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New Bubble Gang Open & Segments

The ‘new’ OBB screenshot of Bubble Gang, without Ogie Alcasid. Photo credit: Official Bubble Gang Facebook

Last night launched a new era in the 18-year history of ‘Bubble Gang‘. For the past two weeks the OBBs were cut short following the news of Ogie Alcasid‘s departure from GMA and subsequent move to TV5. Despite Alcasid’s impending departure, his images remained on the commercial banners although he never appeared in any of the skits. However, a ‘new’ opening billboard was launched last night, this time without any mention of Alcasid in the list of cast members.

The ‘new’ OBB was simply a tweak of the gangster-inspired OBB used throughout the 17th season of Bubble Gang. It also introduced Betong Sumaya, Sef Cadayona and Chariz Solomon as new cast members of the show, although during the past several months they have been appearing regularly on the show. Michael V is now introduced first, followed by the other remaining mainstays of the show.

In addition, a revised I-Pad graphic was used in video transitions from one sketch to another. Among the new segments featured in the I-Pad transition were ‘Aling Mary’, ‘Tata Lino’ and ‘The Adventures of Rufa Mae Kwento’. Gone were the sketches featuring Alcasid such as ‘Cheche Bureche’, ‘Pick-Up Lines’, and ‘Balitang News’.

Last night’s episode also saw the return of the popular ‘IyoTube’ series. This time the comedy duo Moymoy Palaboy mimed to the tune of ‘Gentlemen’ by Psy. In one of the final segments of the show, the new featured players were again put to the test in the ‘Bagong Gang’ sketch, this time with special guest Paolo Contis testing the comedic abilities of the new players.

The ‘new’ OBB and commercial banner of Bubble Gang is only expected to last two months, with Season 18 about to commence in mid-October.