In 100 Words: Indefinite Hiatus

To all our fellow readers,

You may have noticed the lack of new articles on From the Tube. That’s because the blog is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Right now I am focusing my attention to other projects. My apologies for informing you immediately.

If you want to know more about the current state of media, you can visit Timow’s Turf and The Klyk by Miggy by clicking on the highlighted links. Or you can join the PHTV and PHRadio groups on Facebook for more information.

Thank you for enjoying From the Tube for the past five years. I hope you understand the situation.


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‘The Cure’ Fails Its Experiment To Subside FPJAP Supervirus

Nine times the fail.

‘The Cure’ was no match for ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and it was not even close. The latter continued to dominate its timeslot with a near 30% ratings advantage over the former, and with Alden Richards’ ‘Victor Magtanggol’ waiting in the wings, how much longer can GMA take this humiliation?

More on this article on “Timow’s Turf”.

Timow's Turf

A CAT may have nine lives but GMA’s such a numerical attempt failed to beat down the unstoppable supervirus of Mother Ignacia (i.e. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano).

By Friday (July 27), The Cure (dir. Mark A. Reyes) will close out with 65 episodes with, unsurprisingly, no signs of finale fanfare from social media handles.

Here is an except from From the Tube‘s on the series:

The story of ‘The Cure’ involves an experimental drug that kills cancer cells, but the side effect of it is that a highly dangerous and contagious virus called Monkey Virus Disease (MVD) will mutate and cause seizures and violent outbreaks to infected people. The disease quickly spreads throughout the country and will only continue to do so unless a cure can be found.

Married couple Charity (Jennylyn [Mercado]), a former registered nurse, and Gregory (Tom [Rodriguez]), a clinical research associate in…

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Is AksyonTV becoming TV5’s News TV and S+A?

The baffling saga of AksyonTV continues with the addition of Tagalized American action programs and films. Here is Timow’s Turf with more insight on this issue.

Timow's Turf

AksyonTV turns 6 years old today but quickly erodes its standing purpose. AksyonTV turns 6 years old today but it quickly erodes its initial purpose.

SIX YEARS ago today, while viewers are awaiting for GMA News TV’s launch, TV5 jumped in unannounced over Channel 41; AksyonTV, the first news channel on free TV, was born.

They used to air round the clock as a slap of Channel 11’s broken promises to live their mantra, “Oras-oras, alam ko” but karma struck back in 2013 due to cost-cutting measures by the management as well as NTC’s rules and regulations for affiliated free-to-air TV stations.

The identity crisis

The era of being a homogeneous news channel began its decline when AKTV on IBC ended on May 31, 2013 by carrying over their committed sportscasts as they also covered the Sochi Winter Olympics a year after.

Recently, News5’s public affairs programs airing on AksyonTV became merely reruns with no motive to create new episodes. Since last year, EZ Shop…

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In 100 Words: FTT’s Year-End Posts for 2014

2014 is about to close, and From the Tube has something in store to end the year.

The Billboard Hot 100 Year-End charts has been released, and From the Tube is here to recap the top 100 songs of the year. Starting December 15, each post will feature 10 of the top 100 songs in ascending order (100-51 from 12/15-12/19, and 50-11 from 12/20-12/21), culminating in the top 10 songs of 2014, which will be posted on December 22.

And as always, From the Tube will look back at the year that was on Philippine television and radio. FTT’s year-end posts will focus on the various changes that occurred in the world of television and radio, as well as the best and the worst performers of the year.

With that, From the Tube would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.