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In 100 Words: Where Are You, GMA Summer Station ID?

The summer station ID remains out of the picture for GMA.

Last week, ABS-CBN and TV5 officially launched their respective summer station IDs. Shine Pilipinas was the theme for ABS-CBN’s summer SID, while #HappySaSummer was the theme for TV5’s summer SID (videos below).

With the two stations launching their summer SIDs, GMA is now the odd one out. As of today, the network has yet to formalize any plan of creating their summer SID for this year.

In past years, GMA was able to keep up with their rivals when it comes to themed SIDs. But with the network recently enduring a lot of frustrating performances, it remains to be seen if they’ll make one this year.

Hopefully it’s never too late for GMA to cheer up their audience with their summer station ID. Or will they?