series picks up from where ‘Galema’ left off, using the same formula of casting a lead female protagonist (Imperial) in an unusual predicament. This time around, Imperial’s character suffers from hypertrichosis, a condition where her entire body is covered with thick hair. ‘Moon of Desire’ premieres today after ‘It’s Showtime’.

Just as ABS-CBN replaces its movie block with ‘Meteor Garden’, GMA has decided to go the other way around. A week ago, ‘GMA Sinebabad’ replaced the Koreanovela ‘Tale of Arang’, and its first week saw a pair of Korean films (‘My Tutor Friend’, ‘A Moment to Remember’) air in two and three-part segments, respectively. After the conclusion of ‘Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw’,  ‘GMA Sinebabad’ will be expanded to a 90-minute format, featuring classic Filipino movies every weekday. ‘GMA Sinebabad’ airs before ’24 Oras’.

And finally on TV5, ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ will be replaced by a ‘tawaserye’ called ‘Beki Boxer’. In this series, Alwyn Uytingco portrays the lead role of a gay boxer who tries to reclaim his family’s honor after his father was humiliated in the ring. Also starring Vin Abrenica, Danita Paner, Christian Vasquez, Onyok Velasco, John Regala, Joross Gamboa and Claire Hartell, ‘Beki Boxer’ airs tonight after ‘Aksyon’.

In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful summer vacation.


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Meteor Garden Is Still Alive, Ten Years After

‘Meteor Garden’ returns to Philippine television next week as part of ABS-CBN’s tenth anniversary celebration of the Asianovela.

More than ten years ago,  ‘Meteor Garden’ became the launching pad that would later become the Asianovela genre, and even after the series ended, its popularity among teenage Filipinos remains strong. Which is why ABS-CBN and Jeepney TV will bring back the original Taiwanese drama starring F4 and actress Barbie Hsu to the small screen starting next week, as part of its 10th anniversary of bringing the Asianovela to Philippine television.

The groundbreaking Asianovela was first introduced in May 2003, and within a month, it became one of the most-watched programs on the Kapamilya network. ‘Meteor Garden’ was so popular that it helped influence teenagers to copy the hairstyles and the wardrobe donned by Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu, as well as Barbie Hsu. F4 albums were also distributed to great success, and at the peak of F4-mania, the group even visited the Philippines at one point.

The success of ‘Meteor Garden’ forced GMA to answer with their own series in ‘My MVP Valentine’, starring another boyband in 5566. Unfortunately, it failed to measure up to the popularity of ‘Meteor Garden’, and as a result, GMA was forced to go to South Korea to acquire other Asianovela titles. It did, however, re-air ‘Meteor Garden’ in 2007, as part of its short-lived ‘mangaserye’ hour. Despite that, ‘Meteor Garden’ continues to be an iconic brand to the Kapamilya network.

In the weeks leading up to its return, ‘Meteor Garden’ and F4 became one of the top trending topics in the social media website Twitter. This only proves that even after a decade, fanaticism for the Taiwanese series remains on a high. And as the series re-airs next week, expect ‘Meteor Garden’ to once again become one of the top-rated programs of the year, and in the process attract a new generation of fans.