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Another Suspension for Mo Twister

Mo Twister’s radio show ‘Good Times’ was suspended for five months after an episode which he talked about a sex-related topic.

For the past week, Magic 89.9 listeners were tuning in every morning to Sam Oh and Gibb, and not the familiar voice of Mo Twister. This was because Mo’s show ‘Good Times‘ was suspended for five months due to an episode in which he and co-host Suzy talked about a sex-related topic. For many listeners, the suspension was no surprise. After all, Mo had been involved in a lot of controversies over the years, most notably the Charice joke and the Rhian Ramos incident that forced him to settle in the U.S. for good. And this recent suspension was no different from the others in the past.

Honestly, Mo should carefully watch his language and his thoughts. As an avid listener of Magic, I would always listen carefully to what he says. However, for some reason I do regret listening to Mo in the morning because of the recent controversies he has endured, not to mention sexual innuendo and other unnecessary language unfit for a morning show. Compare that to Monster Radio RX 93.1‘s ‘The Morning Rush‘ with Chico, Delamar and Gino. That show is always critically acclaimed because they engage in topics that even children can relate to, their language is always subdued, and they add a more serious yet humorous flavor to their program. Mo’s language is not what morning listeners would like to hear.

Moving on, Magic will have five months worth of Sam Oh and Gibb, who were no strangers hosting a morning show during their time on the defunct 99.5 RT‘s ‘Disturbing the Peace’. I think listeners will like the duo; they were equally funny, but at the same time, they are careful and serious, which morning shows are supposed to be given the presence of children going to school. So while Mo is out, why not take a listen to Sam Oh and Gibb. As for Mo, he should take this lesson to heart: be careful running your mouth on air.

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Of Gays, Lesbians, and Homosexuality in Society

In an exclusive interview on ‘The Buzz’, Charice revealed that she was a lesbian. (Screenshot courtesy of ABS-CBN)

One of the most pressing issues in society today is homosexuality. Over the last few years strict regulations against gays and lesbians were being loosened, the most important aspect of which is to allow homosexual couples to marry. And recently lesbianism made headlines not only in the United States, but also in the Philippines.

In late April, NBA player Jason Collins announced via a Sports Illustrated article that he is gay, becoming the first active professional athlete to come out. But he was not the first athlete to come out. The likes of John Amaechi have also come out, albeit after retirement. Weeks after Collins’ statement, soccer player Robbie Rogers, who had come out several months earlier, joined Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy, after which he became the first openly gay player to play in the professional level.

In entertainment, the most notable lesbian personality today is Ellen DeGeneres, who came out on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997. Other notable gay entertainers were Elton John, Ricky Martin, Drew Barrymore and Anderson Cooper. More recently Tammy Baldwin won a seat in the Senate, becoming the first openly gay elected senator, while erstwhile congressman Barry Frank married boyfriend Jim Ready, becoming the first sitting politician to marry a person of the same gender.

Yesterday Filipino viewers were treated to a long-awaited revelation by Charice. The one-time Ellen guest made her feelings known through this phrase: ‘Tomboy po ako!!’ (I’m a lesbian). In the months leading up to the announcement Charice showed up with a shorter hairstyle, tattoos and a manly appearance. She was even reported to have an affair with a female contestant on the X-Factor Philippines. Charice’s coming out statement was supported by many netizens through various social accounts.

Now that more and more people, celebrities included, are coming out at a high rate, is it now time to loosen the barrier between heterosexuality and homosexuality? I believe the time is now. There is nothing to fear about a person’s feelings or thoughts with regards to their sexuality. If their decision to come out is the safest and the best thing to do, so be it. No longer will the gay person be tolerated, he must enjoy equal rights that heterosexuals enjoy. Social acceptance of gays and lesbian need to be expanded.

In short, because of overwhelming support and sympathy received by these celebrities who come out, the best thing that people do is to welcome homosexuals as ‘one of them’. Their rights and habits need to be respected and admired, and they should feel safe with the rest.