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Struggling and Controversial Celebrities on ‘Face the People’

The appearance of Freddie Aguilar on ‘Face the People’ set the table for more embattled celebrities to appear on the program in order to explain their issues. (Courtesy of TV5)

Several weeks ago, the appearance of embattled singer Freddie Aguilar on ‘Face the People’ caught the attention of many netizens. And while the program’s focus is on normal citizens settling their differences with the help of the audience, Aguilar’s appearance led to several other celebrities sitting down on ‘Face the People”s infamous ‘silya de konsensya’ (chair of conscience) to explain their issues.

Two weeks after Aguilar made his highly-anticipated appearance on ‘Face the People’, controversial lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan sat down to explain the reason behind her withdrawal of legal support from Pork Barrel whistleblower Janet Lim-Napoles. Throughout the episode NBN-ZTE scam whistleblower Jun Lozada and activist Krissy Conti provided explanation on why Kapunan should have not left Napoles, while Atty. Ferdinand Topacio defended Kapunan’s decision to withdraw. The audience eventually agreed on Kapunan’s decision to withdraw.

And last Friday, diminutive actress Mahal sat down to explain her thoughts on quitting showbiz. The rumors stemmed from an argument between her and Kissybabes members Kisses Castillano and Em-Em Basa, saying that Mahal is ‘too old and obsolescent’ to be an artist and that her face is only good for Halloween. During the episode both Kissybabes members and talent manager Jethro Carrey tried to explain why Mahal was not given a chance to shine, while Mahal’s best friend Julie Ann defended her attempt to come back. In the end, the audience convinced Mahal to give showbiz another shot.

Today’s episode of ‘Face the People’ will have Tiya Pusit sitting on the ‘silya de konsensya’. Like Freddie Aguilar’s appearance a few weeks ago, Tiya Pusit will try to explain her relationship with a younger person. This time her beau would be a 27-year-old man named Nathan Villa. Throughout the episode fellow actress and friend Vangie Labalan will appear to oppose her friend’s relationship, while gay comedian Inday Garutay come in to defend.

The celebrity appearances on ‘Face the People’ gave the program a new wrinkle. While it is primarily used to settle issues between ordinary people, the program now encourages celebrity appearances in order to provide a deeper and more contentious insight on the issues surrounding them. It may be a harsher route, but ‘Face the People”s concept really helps in building drama behind these issues.

Expect more celebrities to appear on ‘Face the People’, even if they only come once a week. Unlike ‘Startalk‘ and ‘Buzz ng Bayan’, this program is always willing to push the boundaries, regardless of how harsh it can be. And its tabloid-based approach always helps.

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Freddie Aguilar on Face the People

Freddie Aguilar appeared on ‘Face the People’ Monday afternoon to defend his relationship with a 16-year old minor.

Yesterday afternoon, renowned Filipino singer Freddie Aguilar appeared on TV5’s ‘Face the People’ to answer questions regarding his relationship with a 16-year old minor. Throughout the program Aguilar tried to defend his relationship with ‘Jovy’ in front of the opinionated audience, in the process encountering the mother of his girlfriend. He also argued with columnist Joey Sarmiento who disagreed with his relationship.  And finally Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles explained the ‘simple seduction’ case filed against Aguilar.

Aguilar’s relationship with the 16-year old minor received negative attention on both the press and social media, going as far as mocking Aguilar’s classic hits ‘Anak‘ and ‘Estudyante Blues’. However, at the end of ‘Face the People’, the audience voted to approve Aguilar’s relationship with the minor, despite the netizens’ negative opinions on the subject.

Aguilar’s appearance on ‘Face the People’ proved to be one of the most highly-anticipated episodes of the talk show so far. Although it may not translate to a ratings win in its timeslot, it should only enhance the program’s reputation as one of the most talked-about talk shows in the country today.

Select segments of Aguilar’s appearance on ‘Face the People’ can be seen on News5 Everywhere’s official website.